Ask Real Astrologers: Is This a Karmic Relationship?

This week’s question comes from Donna in Columbus, OH:

I have a question about one of the strangest relationships I have ever experienced. This is definitely a relationship where a strong romantic attraction exists, but honestly, it seems there is more to it. I knew the moment I met this man I already knew him, and told him so. Which, shockingly, he did not dispute or think I was completely insane!

Anyway, this man has his South Mode conjunct to both my Sun and Venus. I know there is a lot to look at with relationship charts, but could you just describe a little of what this placement could indicate? We see each other only a few times a year but our relationship seems to deepen even when we are not present in each other’s lives daily.

Libra ponders . . . Neith’s response:

Donna, the feedback I’ve received from others with aspects to the Moon’s Nodes in synastry particularly by conjunction supports what you are saying about what’s happening in this relationship.

Any time the Sun or Venus are active in synastry, the effect is generally on the positive side, because these two planets embody warmth and affection, and since it is your Sun and Venus, you are the person bringing these qualities to the relationship. The South Node represents ways of thinking and being we are most familiar with, and if you believe in reincarnation, then it’s what we bring into this life from past ones. This conjunction is all about pure comfort for both of you, so it is no surprise you enjoy spending time together.

A possible downside here comes about if the South Node person is not particularly conscious and drains the vitality of the Sun-Venus person. In a way it is a good thing you only see each other a few times a year because then you reap the benefits of this aspect bringing about a “no harm, no foul” situation.

Keep in mind if you do decide it’s important to be together more, to have an experienced astrologer give you feedback using both synastry and composite charts, provided you both have good birth times.

Enjoy for now!

Aquarius expounds . . .

Pat’s response:

Donna, you don’t say how close Venus and the Sun are to your friend’s South Node. In general, planets have to be within a degree or two of a lunar node to have much of an effect, unless there are other things going in the chart that provide more clues about possible karmic connections.

I do agree with Neith that there is something karmic going on here. I don’t believe in past lives, per se, but I believe that the energies we bring into this life do have relationships with energies that other people bring into their lives, and we attract or repel these accordingly. As Neith said, Venus and the Sun attract and in general are positive.

That said, I do know of one married couple in which the woman’s Venus and North Node are on the man’s Sun and South Node, and while they have a very comfortable and apparently easy relationship, there isn’t a lot of passion, and they appear to have a sort of unspoken contract to keep each other from delving too deeply into who they really are. In other words, they reinforce each other’s laziness about doing the work necessary to wake up and live to their fullest potential.

This strange relationship you are experiencing may simply be a reminder that we all have kindred spirits who come and go out of our lives, and that may be all there is to it. If not — if this is meant to be something more — it will develop when the time is right. Often, that timing happens when a chart point you have in common is triggered by a conjunction from an outer planet.

Good luck!

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2 thoughts on “Ask Real Astrologers: Is This a Karmic Relationship?

  1. mystic7

    Thank you so much to both of you for your responses. It certainly feels very karmic to me. It’s really just like
    a magnetic draw, so weird, like nothing I have experienced
    before. I am kind of doing as suggested, enjoying the time
    we spend together and just seeing where it goes. I am not one to believe in coincidence, and know everyone we come in
    contact with is here in our lives for a reason. So we shall
    see. But when I saw that node conjunction I just felt it
    was really like a confirmation of what I had been feeling.
    Blessings to you both,


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