Full Moon in Virgo, March 10-11, 2009

Moon and TreesThere is little doubt that the Full Moon on March 10 will focus our attention on the ongoing debate between the desire to retain the status quo and the yearning for meaningful reform, in both our personal lives and on a collective level.

The Moon will be full at 20°39′ Virgo, opposite the Sun at 20° 39′ Pisces, falling in close alignment with the Saturn-Uranus opposition. [Note that if you’re in the Eastern Hemisphere, the Full Moon falls on March 11.] It may help to keep in mind Virgo and Pisces are complements, and if we take the time to slow down and breathe, we stand a good chance of finding common ground. Yes, Saturn in Virgo is very anxious to make sure all the details are correct and prioritized, and Uranus in Pisces prefers to think in terms of universal good, ignoring the details, but both are service-oriented and are often willing to compromise as long as they feel the benefits will be spread around to all.

How you experience this opposition of course depends on where Saturn, Uranus, and the Full Moon fall in your chart. Generally speaking, however, what can paralyze Saturn is fear, creating the potential to fail out of sheer funk. Here is where Uranus in Pisces can come to the rescue by keeping faith alive and supplying innovative ways to work around existing shortcomings. By reaching out with compassion – a Pisces hallmark – we can do our part as individuals to help each other through the darker days.

Because the Sun and Moon both illuminate rather than obscure, I see this Full Moon as a great opportunity to evaluate what is really happening, gather the information we need to make informed decisions, and move forward with confidence.

It is always helpful to look to the rulers of the signs of the lunation. The planetary rulers of Virgo and Pisces are Mercury and Neptune, respectively. Neptune is still traveling in close conjunction with Chiron in Aquarius, calling attention to the wounds of the collective and the means to heal them.

Mars is pulling away from Neptune, having conjoined it on March 8, so we have received our marching orders and now need to implement them. There has seldom been greater urgency for being aware of the needs of humanity as a whole and viewing our friends and neighbors with kindness and compassion.

As of the Full Moon, Mercury is in Pisces and tightly sextile Pluto in Capricorn. I see this as a clear signal to clean up our communications and take the high road rather than pointing out the shortcomings of the system and those closest to us. Pluto gives words (Mercury) great power and clarity now.

Another interesting pattern in this chart is a Yod with Saturn in Virgo at the apex and retrograde Venus in Aries sextile Jupiter in Aquarius at the base. Although being retrograde subdues Venus in Aries, the sextile to Jupiter brightens her day. We still want to have some fun once in awhile. However, Saturn in Virgo is raining on the Venus-Jupiter parade, telling us we need to pay attention and not blow the entertainment budget out of the water.

Another way of looking at this Yod is to use the discipline and boundaries Saturn wishes to impose and draw on the creative potential of the Venus-Jupiter sextile to find healthy, inexpensive ways to enjoy ourselves. This pattern reminds me of going to a health food restaurant and biting into what appeared to be a beautiful dessert only to find out it was neither sweet nor a treat. Saturn in Virgo still has the upper hand here, so we may have no choice but to eat our veggies now.

The Sabian symbol for the Sun at 21 Pisces is, A little white lamb, a child and a Chinese servant, with the keyword WHITE HOPE. This image reminds us of the importance of maintaining a purity of vision and a childlike sense of wonder in our daily lives. Perhaps we can remember to supervise with a light touch rather than micro-managing everything and everyone in our lives, exhausting ourselves in the process.

For the Full Moon at 21 Virgo, the symbol is, A girls’ basketball team, with the keyword GROUP INTEGRATION. With the majority of the planets in the last quadrant of the zodiac, it is natural to focus on working together as a team for the good of the whole. By emphasizing fair play and teamwork, the possibility of achieving our mutual goals is much greater. This is not a good time to go it alone and ignore the needs of others.

There are major problems in the world-wide economy, and to my way of thinking, the need to be considerate of others and take time to truly listen is paramount. Both Virgo and Pisces represent the desire to take the health and well-being of others into account, and this is a wonderful time for all of us to do this. Perhaps the time has come to expand our concept of who belongs to our collective.

Blessings to all.

Libra hates Venus Rxposted by Neith . . .

**Please read Pat’s weekly forecast for this week, March 9, for her thoughts on this momentous Full Moon.

This photo of the Moon taken through the trees seemed appropriate for a Full Moon in tree loving Virgo.

8 thoughts on “Full Moon in Virgo, March 10-11, 2009

  1. Matt

    The entire today I’m feeling like I’m so nervous that I could have an electric central inside me…I want that people thinks about me, but everyone has something else to do, and I want to do what I want


  2. Pat Post author

    Matt, we’re all on pins and needles, and that need for individual freedom is strong! I’m betting that everything will settle down by Thursday or Friday.

    Mem, just hang in there. Since Saturn and Uranus already have been activating your Moon-Pluto opposition, this Full Moon shouldn’t bring any news out of left field. It may be added pressure or new developments in an existing situation, which is not to say that it will be a breeze, but I don’t think you’ll get any surprises.

    Actually, that goes for most of us.


  3. Matt

    Can I say something that could be weird? I read all websites around that this full moon is a mirror image of the September’s one…In that period I had many dreams about a family friend and his family…They were very bad…I had one on september 11, that family friend told me something about his parents, than on september 21 I had a dream in which he told me when he was going to die…I can just remember the number of the day, but I’m not sure about the month…

    Than, on February 6 I had a dream about his brother that in the dream passed away for almost the same reason of the parents in the september 11’s dream…

    Sometimes I feel very weird and I have quite a shame to talk about my dreams, but when someone around me was going to die, I always had this feeling for weeks before and every time I was right…

    Those days many things are happening around in a weird way that makes me think… The person who is my family friends acts in the same way in which I was dreaming in February…

    He wrote on his messenger ” Death is here for me ” and I was thinking about that when I was listening to Deep Impact- Soundtrack- A distant discovery, and suddenly the music became dramatic…

    I know I could be wrong, but everytime I feel this way I get the news someone passed away, it’s just like that, I hope this is the exception

    I can just say that when I started to know this family friend in the first weeks I felt time to do that was going to be short…

    Sorry if I write weird things, it’s the whole week that I’m acting weird

    I was concerned for him in some way even before the dreams


  4. Pat Post author

    Matt, I saw the interpretation about this Full Moon being a sort of “flip” of the one on Sept. 15, 2008, but there was a very important difference back then. While Uranus was tightly conjunct the Moon, Saturn was nearly 10 degrees from the Sun. Some very dramatic events were happening for me at the time, and there’s little chance that they will be repeated!

    Conversely, I do believe that this Full Moon is a sort of “preview” to the Saturn-Uranus opposition on September 15, 2009. A few people around me are getting what appears to be some kind of build-up or premonition.

    As for dreams of people dying … I think you said it best, Matt. Someone always seems to die after you have these dreams, but not necessarily the person who died in the dream. This happened to me when my father died. I had a very graphic, powerful dream that my little brother died. My father was very prominent in the dream, but I took it literally. I tried to call my brother and was frantic when I couldn’t reach him for three days. When I finally reached him, he was just fine. Three months later, my father dropped dead unexpectedly from a heart attack.

    I also once had an extremely graphic dream that the father of a family I knew well had died. I found out later that the son had heard gunshots in the night and woke up in a panic, thinking his parents had been killed. I apparently picked it up from him. Turns out the father had been out shooting a fox that was attacking a mother peacock sitting on her eggs. The peacock died.

    I can understand your being jittery. It might help you to write down your dreams and record the dates and results. You may detect patterns, and it may help you be less anxious.

    At least we’re on the other side of the Full Moon now. Things should start settling down in a couple of days.


  5. Matt

    Yeah, I think my dreams ( these kind of dreams ) have something o be unlocked…Once I dreamt that two famous people died the same day…The same day the mother of a famous actor died…
    On September 5 I dreamt my aunt dieying in front of many parents and in front of my grandma in a bathroom…On March 5 a little girl died in front of her mother and some people in a swimming center…I’m very sorry for her and her family…

    Now I hope the other three dreams of September won’t realize in March…I asked to God not to let happen this…

    But most of those intuitions, or any way you want to call them, I can know if the person who’s going to die is a man, a woman, a young person…
    Usually starts in the morning, I wake up feeling strange and sad and in tension, like I already knew the news…
    I just know that will be a different day.

    About this friend and his family, I had many dreams, more than any other similar situation, I would like to meet with him, but now I can’t, sadly…
    In the first dream I dreamt on July 1 a person in the same ” fatal event ” who I often dream together with my friend without any reason for it…That dream was something that shook me for the whole day, and I spent the day with my friend who helped me to stay a little better, but I didn’ tell him of the dream…My friend is usually very present in the dreams where this person I know a little is also there…
    In the September 11 ‘s dream I’ve seen my friend telling me about his parents and a accident…It was evening and he alone was in a parking…Behind him I’ve seen a old car, same of my father, who used that car when he was younger, my father had many accidents with that car…Today near my house I’ve seen the same car

    In the September 21’s dream I was in front of him, he was on a hospital bed, I was crying and he told me when he was going to die, but he was talking in a tired way and it came out confused…I remember anyway that the date he said was related to the end of a months-period of school’s day.
    In four days by now it will be this date, and it may be the same he was telling about.
    In the February 6’s dream me and my mother were talking about the passing away of this friend’s brother for a car accident and I told the news to another friend and my family friend wanted not to talk to me because he was very shocked, and I was sad about it.
    No one died around me near those dates.

    Can you do me a favor, please? Can you look to the next March days and telling me if there is some sign of car accidents risks?

    I didn’t tell you that me, my brother and my mother had a car accident yesterday morning, but was not a very bad one.

    I would be interested to know mostly about next week, March 15 ( the date my friend told me in the dream ) and


  6. Matt

    I would like to know also about March 19…

    About my ” intution “, I feel strange in a different way for each of them, I think this is related to how much I will be shocked for the possible news…

    This time, I feel this could be a very big-schock news for me, like something that could change my life…

    On my birthday I finally reunited all of my family friends together, recently and I would be crashed if one of them died in those days

    I also found a relation between these events and eclipses…A month before I often have a news about someone, and also in the month after

    What is somewhat revealing to me, is that this friend I’m concerned for, everytime I’m with him I feel like time to be with him is short, I feel in a hurry in our friendship

    I’m praying for him to be sure, but in case God would need him, I know this could be hard, but if the accident happens, in the future I will make a reason for it


  7. Pat Post author

    Matt, there are few, if any, astrological aspects that would put the entire population of the world at risk for a car accident. This type of risk varies from person to person and usually has to do with transits to the planets in their individual charts.

    We are all jittery right now because of this Full Moon. Because you are so sensitive, and because we are heading into a period with a lot of energy funneled to Pisces, I think you may be in a state of heightened anxiety. It’s like having too much electricity flowing through wiring that isn’t strong enough to handle it. Go ahead and keep those records of your dreams, but also see if you can find some ways to put your mind on other things. I know that this isn’t easy, but it’s not healthy to stay in such an agitated state, either.


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