New Moon in Taurus, April 24-25, 2009

New Moon: photo by Michael MyersThe New Moon in Taurus is one of my favorite lunations, because Taurus enriches our senses and our lives. Here in the northern latitudes, we are surrounded by new growth, beauty, and the wonderful green smells of spring.

For those of us who live in our heads, the New Moon in Taurus can pull us back into our bodies, for a change.

At 5°03′ Taurus, this New Moon squares the degree of the solar eclipse at 6°29′ Aquarius on January 26, providing an opportunity to evaluate our progress (or lack thereof) since that time. Aquarius focuses on the ideal and Taurus on the physical reality, making this lunation the perfect time to see if we’re living in la-la land or the real deal. If we aren’t seeing the progress we’d like, then how do we adjust our vision? Is idealism standing in the way? Are we cutting off our nose to spite our face? Keep in mind that compromise is not a dirty word.

As Jupiter approaches conjunction with Neptune and Chiron, we are going to be challenged to stay in touch with reality. We are aided by Mercury in pragmatic Taurus, squaring this stellium in Aquarius. Still, it’s tough going. This aspect reminds me of those cartoons in which the character runs off the cliff and stops in mid-air before dropping straight down. The proliferation of misinformation available on the internet has reached staggering proportions, and we need the grounding provided by Taurus to sort this out. It’s all about having good, solid information on which to base our decisions.

The sextile between Uranus in Pisces and Mercury in Taurus can aid in the search for ways to resolve the issues raised by the square between Mercury and the Aquarius planets. Taurus is noted for taking a position and sticking with it, but if anyone can gently persuade the Bull to change his mind, it’s Pisces – master of subtlety and the indirect approach. In other words, avoid butting heads and direct confrontations, if possible.

Another dynamic square is between Venus and Mars in Aries with Pluto in Capricorn. Venus is now direct and newly returned to Aries, which will kick-start creative projects put on hold six weeks ago. Mars moved into Aries on April 22 and is a totally happy camper for a change, because this is the sign he rules. I see Pluto squaring these two as generating a huge amount of energy as well as a preview of possibilities coming up next year when Uranus moves into Aries, squaring Pluto. So hang on to your hats and be prepared for lots happening in the next few weeks.

Saturn in Virgo plays a background role in this chart, providing another planet in earth to support the earthy Sun, Moon, Mercury and Pluto. Earth is the dominant element of this New Moon chart, making it a great time to treat yourself to a massage, indulge in aromatherapy, or fill your home with fresh flowers and beautiful music.

The Sabian symbol for this New Moon is 6 Taurus, Cantilever bridge across a deep gorge, with the keywords CONQUER OBSTACLES. Even the most creative leap needs to be counterbalanced by roots in reality. If we wish to build connections across what divides us, we need to reach out with compassion and practicality.

The importance of forgiving ourselves and those we love is something to keep in mind now and over the coming months as the conjunction between Jupiter, Chiron, and Neptune tightens. Our imperfections illuminate our beauty rather than detracting from it. We have the practicality of well-grounded Taurus energy supporting us now, so use this time well. Practice forgiveness and kindness daily!

Note: The New Moon falls on Friday, April 24, in the Western Hemisphere and Saturday, April 25, in the Eastern Hemisphere.

Libra loves Venus Directposted by Neith . . .

**Please read Pat’s weekly forecast for this week, April 20, for her thoughts on events in the sky.

Of course, today is the day to write your New Moon abundance checks! Here’s how.

Image: New Moon, only 6 hours old – photo by Michael Myers from his website, The Moon.

13 thoughts on “New Moon in Taurus, April 24-25, 2009

  1. Matt

    I am just 19, but I know so much about astrology that I could actually be an astrologer myself.
    I didn’t know nothing about it until 2004-2005.

    Every time the sun or jupiter ( I have it on little moe than 0 degrees ) changes I feel and see changes in me and around me.
    I know about sidereal astrology, that could be more natural, but I can’t see any changes of value on the date of sun change given by it.
    Instead, recently I discovered the precession of the equinoxes and I believe to it, though I think it works in a personal way or point of view for each people in the birth chart because I think it’s not so right on a world point of view.
    For my birth chart, this year I discovered the precession or something like this and I wait for my sun sign change on march 2010. I take notice about those changes also for the planets in my birth chart.


  2. Matt

    Anyway, as I was telling you all, I started to eat a lot more and to think a lot about food when sun sign changed into Taurus, so for me the change is real. I mean, I’m HUNGRY!
    And for me January 26 has been a eventful day: I put a teeth corrector, I had a big argument most of the day with my mother, I bought a very very good book of astrology and I didn’t go to school as I was supposed to, for first time of my life, because I was too angry.
    I hope the new moon will be the contrary of that day.

    I’m doing more research on astrology, as this new moon seems to be squaring the day I bought a new astrology book, I’m searching new ways to think about astrology.


  3. Jane

    If we aren’t seeing the progress we’d like, then how do we adjust our vision? Is idealism standing in the way? Are we cutting off our nose to spite our face? Keep in mind that compromise is not a dirty word.

    Timely. I am tonight sitting down to ponder those very questions. I know I have been and continue to cut off my nose to spite my face at work, and I know I need to adjust both my vision and my attitude. And I know I will need to compromise for probably a good year or so more. All this in MY best interest.

    Thank you Neith for these words to help me gather myself and find focus.


  4. Jane

    P.S. — Friday night, under that (Taurus) New Moon, my eldest brother (Taurus) will roll into town (with his partner) to meet my (Taurus) fiancee for the first time. :-)

    P.P.S. — We are celebrating our 8-mth anniversary tonight.


  5. Mem

    Just tonight I met a great new friend who totally wowed me and she invited me to her birthday party this Friday night. She’s awesome and the party promises to be loads of fun. Plus she’s got three romantic prospects and that alone is enticing enough for me. I can’t wait to watch the drama unfold. Oh, yes, that New Moon conjuncts my natal Saturn.


  6. sabina

    so the coif traumas are a thing of the past Mem!!..have an awesome evening ;-)
    As for myself I definately need to concentrate on forgiveness and kindness as mentioned by Neith…even to those who as I discovered much to my horror were hitting me behind my back and being sugar sweet to me on my face..its going to be tough, I am hoping that person just dissapears out of my life for ever. I do wonder though if I have some bad karma with this person and they have come back to haunt me in this life.
    How do we know where it started and in which lifetime…i guess it wil be best that If I now have an opportunity and realisation that i can get out of this cycly then i ought to make the best of it…any thoughts on Karma / /Karmic cycles ayone?


  7. Mem

    Thank you, Jane and Sabina! I’ll report back if I go. Hopefully the hostess will get my email and send me the address.

    I have some thoughts on back-stabbing, don’t know so much about Karma… Must run off to work but can check back later and write.

    Have fun on Friday, Jane! Sounds great.


  8. Matt

    I went from listening to Hannah Montana’s songs and enjoy them to turn back to pure rock and I’m now enjoying Led Zeppelin song, and maybe for me it will be by now a status quo.

    And, I’m finally achieving all is possible to know about astrology and planets in the signs, and I love Generational Astrology and people who have theories about next Pluto-Uranus-Neptune generation.
    And I love, love, love this. I’m also getting new information about Eris and Chiron.
    Eris for me will be the Second Pluto.

    I’m doing many astrology groups on Facebook about Astrological Ages theories and next century forecasts.

    This is for me a new moon about astrology. I’m not having the usual boom in news in my friendships, all of my friends are doing other things and I’m enjoying my renewed and satsified need for learning and getting infos.


  9. Mem

    Sabina: Maybe it’s not bad karma or good karma. Maybe this person is here to teach you something.

    Not every obstacle is a form of punishment or reward. There’s a possibility that you are teaching her something as well.


  10. Mem

    So, the party… Sigh.

    When I met this girl, she told us that her problem in relationships is that she always meets the nice guy who is lousy in bed. (The exact opposite of my usual relationship problem.) So she’s starved, okay? And she was very excited about these three prospects. I get to the party and I meet the first, and I thought, “Yes, okay, I can see how she finds him sexy.” My two other friends thought he was boring, though. He WAS boring, in the end. The other two guys were not all that sexy, in my opinion. I thought to myself, “Okay, no wonder she’s had lousy sex. She’s picking guys without fire.” Interestingly, she has Mars in Pisces as the apex of a t-square between Venus and Neptune. Anyway, the only person at that party who was sexy was the birthday girl.

    I’m beginning to understand the correlation between sense of humor and sex bc the men at that party took themselves too seriously. There was ZERO banter. When the kind of sexy guy had a chance to compliment the birthday girl (who, did I mention is drop dead gorgeous?), he made a lame comment instead. Not once did I see these guys do the subtle once-over. You know, where his eyes quickly travel down to the key areas to feast on the view? If anyone was flirting, I did not witness it.


  11. Matt

    I had a 45 minutes chat on Facebook with Collins the actor of California because he was thinking that me and some friend were developing a spin-off on Nbc because he saw some of my writing stuff on his 7th Heaven show on facebook and we just talked for 45 minutes about copyright…
    I told him we are just doing creative writing of fan-fiction stuff…He caused me headache, get red in the face, but I love to think that he will talk about me name and surname in a cast reunion in some future dinner lol


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