Real Astrologer’s Poll: What affect did the eclipse have, if any?

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Me, I’m so lost in the Jupiter-Neptune fogbank I wouldn’t recognize a major shift in my life unless it came up and bit me. However, my Cancer dad had his computer hard drive freeze up on him, lost at least a month’s worth of work and is in the process of buying a new computer with a 10-year guarantee. Fortunately, he has both the time and the money to handle this emergency.

Keep in mind that the lunar eclipse yesterday was the first of three . . . the second one being the solar eclipse in Cancer on July 21-22, followed by the final lunar eclipse in Leo-Aquarius on August 5. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

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7 thoughts on “Real Astrologer’s Poll: What affect did the eclipse have, if any?

  1. Pat Post author

    For me, this eclipse brought an abrupt end to plans I’d been making for several months. My mentor and favorite Sun sign astrologer, Susan Miller, says endings that happen at eclipses are final. Any attempt to change the outcome is futile and only causes more pain.

    Friends are going through radical changes. One in particular is having a major breakthrough in relationships, but there’s a lot of anxiety, uncertainty, and fear, too. I think this will work itself out in the next two weeks, when we get the solar eclipse in the last degree of Cancer.

    I would love to hear everyone else’s stories, either as comments on this post or on the weekly forecast or Neith’s Full Moon report.

    Much love to all…


  2. inishglora

    I found out that a ‘friend,’ who had failed to show up for a planned get-together and apparently was avoiding me and ignoring an email asking if he was, at the very least, alive, has reappeared in such a way as to indicate he has no regard for my feelings or concern for his safety for the past 6 months. I found out about the reappearance during the Full Moon, naturally. I will not be a doormat nor be disregarded so rudely. End of friendship. Period.


  3. nalan77

    when does the torture end i have to ask?

    my life has changed so much, i feel like i have nothing..

    My real estate agent told me to vacate the home i live in by the 21st July because i was 2 weeks behind in rent
    which i had paid by the time i got the letter!

    someone smashed my car window so now i have no window on the drivers side

    i am sure everyone is aware of The Secret of manifesting

    i just want to know .why the hell i would manifest this lol!

    when does it end? :(


  4. hitchhiker72

    inishglora – I have been dealing with this too, being disregarded. I decided that rudeness is rudeness regardless of what they are going through. Sure we all have problems, but we don’t have to behave badly towards others. From what I’ve been hearing, quite a few people have been facing similar issues.


  5. deb

    Agreed, hitchhiker72. Sometimes I wonder how it is that hurtful occurrences don’t mold a spirit into a more humble one. One more considerate of others.

    All beyond me.


  6. deb

    My friend says that some folks treat others rudely because they want to keep recipients of crap in a “certain place”.


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