Astrology Poll: Yep, It’s That Time Again!

Traffic jams, server crashes, misunderstandings … it can only mean one thing. That’s right, Mercury is retrograde again!

In this week’s poll, we want to know whether you are experiencing anything unique to Mercury retrograde in Aquarius. Not all Mercury retrogrades are created equal, after all. To give you an example, an astrologer we all know and love dropped his Palm Pilot in the fish tank while Mercury was retrograde in Pisces.

Ruled by Uranus, Aquarius is associated with friendships, humanitarian efforts, the Internet, electronic gadgetry of all kinds, space travel, and political revolutions. Feel free to leave us your individual stories.

Online Surveys & Market Research

Next week, Mercury retrogrades back into Capricorn, so please come back for part two of this poll.

Happy Mercury retrograde!

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7 thoughts on “Astrology Poll: Yep, It’s That Time Again!

  1. Neith Post author

    We were isolated by flood waters when Mercury was in the process of slowing down to station Rx. I do have to note that once Mercury stationed and started moving in reverse, life has started to return to what passes for normal around here. :-)


  2. KayKay

    Bearing in mind that my natal Mercury is Rx in Cancer, I’m actually having a bit of an improvement too, Neith. Some sorely needed good financial news! Yay!


  3. Jane

    There’s this online community I participate in… it’s been undergoing the most ugly, asinine, useless, and childish infighting over the past few days… it’s sickening. Needlessly to say, I’ve simply and quietly removed myself and am laying low until the skies clear up!

    On another front, a friend who recently lost her husband tried to bury him this week only to find out the plots they had been sold already contained remains… It’s been a nightmare week for her, poor soul…


  4. Neith Post author

    Hey Jane!

    The situation with your friend and the burial plots is why I’m opting for cremation. This sounds like someone decided to make some extra bucks selling a plot twice. What a mess for a grieving person to be forced to handle.

    Exiting stage left and laying low sounds like a good idea to me! :-)


  5. Neith Post author

    Hey KayKay! Good financial news in these tight times is reason to celebrate!

    Funny about those with Mercury Rx natally often finding it easier to navigate those periods when Mercury is traveling in reverse.


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