Weekly Forecast January 12: Mercury Retrograde

Janus, Roman god of doorwaysThis should be a relatively quiet week, although there are undercurrents that may leave the more sensitive among us feeling prickly.

Our work week begins with Mercury retrograde. He just went into reverse (what it looks like from down here) on Sunday, so he’s barely moving on Monday morning. This is usually a recipe for traffic jams, missed connections, late arrivals, and general mix-ups — not exactly getting off on the right foot.

As the week progresses, expect communications to get more difficult. You may think you said what you said, but someone else heard it entirely differently. This is one of the more fascinating phenomena of retrograde Mercury. How two people can hear something entirely different and both be right can be a real eye-opener, and you might even get a good laugh if you keep an open mind.

Neith is always fond of encouraging forgiveness, and that is my usual refrain for Mercury retrograde as well. Otherwise intelligent people say and do stupid things, and none of us is immune. Admit your mistakes, forgive them in others, forget it, and move on.

Because Aquarius is the sign associated with technology, we’ll likely experience more computer-related screw-ups than usual, too. Back up your files, and try not to get frustrated if you can’t reach tech support. Chances are, they’re overloaded.

Now, those are all the predictable negative events associated with Mercury retrograde. There are some positive things, and that will be all the more true for this one, given the positions of the other planets. The way I see things shaping up, we are in a period of sweeping change, largely as a result of Jupiter’s entry into Aquarius last week. There is a continuing tug-of-war, however, between the forces desperately clinging to the status quo and the winds of change. This applies both to the world at large and within our individual hearts and souls.

As you know if you’re a regular reader of my weekly forecasts, the astrological influence behind this push for change is the opposition between Saturn and Uranus. Even when the aspect isn’t that close, we still feel it, particularly when other planets act as a trigger. That happens on Wednesday of this week, when the Moon in Virgo opposes Uranus and conjoins Saturn. If you get a little jolt, pay attention.

In fact, “pay attention” is my primary advice to you this week. As Mercury makes his retrograde path through Aquarius and back into Capricorn, we all will have a chance to think through where we need to make changes and what we need to let go of in order for the new reality to manifest. Recognition is 90 percent of success. This is normally way easier said than done, but now we’ve got an edge, so put these energies to work for you. Take time to stare out the window, and write down the thoughts that come to you. If you keep a journal, record your observations there. Even the back of an envelope will work in a pinch.

As the week begins, we’re still in the wake of Saturday’s Full Moon in Cancer, which packed a powerful punch. But that means we’re also heading into the eclipses, the first of which is a solar eclipse in Aquarius on January 25. Even with Mercury retrograde, you may start getting hints this week and next of what’s to come … or not. Some of us may experience a turnaround so surprising that we can’t even imagine it right now.

Wishing you all much love,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

Image: Bust of the Roman god Janus, for whom the month of January was named, in the Vatican Museum. Janus was the god of gates, doorways, beginnings, and endings, and according to some sources was paired with Jana (Diana), together symbolizing Sun and Moon.