Weekly Forecast May 4: Mercury Retrograde, Full Moon in Scorpio

time.jpgMercury goes retrograde this week, but you knew that. Many of you have reported incidents that sound suspiciously like the trickster up to his typical mischief already.

Other than the slowdown in communications, I’m seeing positive effects, too. As I predicted, relationship issues are being revisited, although I didn’t expect it to happen this soon. I didn’t think we’d see this trend until after May 13, when Mercury returns to Venus-ruled Taurus. I certainly didn’t expect any developments before Mercury even went retrograde, but then he’s hovering exactly trine my Ascendant and sextile my Descendant, so that might explain the aberration.

Even though Mercury doesn’t turn retrograde until Thursday (late Wednesday on the West Coast of the United States), do be prepared for some frustration getting to work on Monday morning. Public transportation schedules may be messed up, and traffic jams could be worse than usual. People you need to contact may not be in, or they may not return calls when you need them. It’s par for the course.

Another factor that could affect this Mercury retrograde is Saturn’s station. Retrograde since December 31, the taskmaster and lord of time returns direct at 15 degrees Virgo on May 16. Although I argue for Ceres as ruler of Virgo, the change hasn’t been made — my petition is on hold on the desk of some faceless bureaucrat god on Mount Olympus — which means that Saturn currently is stopped in a sign ruled by Mercury, who’s also stopped. So it looks like we’ll be even more frustrated than usual, especially in matters related to our daily grind, until the end of this month. Those of you with sensitive digestion need to go easy, too.

The other big astrological event this week is the Full Moon in Scorpio on Saturday. This Full Moon marks the halfway point between the lunar eclipse in Leo on February 9 and the lunar eclipse in Aquarius on August 6. The eclipse in August is the last in the Aquarius-Leo series and represents a culmination of whatever issues this eclipse series brought to your door. With Mercury retrograde, it’s a good time for a review, and indeed you may have to revisit a situation whether you want to or not. Hopefully, the examination will be productive, even if there’s some discomfort attached. Saturn will play a role, too, as this Full Moon will be in favorable aspect.

I’ll leave the rest of the Full Moon analysis to Neith. Check back in a day or two for her report.

Meanwhile, the Sun trines Saturn on Tuesday, so we may well get a preview of how the Full Moon will play out. It would be nice, for once, to have some predictability. Saturn may not be the guy you want to snuggle up to at night, but you usually can count on him to be steady and reliable.

Much love and courage to all,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

Image: A sculpture outside a Paris train station made of clocks. Imagine the confusion for anyone hoping to be able to figure out what time it is. Happy Mercury retrograde! Photo by Charles Platiau for REUTERS. p>

9 thoughts on “Weekly Forecast May 4: Mercury Retrograde, Full Moon in Scorpio

  1. Matt

    For me, media information about current issues is getting very awful…They seems to not even know what they are talking about…
    About Saturn, I see the aount of work I’ going to do for my school examinations.
    I also had a dream about a terror attack in Usa happening on May 13 who could wipe out NY city or Washington DC.
    Also, given to my dreams agenda, Yellowstone supervolcano is going to happen around the middle of this month.

    Also my relations issues had been discussed in the last week, and I don’t like anymore to spend so much time outdoors like before, those days I’m glued to my coputer searching info about current issues.

    I also found out that I dreamt how this Swine flu was going to start and that it will hit in Italy very hard ( dreams are of September 2008 when I was keeping having dreams about relatives having strange flu )


  2. Taurus41

    Today is my birthday. Virgo is my asc. My moon is in Leo. I have 6 signs in Taurus in the 9th house: Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Sun. My natal Neptune is in Virgo, my Chiron in Cancer. Since November 2008, things have been like an egg-beater. Finally, I just gave up and went with it. But I am ready for relief. With both Saturn in Virgo moving forward and Venus moving forward, does that spell R-E-L-I-E-F?


  3. deb

    Swine flu has been made out to sound worse than it actually is for the purpose of distracting humankind from what needs to be done. Luckily, millions aren’t falling for the drama.

    It’s a contemplative time. I’ve been a hermit for the past few months, myself, but am finally spending more time outdoors. Most of us are awakening to the fact that life, indeed, is unpredictable. And it’s not easy for some to become adaptable to changes beyond their control. It will take time to figure out what our next moves will be. But let’s do what we enjoy, allow opportunities to manifest naturally and enjoy this newfound adventurous streak in our lives.

    Funny. In the midst of all the chaotic confusion and all the ways in which humans try to control/manipulate each other, Mother Nature never disappoints in terms of showing us who’s boss around here. She humbles us, calms us and reminds us that we need to remain respectful of one another to make things work. No matter what disaster may or may not arrive, Mother Nature has every right to be angry. Also, natural disasters are not meant to simply destroy and make us fearful. On the contrary, they’re beautiful and offer Earth the chance to heal and renew itself… for the love of every being that lives on it.


  4. Matt

    EU wants to restrict Internet freedom, it will shut down every personal blog and every website for secret informations


  5. Jane

    “Most of us are awakening to the fact that life, indeed, is unpredictable. And it’s not easy for some to become adaptable to changes beyond their control. It will take time to figure out what our next moves will be. But let’s do what we enjoy, allow opportunities to manifest naturally and enjoy this newfound adventurous streak in our lives.”

    Deb, your words resonate with me.


  6. Mem

    So far it’s been a shitty week. And it’s all emotional stuff. The exterior hasn’t been terrible at all, which is why it’s weird. Tiny little things have had a huge emotional impact on me this week.


  7. deb

    I had a dream about my mother, this week. She passed on five years ago– I was in my early twenties.

    Needless to say, the dream was nice. But the floodgates opened at about 2:00 AM this morning.

    I was lucky enough to have rolled over into the open arms of my husband…


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