Weekly Forecast July 6: Full Moon Eclipse in Capricorn, Jupiter Conjunct Neptune

Helios and Phaeton with Saturn and the Four Seasons, by Nicolas Poussin, 1635.

Healing at a deep level remains the dominant theme this week as Jupiter makes his second of three conjunctions with Neptune in 2009. Add to the mix a lunar eclipse, and we’re on information overload and stressed to the breaking point.

Neith has posted a complete report on the Full Moon, so I won’t go into much detail, except to remind everyone that this is the first of a new series of eclipses in Capricorn and Cancer, and it’s one of six eclipses this year, which is rare. Although it’s a penumbral eclipse and fairly well-aspected, some of us are going to get a jolt. Whether you feel it or not depends on where in your chart it falls. I have a friend with mid-degree Cancer Rising and a seventh house packed with Capricorn Sun, Moon, and other planets. You can bet that he’s going face a major life decision in the next couple of weeks.

Even though this isn’t the Big One, we are still sensitive to the gravitational pull of the Earth and Moon lining up with the Sun. And after this Full Moon, we’ll be in a prolonged inter-eclipse period. Normally, eclipses come in pairs, one solar and one lunar, with two weeks in between. This year we get a third one, a lunar eclipse in Aquarius on August 6. That means we’ll have an entire month of the turbulence and disorientation that typically happen between eclipses.

At the same time, we’re deeply submerged in the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction, which peaks on Friday. The first phase of this three-part aspect took place on May 27, the day before Neptune turned retrograde for several months. The second phase is this Friday (July 10), and then the last one won’t be until December 21.

During the first pass, our awareness was focused on a deep-seated wound that may have been embedded in early childhood or perhaps that was carried over from another lifetime. In the second phase, the wound is being re-opened so that the toxic energy can be released. This is arguably the most painful phase. Mars squares Jupiter and Neptune on Monday, July 6, acting as the surgeon’s knife. On Tuesday, Mars sextiles Uranus, and our heads should be a lot clearer. Some of us (operative word some) even may have an idea of where we’re headed next.

The Full Moon eclipse on Tuesday is in wide aspect to Uranus, which may help with the release of emotional blockages. If you feel like you have to cry or rant, find a safe place to let it all out. You may feel like a used dishrag on Wednesday, but you’ll recover much faster if you stay in the flow of the astrological current and don’t try to fight it.

The Sun sextiles Saturn on Thursday. If you need a backup plan, one may show up on your doorstep. Don’t look the allegorical gift horse in the mouth.

On Friday, Jupiter and Neptune meet, with the Moon in Aquarius amplifying the effect. If you’re out with friends, I strongly suggest foregoing happy hour or at least taking it easy on mind-altering substances. You’re going to want to have your wits about you to deal with whatever comes up.

Mars leaves Taurus on Saturday and joins Venus in speedy, chatty Gemini. Get together with friends and go for a bike ride, a hike, or a weekend getaway. Dance, party, and be happy while you can. There’s a lot more heavy lifting ahead.

Wishing you all much love and courage,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

Image: Helios and Phaeton with Saturn and the Four Seasons, by Nicolas Poussin, c. 1635. I have no idea what’s going on in this painting or who’s who — which is why it seemed like an appropriate image for this week’s astrological imprint. Helios represents the Sun, and we have an eclipse this week, aspecting Saturn. So far, so good. Phaeton, the son of Helios, is best known for insisting that he get to drive dad’s chariot, only to lose control and crash it into the earth, causing the planet to burn up. Obviously, that hasn’t yet happened in this image. But many of us can’t shake the feeling that the other shoe is about to drop …

10 thoughts on “Weekly Forecast July 6: Full Moon Eclipse in Capricorn, Jupiter Conjunct Neptune

  1. Deirdre Crowley

    Hi Pat, Neith,

    Thank you for all the much needed information on your pages this week. I mentioned to a friend earlier that I keep falling asleep during the day, I am so whacked along with crying over weird memories that are popping up, painful betrayals I thought were dead and buried. I believe it is all the almost unbearable tension in the air. My sun, venus and mars are all in Cancer. These last few weeks I have been reviewing my life and trying to focus on where I want to go from here but my head feels like it is full of cotton wool. I know deep down inside that I want to change my life goals, but try as I might can’t seem to get clear on them. On some level I actually welcome these eclipses if they get something moving, the times ahead can’t be any more painful than the past year – I am hoping.

    All the best


  2. Deirdre Crowley

    Hi Pat, Neith,

    I should have mentioned, all of my cancerian planets are in my 11th house – I just thought that forgetting to add this to my earlier piece above is typical of my current woolly head! Neptune sure has a lot to answer for.



  3. Rossa

    Hi Pat, Neith

    Today’s eclipse is conjunct my Asc/DC axis at 17 Cap/17 Can and appears to be allowing me to finish the final chapter on the first book of my life. You could say it is the exclamation mark at the end of The End! Funny thing is that I remembered last night that a clairvoyant I saw years ago said that the 2nd half of my life would be much better than the 1st. So it’ll be interesting to see what Book 2 brings.

    Thanks for answering my recent question about the eclipse on 5/6 August. Sorry I haven’t stopped by for a while. Looks like the eclipse energy has finally hit home. Major changes on the work front completely out of the blue about 2 weeks ago. I’ve come full circle back to working with food which was my first career in the late 70s – 80s. Though this time in a more “helping others” role. I’m taking a much more relaxed approach as a result of all the first house work I’ve done through my Chiron return. With lots of help from you two ladies as well.

    Hope things work out well for you too Pat. The August eclipse on our shared Natal Sun at 13 Aqu will be an eye opener, no doubt.


  4. deb

    Erm, folks of the Water and Earth persuasion are coming to me with their life decisions in droves.


  5. Neith

    Hey Rossa!

    Thanks for your kind words and here’s wishing a fabulous 2nd half of your life!! I know mine is much better than the first . . . :-)


  6. Neith

    It’s earth & water people showing up on my “door step” too, deb.

    My Cancer dad had to come use my computer to answer emails this AM because his died yesterday & he waiting on a new one. He’s having it built locally with a 10 yr guarantee.


  7. Mem

    What happens if an eclipse falls in a house in which you don’t have planets? And what if the particular aspect of life that house rules doesn’t apply to you at the moment? For instance, this eclipse falls in my 7th house. I don’t have a relationship and I don’t have a business partner. Now what?


  8. les

    All I know is the Triple Threat is messing with my Mars Return! (Or is it Saturn transiting over my Sun that’s messing with my energy. I suppose that’s what’s keeping things real…)


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