Ask Real Astrologers: What’s Good About Pluto?

This week’s question comes from Karen in Ireland:

Pluto is now transiting my fourth house, and I’ve become aware of how much play it seems to have in my relationships. Having come out of a very controlling relationship nearly two years ago, I now find myself attracted to another man and it feels, hey ho, powerful and obsessive again. Given that everything I read about Pluto aspects seem to say DANGER, BEWARE etc., etc., I’m wondering how to approach the matter in a more useful way. Obviously these aspects appear natally, and in synastry, because they need to be integrated in some way. So my question is, what is good about Pluto and how do I deal with its influence in my life in a way that is progressive and not based in avoidance or worry?

Libra ponders . . .

Neith’s response:

Karen, there is no doubt that Pluto is very frustrating to work with, because he is the most transpersonal of the outer planets. In other words, the smooth shiny surface of Pluto gives us no openings. The more energy we pour into our obsessions, the worse it can become. Staying as neutral as possible within is still the best option, along with learning to accept ourselves as we are, flaws and all.

Yes, you do have a number of natal signatures suggesting you have a good reason for wanting answers about working with Pluto. Your Moon in Scorpio is one and the T-square with Venus at the apex, squared by Pluto opposite Jupiter as the base is another. This configuration says that you are naturally drawn to intense emotional experiences and, as usual, the Universe is always happy to supply the means.

What is good about Pluto? It can teach us so much about human nature and what is truly of value along with lessons about the reality of security. Once we realize security and control are essentially illusions, our lives can become much simpler because we are no longer expending massive amounts of energy attempting to do the impossible. Lovely, yes?!

The best advice I can offer for coming to terms with Pluto is first take a long look within, recognize and accept your dark places as part of the whole, and work on keeping expectations of specific outcomes in check. Be kind to yourself and always remember this is a process!

Best of luck on this journey, Karen!

Aquarius expounds . . .

Pat’s response:

Well, Karen, it’s no surprise that you’re asking this question now!

As you note, transiting Pluto is on your IC, which is the “bottom” of the chart and beginning of the fourth house. This is an extremely sensitive chart angle that represents your foundation. Given the long orbit of Pluto (248 years), not everyone experiences Pluto on the IC in their lifetime. To those who do, you know the feeling of being shaken at your very foundation by an irresistible force for transformation.

I don’t know that there is any way to “use” this powerful force, although you are right to ask the question. Pluto is about power and control, and one of the most important lessons we can learn from Pluto is to give up control and let our lives unfold. That doesn’t mean abdicating responsibility for our actions or choices. We have to decide what we want, set goals, and form strategies for meeting them. However, we have to do so without getting so attached to a particular outcome that we try to manipulate and control others to fit into our plan.

Looking at your chart, I see that you have some strong psychic and intuitive abilities. These gifts are being activated in a positive way by transiting Pluto, which tells me that this is an excellent time for you to identify patterns. Your chart also tells me that you have strong healing powers. You obviously have started to identify the patterns and so have taken this important first step. The second step is harder, as you have to allow the old wounds to be re-opened so that you can experience them fully and then allow that energy to dissipate. Body work such as deep massage or acupuncture can help get this process going.

As I’ve written elsewhere, we are in an unprecedented healing window due to the Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune conjunction. It sounds to me like you are “in the flow” of this significant astrological phenomenon and may end up as one of the people who benefit from it the most.

Keep your eyes and ears open and, most importantly, your heart.

Thank you for writing.

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