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Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer of True Blood

Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer, who play lovers in the HBO Series True Blood, announced their engagement in early August, and I immediately had to look at their synastry chart. It appears that their real-life romance is every bit as passionate as their on-screen affair!

The series is based on Charlaine Harris’s wonderful novels about vampires, werewolves and things that go bump in the night, set in rural Louisiana. I am a huge fan of her writing and consider the Southern Vampire series among her best works. Anna plays heroine Sookie Stackhouse, while Stephen plays her vampire lover, Bill Compton.

Unfortunately, all I have to work with is their birth dates and places, but no times. Stephen is a Libra’s Libra with Sun, Moon, Jupiter, and Mercury in this fair-minded sign. Anna is a brilliant Leo Sun-Mercury person with her Moon in analytical Virgo. Anna’s Sun-Mercury conjunction is closely sextile Stephen’s Mercury and Uranus in Libra, creating the basis for good communication — always helpful.

But it is the role Pluto and Saturn play in their synastry that promises to keep them together as a couple. Taking into consideration Anna’s natal Mars-Pluto conjunction in Libra and Stephen’s Venus-Pluto conjunction in Virgo, you have two people who are intense and passionate as individuals. Then to find that both of their Moons are involved, it is easy to understand the deep emotional connection between them. Even without knowing the exact degrees of their Moons, I feel a case can be made for including them partly based on the nature of the roles they play as a vampire and his telepathic lover – a great representation of the dark undertow of Pluto flirting with intense emotions.

Her Saturn in Libra conjoins his Sun and Jupiter exactly, and his Saturn in Taurus closely squares her Leo Sun. In light of them publicly announcing their engagement, I see these Saturn aspects as a very good indicator the relationship will prove durable. As I have said before, Saturn is happiest when the legalities are met. It will be interesting to see when they choose to marry, because it is highly likely to happen during her Saturn return, when transiting Saturn in Libra hits one of his many planets in Libra. There is little doubt in my mind this will be a very equitable arrangement with willingness to compromise on both sides.

Another one of those little synchronicities astrology is so fond of revealing involves Neptune, which is frequently highlighted in the charts of artistic types, especially actors. Stephen has Neptune sextile his Venus and Pluto, and Anna’s Neptune is sextile her Mars and Pluto. I can’t imagine a better set of aspects for playing lovers on screen. The chemistry between them is almost visible.

In an interview in The New Zealand Herald, Stephen said they were immediately drawn to one another but kept the relationship off the set as much as possible to prevent problems with their cast mates. Their on-screen romance definitely benefited from their personal chemistry, and True Blood has become a huge hit. The show is in its second season with a third in the works.

So . . . which came first, the on-screen romance, or the private one? You guess!

Libra seeks balanceposted by Neith . . .

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Verified Birth Data: Anna Paquin – 24 July 1982, Winnipeg, CAN, unknown time; Stephen Moyer – 11 Oct 1969, Brentwood, UK, unknown time.

11 thoughts on “Anna Paquin & Stephen Moyer of True Blood – Life Imitates Art

  1. Lucy

    First of all, I freaking love True Blood.

    Second of all, I freaking love True Blood.

    Third of all, it does not at all surprise me that Stephen Moyer would have so much Libra. I was reading Us Weekly or something in the airport a few months ago, and it was saying how he actually left his wife (with whom he has two kids) for Anna Paquin, because their chemistry was just that insane. And his friends were like, “Yeah, this isn’t the first time he’s done something like this. Once he met this woman at a party and that night he moved in with her.” Not to mention another interview I read somewhere else where he said that by now, the entire cast and crew knows about their relationship, and everybody’s fine with it. He said that their sex scenes are actually not awkward at all, and that in fact, he’d feel more awkward doing them with someone he WASN’T in a relationship with. Only a Libra.

    I feel like Anna’s Saturn conjunct all that will probably make this relationship a lot less flaky than some of his previous ones, but it says a lot more about her maturity than his, I think. Anyone who wins an Oscar at 11, you’d hope would be mature. (For the record, Anna Paquin typically annoys the hell out of me, but I love her as Sookie. So clearly, she must be a good actress.)

    Fourth of all, Alexander Skarsgard, who plays Eric, has a ton of Virgo stuff, including his Sun, (possibly) his Moon, Mercury and Venus, and Mars and Pluto widely conjunct in Libra trined by Jupiter. Apparently there’s supposed to be a Sookie-Eric relationship in Season 3, which we got a sneak peek of in the episode before last- and dude, it was really scary. It showed a creepily tender side of Eric and a even more creepily dark side of Sookie. I wonder how that will affect the real-life relationship between Anna and Stephen, considering enmeshed it is with their fictional relationship.

    It is totally just a TV show.


  2. Neith Post author

    Even without birth times, I’m sure one or both of their Moons conjoins the other’s Pluto. They are obviously totally into each other . . . besides, Moon-Pluto aspects in synastry are so perfect for playing roles with lots of blood, sex, death & vampires!! :::grin:::


  3. Mem

    Moon-Pluto interaspects mean that two people are totally into each other? Hmm. Another nugget to take into consideration. What about Venus-Pluto interaspects?


  4. Neith Post author

    Hey Mem!

    Totally into each other can mean more than a little obsessed . . . I am thinking these two with their natal Mars-Pluto & Venus-Pluto aspects will be more comfortable with that – familiar territory as it were. However for someone with a deep emotional need for independence [Moon conjunct Uranus for example] Pluto synastry aspects could be overwhelming. This is a good example of why I look at natal charts first before moving on to the synastry. :-)


  5. les

    Then there are those of us with Venus conjunct Pluto and Moon conjunct Uranus… Have been spending total weekend and vacation time with the bf (he has Moon in Scorpio) and then weekdays in my own life. I often find I sorta get whiplash on either end.


  6. Mem

    Hey, Les. Venus square Pluto and Moon and Uranus. That same strategy works wonders with me as well. Although right now, there’s a certain Scorpio I wouldn’t mind spending allll week with.


  7. Neith Post author

    Sitting here laughing . . .

    Of course, be careful what you wish for. ;-)

    Been there, done that and paid the piper big time!! I have Uranus in the 7th & Moon sextile Saturn-Pluto – another variation of theme. :-D


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