Ask Real Astrologers: What Can I Expect from Saturn and Uranus?

This week’s question comes from Sherry in Pennsylvania:

On September 15, transiting Saturn will be in my fourth house opposing my natal Chiron in the tenth, and transiting Uranus will be in my tenth house conjunct my natal Chiron. Do you have any thoughts on what I should be expecting?

Aquarius expounds . . .

Pat’s response:

Oh, Sherry, you’ve got one whopper of a Saturn-Uranus opposition! As I’m sure you’re aware, this opposition is not only conjunct your natal Chiron but also involves your natal Pluto and Uranus, and it’s on your Midheaven and IC, to boot! This is all way too complicated to address here, though, so I’ll stick to your simple question (and thanks for keeping it to that) and recommend that you get a full reading with an astrologer for the rest.

With Saturn heading into your fourth house as this opposition peaks, you may feel more “stuck” than some others, and this could take the form of literally being stuck at home. Or, you could be stuck in some way with your family, perhaps due to caring for an aging parent. This would be challenging under the best of circumstances, but Uranus in your tenth house suggests that you are entering a period of changing careers or a big career breakthrough, and so being limited because of home or family problems is not going to sit well with you at all.

There are several ways to interpret Chiron on the Midheaven. It may simply mean that your calling is in one of the healing professions. Or it could indicate challenges in finding the right career or in how you come across in public (or your perception of how you are seen). Uranus has a reputation for blasting us out of complacency and the same old, tired patterns. So if you’ve been banging your head against the wall over and over trying to become “successful,” you could get an awakening now.

Of course, you’ll be trying to accomplish this with the above set of limitations. However, Uranus moves more slowly than Saturn, so eventually these obstacles will clear, and you’ll be able to advance with much less resistance.

Good luck with it all, and keep us posted!

Libra ponders . . .

Neith’s response:

This past summer, when Uranus was stationing opposite your natal Uranus, must have been a tough time for you, Sherry. While we Libras are typically perpetually seeking balance in ourselves and our lives, Uranus transits can feel like we’re running from one side of the seesaw to the other instead of strolling. Fortunately the last pass of this transitional transit will happen much more quickly in March 2010.

Your natal Chiron is also part of a Yod, or Finger of God, with your Libra Sun and Taurus Moon. Anytime we experience a major transit triggering a Yod, it will bring to the surface all the issues represented by the planets involved. Both your luminaries are ruled by sympathetic Venus, and your Chiron is in Pisces, another sign noted for avoiding confrontations. It would not surprise me to find out you have been placed in situations where you have had to stand up for yourself in a very public way recently.

Uranus at its best helps those of us who need it in looking out for our own best interests. With your Sun in your fourth house and Moon-ruled Cancer Ascendant, you are probably more comfortable at home than out in the public eye. The natal trine between your Moon and Uranus in Virgo does suggest you do have the ability to go with the flow, much needed right now.

Be brave, Sherry, and have faith in yourself. Once the dust settles, I believe you will find you like where you are. Even though it seems like the turmoil goes on forever, it doesn’t – honestly!

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  1. sassysher

    Pat & Neith-

    Thanks so much for your response…I am Sherry from PA. What you both wrote rings very true. I am STUCK and bored spending way too much time in my home and awaiting a new job opportunity to move forward. Though not the job of my dreams, it is a necessity for me to make some real money soon. I left the corporate world 4 years ago to become a yoga teacher and I LOVE it, but it frankly doesn’t pay the bills. I am looking forward to making some progress…one way or the other!


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