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Weekly Forecast April 1: Venus Conjunct Mars in Aries

Mars Jumps Venus, by Hendrik de Clerck. Methinks ol' Hendrik did use a male model for Venus.

Mars Jumps Venus, by Hendrik de Clerck. Methinks ol’ Hendrik did use a male model for Venus. Not even Serena Williams has biceps like that.

This week is about sex, sex, and more sex, and it will be fast and hot, with Venus and Mars in conjunctio in the fire sign of Aries.

Venus and Mars are fresh from encounters with the Sun and Uranus, the latter being particularly kinky. Aries is, after all, the sign of the ram, and it rules the head.

The tension builds toward a climax overnight Saturday, so we can expect a lot of hot dates this coming weekend – especially in Weare, New Hampshire, where the conjunction will be exactly opposite the Midheaven. With Venus and Mars in fast, impulsive Aries, most encounters are likely to be one-night stands. Unfortunately, Aries has a reputation for not finishing what he starts – all the more likely, since there will be a lot of alcohol involved, thanks to the Moon’s conjunction with Neptune in Pisces a few hours earlier. Pisces is legendary for its capacity for imbibing. Where do you think the phrase “drinks like a fish” came from?

Fortunately, Venus in Aries is self-sufficient and knows how to take care of herself.

That’s really the only aspect of any consequence this week. Otherwise, we have a sextile between the Sun in Aries and Jupiter in Gemini on Monday. A sextile is an easy going aspect with no strings attached. In classical mythology, the Roman Jupiter and his Greek counterpart, Zeus, were incorrigible philanderers. Gemini is fickle, as we might expect from the sign of duality. I don’t know why, but I’m suddenly reminded of a campaign joke that was going around when Nixon ran for re-election. For the benefit of those who weren’t born yet, it went, “Don’t change dicks in the middle of a screw, vote for Nixon in ’72.”

The best jokes have a kernel of truth. People were feeling screwed back then, and nothing much has changed, except perhaps that with Pluto in Capricorn, the screw is bigger and harder – sort of like an S&M date gone bad. Meanwhile, North Korea is about to jump South Korea, and everyone has their missiles out of their pants, waving them in the air. Although nuclear weapons and alcohol generally aren’t a good mix, maybe too much alcohol wouldn’t be a bad thing in this case. To quote a famous line from Shakespeare, “It provokes the desire but it takes away the performance.”

Happy April Fool’s Day … sort of.

Wishing you all much love and courage in the coming week (which, while not necessarily all about sex, promises to be another wild and crazy ride).
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

Weekly Forecast May 23: Venus Conjunct Mars

© EJWhite for Dreamstime.com

On Monday, Venus conjoins Mars, symbolic marriage of the divine feminine and masculine. True love is returning to the world, but we’ve still got some work cut out for us.

I’ve written a lot in these pages about the split between men and women, which goes back thousands of years. I see this split as our deepest wound, and the resulting imbalance between masculine and feminine energies on the planet as the underlying source of the cruelty and violence that humans perpetrate on each other, the animal kingdom, and the Earth herself.

And yet, I see signs everywhere that the balance is being restored. The world is changing as the collective and each of us as individuals heal our core wounds. Our healing process intensified under the recent conjunction of Chiron and Neptune, which is separating but active for another year or so. For many of us, healing has required reopening or at least revisiting deep wounds, many of which we carried with us into this lifetime. It has been an exhausting and painful (obviously) process that appears to be nearing completion.

For true love to stand a chance, both partners need to come into a relationship in wholeness. If you’re looking to fill in a missing piece of yourself, you’ll eventually run into serious problems when the other person fails to deliver. No one but you can find those lost pieces and bring them home.

It is possible to work on this within a relationship, and if your partner is on a similar track (it does happen), then you can grow together, and love grows, too. Indeed, being in a relationship can speed up your personal and spiritual growth considerably, because your “stuff” is usually right in your face. The irony is that resolving personal issues can be fatal to the relationship. That’s no doubt why so many couples have an unspoken pact that they will play their self-assigned roles and not rock the boat by growing and changing.

Monday’s Venus-Mars conjunction occurs in a favorable trine to Pluto and a jarring inconjunct (quincunx) to Saturn. This tells me a few things.

First, Pluto has been at the apex of a cardinal T-square with Saturn and Uranus since last year. This puts the planet of death, rebirth and transformation in the hot seat. Translated, that means we’ve been under tremendous pressure to change.

Trines provide an easy path for energy to flow, and so, this week, transformation comes via a romantic relationship (regardless of your sexual orientation). If you’ve recently extricated yourself from a difficult union, you may realize that, rather than feeling like you left a piece of yourself behind, you feel more whole and stronger than ever. You are now equipped to find a healthier and more fulfilling partnership.

That’s the good news. The not-so-good news is that Venus and Mars form a very close inconjunct with Saturn, which happens to be retrograde in Libra, the sign of relationships. Now, this is interesting, because Venus rules both Taurus and Libra. I read this as a sign that feminine energy, long suppressed and overpowered by the masculine, is making its weight felt. Mars is in his detriment in Taurus, and naturally, a lot of men aren’t happy that they’re losing the upper hand. I hope they will come to understand why balance makes them stronger, not weaker.

Anyway, the discordant angle to retrograde Saturn is a reminder that there is still a lot of work to do, and transforming may require that you grit your teeth and try to move through the obstacles to love. And for all that, you may find yourself in a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” situation. Pluto says we must transform, but choosing that path may lead to a breakup. It’s a tough choice, but most people I know who chose to detach from a lopsided relationship have had few regrets.

Mars and Venus are conjunct on Monday, with Venus inconjunct Saturn on Tuesday and Mars inconjunct on Wednesday. The Mars aspect is even more complicated in that Mars and the Moon in Pisces will create a Yod, with Saturn at the apex. Often it’s not what’s said that sabotages a relationship, but what isn’t said. It takes a lot of trust and courage to be completely honest with your partner about how you feel.

On a completely different note, the Sun in Gemini sextiles Uranus on Wednesday. Watch the news headlines for surprising developments, probably of a positive nature. Now that would be news!

The following day, the Sun squares Chiron and then on Saturday forms an inconjunct with Pluto, bringing the theme of the week full circle. As hard as we try to serve the cause of True Love, as willing as we are to confront our own demons, we are fighting stubborn, deeply ingrained patterns that have existed for millennia. But just remember, it’s that last grain of sand that brings the scales in balance.

Much love and courage to all,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

New Moon in Libra, October 7

Evening Mood, by William-Adolphe Bouguereau, 1882.

I have high hopes for this New Moon. In many ways, it starts a new cycle and builds on the foundation of the cardinal T-square.

If you’ve been confused about how the T-square was redirecting your life – or if you didn’t see it at all – the message will be readily apparent now. All of those blocked energies, the frustration, the obstacles … Libra is the sign of balance and harmony, and with this New Moon, you can arrive at a new understanding of how crisis after crisis pushed you into a new direction or a different way of seeing the world.

With that understanding, it’s easier to relax and let go of trying to control events, people, and situations. Your life has been on track all along, even if it didn’t seem like it.

I see this trend in the kinds of clients who are contacting me now and in the nature of their questions. Many are beginning to realize their special healing gifts, while others need guidance or confirmation as their lives take off in new directions that are more in harmony with their inner being. A surprising number are asking about past lives and karmic relationships. This is all evidence of a brilliant awakening in human consciousness. I’ve seen this coming for several years. It’s amazing to see it actually manifesting!

Right after this New Moon, all of the inner planets will be contained within the boundaries of the T-square. The Moon will venture beyond for half of every month, but as of this lunation, it’s on the inside. This tells me that we’re going deep into T-square territory, living the changes that took place within us over the summer, both individually and collectively.

The Sun and Moon at 14 degrees Libra make no close aspects to other planets, although they are in a wide conjunction with Saturn at 8 degrees Libra and Mercury at 7 degrees Libra. The Mercury-Saturn conjunction allows clarity of thought, which in turn leads to realistic planning and a balanced approach to achieving your goals.

With four planets in Libra, there’s also an emphasis on relationships. If you’ve been paying attention to how material circumstances manifest in your life, chances are, you understand that your biggest manifestation “successes” have come through positive relationships with others. We can manifest through troubled relationships, too, but those are the ones that tend to come with all the unwanted “side effects” and gremlins.

The relationship theme is reinforced by Venus, the ruler of this New Moon, who is at a dead stop in preparation for returning retrograde the next day. Further, she’s still in close conjunction with Mars, her lover. Venus in Scorpio craves deep intimacy and merging with her soul mate, but he’s starting to move away. This could lead to widespread feelings of abandonment and isolation. It won’t last, but it could be difficult while we’re in it. Another thing to watch for is past-life experiences. More of us may have dreams or fleeting visions of life in other time spaces, with glimpses of a soul mate.

Jupiter and Uranus remain closely conjunct in Pisces, with Uranus and Neptune in mutual reception and Jupiter in a near-exact semi-sextile with Neptune and Chiron. Throughout the cardinal T-square period, there has been an inherent message of healing. It may be so subtle that you don’t realize it’s happening, but if you stop to think about it, you’ll see where the deep healing is taking place in your life.

Healing, remember, comes from the same Latin root as “wholeness.” Connecting with our essential core brings us into awareness of limitless time and space and how we fit within the whole. With that awareness, we more easily see where our path lies and what our purpose is in this particular incarnation. With this awareness, a lot of things start making sense.

Ceres is edging closer to conjunction with Pluto, which I’ve previously written about as symbolic of an underworld journey to reclaim something we’ve lost. If Pluto represents other lives (the term I prefer to “past lives”), then connecting with this broader energy is another path to becoming whole. Put another way, seeing events, relationships, and even ourselves as part of a broader cycle is incredibly healing.

The Sabian Symbol** for the Sun and Moon at 14°24′ Libra is circular paths, with the keyword CONGRUITY. “Man and his world may seem completely at variance with each other at some point of crisis, but inevitably everything falls into place,” writes Marc Edmond Jones, who channeled the symbols in the early 1920s.

Again, I couldn’t imagine a more fitting symbol for these extraordinary times.

Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

P.S. Don’t forget to write your abundance check!

** From The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, by Dr. Marc Edmond Jones. The author, an astrologer, channeled this work in 1925 with the help of Elsie Wheeler, a gifted psychic. There’s one symbol one for each degree of the zodiac, and we can use them to gain insight into charts.

Weekly Forecast September 27: Sun Conjunct Saturn, Venus Conjunct Mars

Statue of Justice, Brazilian Supreme Court. Photo by Roberto Jayme for REUTERS, 2009.

This week holds lots of potential for moving forward with our projects, thanks to a helpful conjunction of the Sun and Saturn.

Although the cardinal T-square has mostly dissipated, we continue to feel its effects. There does seem to be a big difference, though, now that the planets aren’t in such tightly conflicting aspects with one another. It feels like something has released. I felt it very strongly a couple of days after last week’s Full Moon, which stimulated the degrees of the T-square at its peak in early August. Energies that were blocked back then are flowing now.

Monday may get off to a slow start, but by Tuesday we’ll be cranked up and ready to roll. Thursday is a power day, when the Sun catches up with Saturn at 7 degrees Libra. This is just far enough past the early degrees of the cardinal signs, where the T-square peaked, to create an outlet for movement. As I mentioned last week, I don’t think it’s going to be a sudden power surge, but rather a natural, easy flow. You might feel an urge to look around, wondering who or what is going to get in your way this time, surprised to find out that you’re free to go.

The Sun-Saturn conjunction often is interpreted as having negative effects such as run-ins with authorities. If nothing else, it’s seen as the stern parent, saying “no” to whatever it is you want to do. I don’t see it that way. My take on this conjunction – especially since Saturn is exalted in Libra – is that if you work hard toward your goals and don’t give in to fear of failure (even if that’s all you experienced all summer), you can get the results that have eluded you.

Now, some people told me they had no problem at all getting “results” over the summer. To the contrary, they felt as though they were on a treadmill, forced to run faster and faster just to keep up with everything that was happening in their lives. If that sounds like you, then this week still should hold positive developments, possibly because you finally see the finish line and some rewards for hanging in there.

Just before the Sun and Saturn meet, the Moon moves through the early degrees of cardinal Cancer and forms a brief T-square. It’s not as powerful as the configuration at last week’s Full Moon, but nevertheless, it’s another potential time marker for seeing the seeds planted during the summer start to materialize and grow.

On Friday and Saturday, Mercury in the last degrees of Virgo opposes Jupiter and Uranus and squares Ceres. Although Jupiter and Uranus are retrograde, their close conjunction continues to suggest sudden opportunities and innovative solutions. Mercury is the “thought planet,” so keep a notebook handy to write down any great ideas that come to you toward the end of the week. One word of caution, though: All of the ideas you come up with may not be viable. Don’t act on impulse. Take note of what comes up for careful consideration in a day or two. The T-square between Mercury, Jupiter, and Ceres also could manifest as negotiating with powerful forces to get back something that belongs to you.

Mercury enters Libra on Sunday and, once again, we’ll have a passage over the degrees of the T-square. Since Mercury is mostly about thought and not action, this will be a time for looking at the new reality and figuring out how to keep up your momentum. If you began a new project or initiative, you may need to make some changes, but you can count on that for awhile. Whatever is new in your life is a work in progress.

Also on Sunday, Venus aligns with Mars at just under 13 degrees Scorpio. Venus-Mars aspects are supposed to be great for love and sex, but because of the conditions of this conjunction, I have a feeling it’s going to be about something else entirely. Not only is Venus in her detriment in Scorpio, but she’s stationing to turn retrograde in less than a week. That means she’s moving very slowly (from our perspective here on Earth), and Mars is the faster of the two, which usually is not the case.

Venus represents the divine feminine and what we most desire, and she’s at a serious disadvantage here. Last time they met, on August 20, it was in Libra – in other words, on her terms. This time, it’s on his, and male and female energies are going to be in a temporary state of imbalance. Passion and desire run high, and without some sense of fairness and equanimity, there’s a risk that some people may go after what they want without any consideration for how it might harm others or even involve consequences for themselves.

On another level, masculine aggression (which occurs in people of both genders) may be so raw and exposed that we finally have to deal with it. Mars in Scorpio holds tremendous power to create and transform, but without the love and wisdom represented by Venus, his power can become cold, calculating, and self-serving. Perhaps in some kind of logical pattern of the universe, Venus has decided to stand still for a bit and let Mars catch up with her.

Wishing you all much love, courage, and joy,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

Weekly Forecast September 13: Pluto Direct, Mars Enters Scorpio

Gearing up for movement. © Christian Lagereek Fahraeus for Dreamstime.com

Mercury is direct, and we’re ready to roll!

I thought things would stay fairly quiet last week with both Mercury and Pluto sitting still. However, I underestimated the effects of Jupiter’s return to Pisces. Right on cue, there was an explosion in San Bruno, Calif., which apparently had been waiting for just such a trigger. I’ll discuss this more below. First, let’s have a look at this week’s aspects.

I emphatically don’t expect this week to be quiet, although Monday and Tuesday could be slow and frustrating. Often, the worst traffic jams, Internet delays, and communications snafus occur when Mercury is shifting phase. When the Messenger is stopped (that’s what it looks like from our perspective), everything he rules stops, too. You can plan ahead by leaving a few minutes early for your Monday morning commute and not expecting meetings to go as planned.

Pluto returns direct in early Capricorn on Tuesday, with Mars entering Scorpio later in the day. These two events could deliver a one-two punch. In modern astrology, Pluto rules Scorpio, and so the powerful thrust of Mars will add to Pluto’s return direct. Pluto, remember, has been at the apex of the cardinal T-square all summer, and he has been under plenty of pressure. When that kind of power is blocked and suddenly gets released, who knows what might happen? Powerful earth events would not be a big surprise.

Mars is the traditional ruler of Scorpio, so he’ll be in his own sign after languishing in Libra. Mars doesn’t really like to play nice, and when he’s forced to do so, he tends to take out his frustration in passive-aggressive ways. Enough of that! Mars in Scorpio has tremendous power, and he’s not afraid to show it. Wherever you have early Scorpio in your chart is where you will feel this transit the most.

Mars and Venus are together in Scorpio now, and they’ll meet for the second time this year in early October, right before Venus goes retrograde. When they met in Libra on August 20, many people I know began demanding more give and take in their relationships. That balance may tip again as the desire nature takes over rational considerations. This could be good or bad, but I strongly caution against making compromises that shouldn’t be made. In all things you do, maintain your integrity.

As the week progresses, situations that have been blocked or seemingly insurmountable over the past few weeks may move forward with a sudden start that could leave your head spinning. If you’ve been holding off on signing contracts or starting a new venture, now is your time to make a bold move!

On Wednesday, the Moon in Capricorn conjoins Pluto and then traces the degrees of the cardinal T-square. Even though its influence has temporarily subsided, Pluto stationed with the Moon in conjunction could unleash powerful emotions, at the very least, as we lurch forward.

Mars and Pluto formally align in a sextile on Saturday, so this is another day when we may experience a strong energy surge. As long as we’ve been waiting for a breakthrough, the force of this one may be intense. Unfortunately, that’s how it goes sometimes, so we’ll just have to ride out the turbulence. As I type these words, I’m reminded of the runaway train scene in The Fugitive, the 1993 thriller starring Harrison Ford.

Also on Saturday, Jupiter and Uranus conjoin in Pisces, the second pass of a three-part alignment. The first pass occurred on June 8 at 0 degrees Aries, forming a volatile end of the T-square. Then both planets went retrograde. They’ll meet this weekend at 28 degrees Pisces. This is a heavily charged degree, as it was where Saturn and Uranus opposed one another on April 26. You’ll recall that springs were popping all over the place back then. Among other things, that was about the time that BP’s oil rig exploded in the Gulf of Mexico.

With Jupiter and Uranus back in Pisces, any explosions that happen – literally or figuratively – will be bigger and noisier. Uranus also is back in mutual reception with Neptune in Aquarius, reinforcing themes of collective awakening and wild weather involving air and water.

Jennifer in Austin, Texas, left a comment yesterday asking me about Tropical Storm Hermine. It’s interesting to note that this weather system caused relatively few problems when it made landfall on Monday. It wasn’t until Wednesday that the flooding began to take a toll. Aside from Wednesday’s New Moon, Saturn crossed the degree of the June 26 lunar eclipse in Capricorn. And, of course, Jupiter was just hours from moving back into Pisces.

That said, it’s a tricky business associating earthly events with astrological alignments – especially these days, when the planets are in such a complicated configuration. It’s like saying that one gear causes the machine to move more than the others. And it makes predictions all the more difficult. At this point, we’re all making educated guesses. Some turn out to be amazingly right on, while others are just plain wrong.

Wishing you all much love and courage,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

Weekly Forecast August 16: Venus Conjunct Mars, Mercury Retrograde

Escape. © Pat Paquette, 2010

The sand under our feet continues to shift this week, with the cardinal T-square still at peak power and Mercury turning retrograde. There’s also a lovely conjunction of Venus and Mars.

Actually, I consider it all as good news. After this week, the T-square will wind down for the rest of the year, with the exception of a brief period around the Full Moon in Aries on September 23. Venus and Mars conjoin in her home sign, which I see as a step toward restoring the balance between masculine and feminine energies on the planet.

Even Mercury retrograde could have benefits. Life has been moving so fast that a slow-down would be most welcome, with time for revisions, repairs, and catching up on tasks we’ve been putting off for weeks, if not months. It’s also a great time to take a vacation or a short break to escape from the pressure.

Taking the week chronologically, Jupiter opposes Saturn on Monday, the second of three passes and one of the most important components of the T-square. This opposition, along with Uranus in Aries, has been responsible for that feeling of driving with the brakes on. Many of us seem to be on the verge of a breakthrough, but something is holding us back. And maybe there’s some kind of logic in that, as moving forward before we’re ready usually costs us in the long run. Saturn says we have to pass all of our exams before we can graduate.

At the exact moment that Jupiter and Saturn are in opposition, Pluto is on the Ascendant in Washington, D.C. Pluto, remember, is at the apex of the T-square and thus represents a point of extreme pressure. Jupiter represents the nation’s banks and wealth, while Saturn represents government structure and bureaucracy, and Pluto represents big business, as well as overall financial and political power. The position of the United States as the world’s only superpower is being challenged, and that makes the country’s economic decisions critical not just to the national economy, but to its standing in the world. Watch the headlines out of Washington this week for new developments in an ongoing story.

On Thursday, the Moon enters Capricorn and amplifies the cardinal T-square by aspecting Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto all within a few hours. The Moon’s influence is fleeting, but it can help us become more aware of what we want and how our current circumstances may be helping or hindering those goals.

On Friday, the Moon squares Venus and Mars, just as the cosmic lovers are conjoining in Libra, the sign of balance and harmony. I know that many of you are trying to find balance in your love relationships and committed partnerships and that you’re having difficulties. It’s not surprising, given all the tension and conflict in the sky right now. This week, look for breakthroughs, and rejoice even in the small victories.

Later in the day, Mercury turns retrograde at 19 degrees Virgo. He’ll return to 5 degrees Virgo before returning direct on September 12. Wherever he’s retrograde in your natal chart is where you can expect to experience the most delays and frustration, but it’s also where you’ll find the best opportunities for slowing down and revising your flight plan. It’s also where you may experience déjà vu moments.

On Saturday, Saturn squares Pluto, the third and last pass of this vital component of the T-square. In our individual lives, this difficult aspect represents where we’re experiencing a battle of conflicting authorities, be they our internal drivers or external people and circumstances. Whether the source of this conflict is internal or external, it’s holding us back from making the changes we’d like. This is the aspect most closely linked to the painful transformations many of us have been experiencing.

In the world at large, it’s a marker for economic difficulties as well as conflict between government regulators and big business.

The Sun enters Virgo on Sunday. It’s time to clean up after the party and to get serious about our diets, fitness, housekeeping, and studies. This is especially true with Mercury retrograde in Virgo.

I’m reminded of the old maxim, “Before enlightenment, chop wood and carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood and carry water.” No matter how you cut it, we’re chopping and carrying. Practicing mindfulness while we’re engaged in seemingly mindless activities is an excellent way to expand your consciousness.

Wishing you all much love and courage,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

Caption: Escape. © Pat Paquette, 2010.

Saturday Extra! Saturn Enters Libra, T-Square Powers Up

© Canadafirst/Dreamstime

Next Wednesday, July 21, Saturn enters Libra — or, more precisely, re-enters. Once this happens, we’ll be in the final ascent toward the peak of the 2010 cardinal T-square.

The Lord of Karma briefly stepped onto the Scales from October 29 to April 7. Since then, he’s been finishing up his business in Virgo, where he taught us practical lessons like taking our Omega-3, paying attention to the environment, and doing our duty to help others. He also served as an anchor to keep the volatile energies of the cardinal T-square in check.

Once he enters Libra, it’s going to be a whole new game. Cardinal energies favor swift, targeted action. Libra is an air sign, so we might expect some violent wind storms and probably a big shift in political and financial winds, too. Saturn in Libra will enforce balance. If we’re out of alignment in any way, we’ll have to adjust accordingly.

There’s a lot more I could write about Saturn in Libra, but the most compelling issue is that the cardinal T-square is now fully activated and powering up toward peak output in late July and early August. In the first degree of Libra, Saturn will be tightly opposed to Uranus at 0 degrees Aries and Jupiter at 3 degrees Aries, and he’ll square Pluto at 3 degrees Capricorn. Jupiter is stationed, two days from turning retrograde on July 23. That’s a whole lot of shifting going on.

The biggest bang may be heard in Washington, D.C., where Saturn will be dead on the Ascendant at the moment he enters Libra. Saturn rules the government, while Jupiter rules the banks and the justice system, and Uranus is associated with explosions, political protest, and unexpected events. All three planets will be in a tight square to Pluto, which rules subversive elements, espionage, and the very wealthy and powerful.

There are way too many variables in there to make a reliable prediction, but I’ll be watching the news headlines. Whatever happens, it looks as though President Obama will play a major role.

Saturn is said to be “exalted” in Libra, where he demands peace, social justice, diplomacy, equality, and fairness. Although Saturn is very challenged in this T-square arrangement, he’s the strongest of the outer planets, since he’s direct and in the sign of his exaltation. All of the other planets are retrograde or stationing. That said, he’s getting slammed from all sides, and Mars is approaching conjunction with him as well. All in all, it looks like we’re in for some dramatic developments.

From July 31 to August 20, Venus and Mars both will be conjunct Saturn, and that could have implications for male-female relationships everywhere, perhaps even for the balance of masculine and feminine energy on the planet as a whole. I’ve written a lot about this imbalance, which appears to be slowly correcting.

I’ll have more about these aspects in my upcoming weekly forecasts. Be sure to check back often!

Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

Full Moon in Sagittarius, June 7, 2009

Full Moon in SagittariusThe Full Moon in Sagittarius on June 7 makes a mutable T-square with Saturn in Virgo, reminding us to make sure our thoughts (Sun in Gemini) and ideals (Moon in Sagittarius) are in line with what is going on in the real world (Saturn).

This is a good time to review the ease with which we as astrologers slip into attaching values to certain aspects, i.e. squares are “bad” and trines are “good.” I know I benefit greatly from a natal Sun-Saturn square, because it helps keep my Sun-Uranus trine grounded. Hard aspects, like pain, get our attention and tell us to pull our hand off the hot stove.

During those times when the sky is full of trines and sextiles, it is very easy to be grasshoppers and not ants. Saturn in Virgo has been excellent at reminding us how valuable those ants are. Personally, I see a need for recognizing and accepting boundaries and limitations as stepping stones on the path rather than obstacles.

Another square reminding us to keep our feet planted in the dirt is Mercury in earthy Taurus square Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron closely conjoined in airy Aquarius. Since Mercury rules both Gemini and Virgo, we are being called to pay close attention to our thought patterns. Between the mutable T-square and this fixed square, we are very likely to be called on instances of sloppy thinking. So remember to take your time and make sure all of your facts are in order, every document has been proofread by someone else, and your due dates are double-checked. Saturn is not called the lord of karma for nothing. We could set ourselves up for instant unpleasant karma if we aren’t careful!

By this time both Mars and Venus are together in Taurus trine Pluto in Capricorn, inviting exploration of our passions and sensuality. From now until Venus exactly conjoins Mars on the summer solstice, June 21, is a great time to celebrate life through the physical senses. This can be anything from enjoying the warmth of the sun on our skin, spending time with a lover, or going deeper into our understanding of the cycle of death and rebirth. It is definitely a time to consciously slow down and appreciate rather than rushing full-tilt ahead.

The Sabian symbol for the Sun at 18 Gemini is, “Two Chinese men converse in their native tongue in an American city,” with the keyword INSULATION. Finding a likeminded person to share thoughts and ideas with is always a treat, especially under circumstances where we least expect it. This is an expression of the mutual reception of Uranus in Pisces and Neptune in Aquarius, now exactly semi-sextile as well. The internet serves as the medium for many such conversations in this day and age.

For the Moon in Sagittarius, the Sabian symbol is, “Children play on the beach, their heads protected by sunbonnets,” with the keyword PROTECTIVENESS. What is preferable, being sheltered and protected to preserve our innocence? Or seeking to know the truth, no matter how painful it might be? I know what my choice would be, and that is to know the truth. As long as Neptune and Jupiter are traveling with Chiron, we will be reminded again and again that in order to heal our wounds we must be prepared to settle for nothing less than all the facts. No pretty sunbonnets to shield our eyes from the light.

By September 4, when we have another lunation in the mutable signs with the Full Moon in Pisces, Saturn and Uranus will be almost exactly opposite each other again. The wakeup call we are getting now is telling us to stay focused and on task despite the lofty promises of Neptune & Co. I will be spending many hours between now and then doing “ant” type things such as harvesting and preserving fruits and vegetables from our garden. Saturn repays our willingness to do the work now, putting off playtime until after we’re done. And it doesn’t give us A’s for effort . . . only results.

Libra, relationship specialistposted by Neith . . .

**Please read Pat’s weekly forecast for this week, June 1, for her thoughts about what’s happening in the sky.

Image: When I saw this photo of the boat with the full moon, all I could think about was sailing away to distant shores . . . every Sagittarius’s dream.

Real Astrologer’s Poll: Do You Want the Bad News?

heart-moon-350-px.jpgWith Venus and Mars traveling together for the next two months in Aries (Mars-ruled) and Taurus (Venus-ruled), we expect a lot of activity in the realm of romantic relationships.

Experience tells us that when clients ask about synastry with a new love interest, they don’t want to hear bad news, even though we try to deliver it gently. But we’d like to hear directly from you on this point. Do you want to know or not?

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