Saturday Extra: More On Saturn’s Role In Synastry

Neith's Parents Wedding Photo in  1944We need Saturn! Without Saturn to teach us about boundaries, to behave responsibly and give us patience, our lives and relationships wouldn’t get off the ground – period, end of story.

There is a very good reason Saturn is exalted in Libra, the sign of relating to the “other.” When the bloom wears off the initial attraction and our partner’s habit of never cleaning up after themselves gets really annoying, that’s when having a solid Saturn aspect or two in the synastry will keep us from throwing them out the door. . . or not, if that is what’s needed.

What Saturn can provide is balance and stability, especially if there are a number of Uranus squares, oppositions, and conjunctions creating excitement and lots of adrenaline rushes. In order to have a relationship at all, you need to be able to be in the same place at the same time. It can be the difference between playing “phone tag” and sitting down for “face time.”

Neptune’s willingness to see all the unmanifested potential is best offset by a large dose of Saturn, too. No matter how creative that person is or how glamorous their appearance, can they pay their bills on time? Not to mention all the unpleasantness of dealing with various Neptune-related addictions. We can still love someone very much who does behave responsibly and is not a “bad boy.”

I have long thought that Saturn’s ability to live in the here and now and to take on challenges one step at a time in a pragmatic manner are a good antidote to Pluto’s obsessions. If you think you will die without that special someone, then check the synastry for a Pluto conjunction or opposition. Saturn can help us learn detachment, because it always emphasizes the rational over the emotional. In fact, learning to delay gratification is considered part of the maturation process, which is totally Saturn.

Saturn will move into Libra at the end of October this year, so consider this a heads up about what is in store for the collective. Between Pluto in conventional Capricorn and Saturn in Libra, I’m willing to say fidelity, commitment, and learning what constitutes a good marriage will start to make a comeback.

Libra, relationship specialistposted by Neith . . .

Image: My parents had been married for close to 63 yrs at the time of my Libra mother’s death. Now that’s commitment!


3 thoughts on “Saturday Extra: More On Saturn’s Role In Synastry

  1. Jane

    Well, our synastry leaves me scratching my head but I do know that I have never experienced anything like what I’m living with my fiancee, and that’s all that matters at the moment. I have gotten *so much* out of our short 8-mth relationship, stuff I’ve been needing all my life, that if we were to part tomorrow, I’ve already gotten my money’s worth, so to speak. But there is no parting on the horizon. We had a few hiccups in the early stretch (as you know), but we’re now rock solid (those hiccups were much needed, and worth their weight in gold – I’m glad we had them).

    I’m too jaded to believe in fairy tale endings, so I’m forever braced for “a bad turn”, but really, I’m taking every day as it comes, simply (“detach from outcome” – now where did I learn that?!), and so far… I don’t think there’s a day we don’t ~laugh~, and the gods keep surprising me by all they’re serving me (via my fiancee) on a silver platter. It’s like a lifetime’s hard work, and integrity, and perseverance… are finally paying off. The cornucopia overflows. And all I’m doing is being me, quietly but assertively.

    It feels darn frigging good! :-)


  2. Jane

    I know I’m off topic… but I just noticed transiting Mars will be hitting our Mars opposition in Aries/Libra this weekend… this could be interesting… :-)

    That Mars opposition concerned me when I first saw it but so far, it seems to be playing for the better, to my immense relief. Or, more to the point, as they say: it’s all only energy, and it’s all about how you CHOOSE to use it. Apparently, we are making healthy, constructive choices — choices that enhance each of us as individuals, and strengthen our relationship.

    I am such a happy camper!! :-)

    (Now, if I could accomplish the same on the CAREER front!!)


  3. Jane

    OK, I’m gonna shut up and stop blogging in YOUR blog now! :-)

    Saturn… yes, the topic was Saturn… I dunno about our Saturns… I look at them and draw blank.


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