Weekly Forecast April 20: New Moon in Taurus; Mars and Venus enter Aries

The Pain of Love, by BouguereauMajor shifts take place this week, and I’m sure all you sensitive folks with highly attuned antennae are going to feel it.

This is going to be the week we resolve an issue that has been hanging over our heads and holding us back. With that resolution, we can move forward into new territory and, if we look back at all, at least it will be with no regrets.

We begin the week with the Moon in sensitive Pisces, with Venus and Mars moving close to conjunction. That aspect is exact on Tuesday. For romantic relationships, especially, this is a moment of truth. What do we want from our partners? We have to start by being honest with ourselves about what we want and need. Do we long for the impossible, or are we not aiming high enough?

For me and for others who have experienced a soul union with another, only this deep level of connection will do. While that may be hard to find, settling for less out of necessity or for practical reasons would be equally impossible and could have disastrous results. This moment of clarity has come to me only in the past few days, and it has been accompanied by many tears, not unlike going away on a long journey to a new and exciting place, knowing that you are leaving loved ones and a way of life behind, perhaps forever.

Right after the Venus-Mars conjunction, the Moon conjoins Uranus and carries the energy of radical change forward to Venus, just as Mars is entering Aries and the new territory. The Moon meets Mars right after this shift on Wednesday, so be prepared for your world to be rocked.

Venus enters Aries on Friday, but due to her recent retrograde phase, she is moving far more slowly than Mars and won’t catch up to him for nearly two months. This in itself is a rare phenomenon, as Venus and Mars typically meet only once every couple of years. When they meet again in Taurus on the Summer Solstice, it will be their third meeting in less than a year. I do believe this is significant for love relationships and for correcting an energy imbalance on the planet.

Later on Friday, we have the New Moon in Taurus in a lovely earth trine with Pluto. This New Moon will be ruled by Venus, and since she will have just moved into Aries, we can look forward to new beginnings on many fronts. Of course, Neith will have more shortly, so come back and look for her post.

On Sunday, Mars squares Pluto, and unfortunately this raises the specter of raw power plays. Again, I think these will come out mostly in relationships. However, just remember that all conflict isn’t bad. If you can maintain your awareness, you not only can get through the storm, but you can learn important information about yourself and the other person or situation.

Wishing you strong hearts, with much courage and love.
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

Image: The Pain of Love, by William Adolphe Bouguereau, 1899.

8 thoughts on “Weekly Forecast April 20: New Moon in Taurus; Mars and Venus enter Aries

  1. Matt

    For now I feel my thoughts are whirling in confusion…I’m very absent-minded and I forget details. Anyway, when I’m doing interesting things, I’m very very focused.

    I’m also thinking quite only to eat, I’m eating a whole lot and I want more and more because I eat rapidly and I have to eat more things at once.

    I’m also thinking to the near future and to reading information and articles about resource/economical problem. I also want to spend more time at home, perhaps is raining since days here in north Italy.


  2. Mem

    Well, I still haven’t heard anything from the guy I’d been seeing for 18 months. It’s already been, what? two months and nothing. I’m at peace with it. I still have stuff at his house but don’t know if I particularly want to go get it. It didn’t end badly at all and for that I’m grateful. I guess that a relationship that begins during the Pluto sq. nPluto doesn’t usually last but it definitely was transformative. Having a Pisces Moon, I admit it is too bad that I’ll miss out on tomorrow’s Mars/Venus conjunction, though. Ah, well! I’m sure there will be other lovely romantic evenings in 2009.


  3. Mem

    Btw, I just wanted to let you both know how much I loved your weekly forecasts. I don’t like to start the week without reading them. Thank you!


  4. sabina

    I would like to add here that I totally agree with Mem and I too am an avid reader of all that is written on ths blog Neith / Pat thank you for your balanced views and I want to add that ths upcomming Venus Mars conjuction has given me some lovely moments tday with the person i consider to be my soul mate…I had lost touch with him for the last two weeks or so…but we just reconnected, however as he is travelling for the next few days I may not be able to meet him in person. but I do hope to be able to make a new begining (we have some long pending issues to settle, as Pat mentions above) and am waiting breathlessly to see how the future unfolds for me…all the best to all!!


  5. luana

    I appreciate posts from both Pat and Neith. This one in particular speaks to my heart as it expresses exactly where I find myself in considering my own relationship with my partner
    — which, fortunately, is the soul bond I always expected for myself — yet still, after all these years, not quite fulfilling my needs and desires. So I ask myself what it is I truly want and how I might need to change myself so that it can become possible…


  6. Mem

    For goodness’ sake, this is supposed to be the one of the most romantic nights of the year? Really?! My hair looked like crap (and I saw at least 5 people on the subway who were experiencing their own coif traumas). Not feeling it, ladies. I kind of just want to go to sleep, frankly.


  7. Matt

    This is one of the best days of my life…I’ve met a boy with my same interests and I discovered Led Zeppelin songs…Expecially “Immigrant song” ! I LOVE that song! It’s unbelievably good the rock sound!


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