Astrology Poll: What’s Your Favorite Winter Holiday?

The Sun enters Capricorn on Sunday, the Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere.

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While many cultures and religions around the world have different feast days throughout the year, the solstices are celebrated just about everywhere in one form or another. In Christian-dominated countries, most people celebrate Christmas, perhaps forgetting that it had its origins in a much older tradition that revolved around the four cardinal points of the zodiac.

We would love to know how our astrologically inclined readers celebrate the winter holidays. If you live in a foreign country and aren’t as proficient in English as you would like to be, don’t let that stop you from leaving a comment! Help enlighten us all as we celebrate the return to the light.

Love and peace to all.

Pat & Neith

5 thoughts on “Astrology Poll: What’s Your Favorite Winter Holiday?

  1. Jennifer R

    I celebrate solstice/Yule and Christmas, though this year’s Yule party won’t be held until January. (This annoys me, but a lot of people are going out of town on the 21st. Okay, me too.)


  2. Jane

    Hello Neith and Pat!

    I have some serious catching up to do around here! For now, just dropping off a big hug and a sparkling smile! :-)

    Season’s greetings to the both of you!


  3. Mandy H.

    One of the few times I have a physical craving to be snug at home with as many people – close friends / family as can manage…


  4. Rossa

    If anyone would like to take a look at a fabulous picture of the Solstice Sunrise from the Megalithic tomb at Newgrange, County Meath, in Ireland, try this:-

    Newgrange is 5,000 years old, much older than Stonehenge, but also with accurate alignments to the Sun. The picture shows how the Sun’s rays light up the floor at the foot of the carved Megalithic stone.

    There is also a link at the bottom of the page for a LIVE webcast of the Solstice Sunrise tomorrow from the same place, scheduled to go live at 08.30am Universal Time (GMT).

    The picture changes every day so if it has changed, click on the “Discover the Cosmos” link at the top of the page and you can access their archive of stunning pictures. This NASA site is good for anyone with an interest in astronomy/astrology. If you I like to look in regularly to see the beauty and majesty out there in the stars. It sure puts my life into perspective!



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