Real Astrologer’s Poll: Do You Want the Bad News?

heart-moon-350-px.jpgWith Venus and Mars traveling together for the next two months in Aries (Mars-ruled) and Taurus (Venus-ruled), we expect a lot of activity in the realm of romantic relationships.

Experience tells us that when clients ask about synastry with a new love interest, they don’t want to hear bad news, even though we try to deliver it gently. But we’d like to hear directly from you on this point. Do you want to know or not?

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6 thoughts on “Real Astrologer’s Poll: Do You Want the Bad News?

  1. Jennifer R

    The Sadge moon here votes for honesty.

    I actually ran into this doing a tarot reading for a friend a few months ago. He wasn’t surprised and eventually did end up breaking up with her. So on some level, you probably do know when it’s doomed and just need confirmation. If you’re asking, anyway.


  2. Jane

    Why do polls never have an option that I can pick? :-D

    Yes, I want the “bad news”. But not for any of the two reasons you give.

    I want the “bad news” simply to add to my overall basket of “things to consider”.


  3. Mandy H.


    When I first started going out with my hubby, my best friend at the time (who knew a fair bit about astrology) said that she didn’t see us lasting long as really Aq/ Cancer didn’t really go well together. Hmm that was 21 years ago…


  4. deb

    Jane, you’re a riot! Thank goodness for your honesty.

    Mandy, my husband’s a Virgo and I’m a Libra. Based on our charts, we two possess very different personalities.

    However, we’ve learned a lot from each other. Not to mention that a creative fire burns at our centers, we’re funny people and we compliment our gifts and strengths with our individual expertise.

    Together, we’re a pretty powerful force to be reckoned with. I adore my Virgo!


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