Saturday Extra! Saturn-Uranus Opposition by the Numbers

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Lightning over the Swiss Federal Palace in Bern, Switzerland. Uranus rules electrical storms, while Saturn is associated with political hierarchy. This amazing photo was taken on July 17, 2009, by Michael Buholzer for REUTERS.

Since we’ve started talking about the upcoming Saturn-Uranus opposition, we’ve received many questions asking essentially, “What does it mean for me?”

In this column I’ll attempt to give you a quick rundown of what you might expect given where Saturn and Uranus are  transiting your natal chart. To see how this might work, check out yesterday’s Q&A

Most of you have enough knowledge of astrology to know your Ascendant and house delineation. If you don’t, I suggest going to Astrodienst and getting a free chart. It takes a few minutes to sign up, but it will be worth the effort. You can find out which of your houses Saturn and Uranus are transiting by clicking on the option “natal chart and transits.”

This article is very basic and doesn’t take into account whether you have key planets or chart angles being activated, nor could I possibly cover every foreseeable set of circumstances. This is just a starting point. The usual caveat applies: There is no substitute for a thorough reading with a professional astrologer.

First and Seventh

The first house is the most personal area of the chart and represents your physical body. The seventh house concerns one-on-one relationships. If Saturn is in your first house, you are carrying a heavy load and may be experiencing increased responsibilities. This is a maturing transit, and often relationships fall apart during this time, simply because you are changing. Uranus in the seventh house suggests radical changes in your close relationships.

With Saturn in the first house and Uranus in the seventh, you probably are going to experience some shakeups. As upsetting as this may be, it is a prerequisite to forming relationships that meet your needs better and are more fulfilling. Knowing your needs is a good start, and Saturn can help you with that. Remember that your needs are not simply physical, but spiritual and emotional as well.

With Saturn in the seventh house and Uranus in the first, you are in a period of extreme change. This is an exciting time when you can express your individuality and show the world who you really are. However, Saturn in opposition in the seventh house suggests that you may be under pressure by someone you love to stay as you are. Our loved ones don’t like it when we change, because it changes the dynamics of the relationship and in some cases can mean they lose you. You will need to find a balance, but if you try to sacrifice your growth to make others happy, circumstances will arise that ensure you follow your own path.

Second and Eighth

The second house is associated with money we earn through our work and with our material resources. It also represents our personal values. The eighth house is about resources we share with others. For example, if you’re married or living with someone, you probably have joint finances. It also is associated with income we get from sources other than a salary, such as rental income, return on investment, insurance payouts, and so forth.

With Saturn in the second house and Uranus in the eighth, you may have taken a cut in pay recently, or you could have experienced an increase in expenses. Perhaps you had to sell some of your valuables to make ends meet. Uranus is a wild card and indicates a total lack of predictability in other forms of income. If you’re married or living with someone, your partner may have a sudden change in income, and this may cause you to have to shoulder a greater share of your household expenses. If you’re not in a partnership, this opposition could indicate a deep personal transformation that causes you to reexamine the value you place on material things.

If Saturn is in the eighth house and Uranus is in the second, you may be struggling with whether to work for yourself despite the financial risks versus working for an established company that will provide you with health benefits and stability. The latter has great appeal in economically uncertain times, but it may mean that your talents are vastly under-utilized or that you have to put up with a corporate attitude that is totally at odds with your value system. It’s understandable that you’d want the security, but Uranus demands that we give the world our unique gift. Your challenge may be finding a way to do that without ending up living under a bridge on the wrong side of the tracks.

Third and Ninth

The third house rules how we communicate with others, as well as siblings. It also represents our immediate surroundings — our “own little world” — whereas the ninth house is about everything beyond, the great big world out there and all the wonderful things to be discovered. It is traditionally associated with higher learning, travel, and spiritual growth. Of all the places for Saturn and Uranus to be opposed, this is probably the easiest.

With Saturn in the third house and Uranus in the ninth, it may be time for you to explore how programmed behavior you learned as a child is preventing you from personal growth and spiritual awareness. Alternatively, you may be itching to travel or go back to school, but for some reason find that you are limited. You may have to wait more than a year for the obstacles to clear, but they will eventually go away.

The ninth house is actually a good place for Saturn to be. You may be in school or learning new job skills, or perhaps you are advancing in the “school of life.” If you’re distance learning, upsets in your surroundings may be impacting your study time, or maybe your pesky little brother keeps interrupting you. Alternatively, you may be overextended in terms of what you want to learn and are so scattered that you can’t focus on one subject.

Fourth and Tenth

The fourth house rules home and family and also can represent our childhood and “foundation.” By contrast, the tenth house rules our public persona, usually in the context our career.

Saturn in the fourth house and Uranus in the tenth is a classic setup for being on the verge of a career breakthrough or wanting to surge forward with your work but being held back by family expectations or obligations. These limitations can include the “tapes” in your head from childhood, telling you can’t or shouldn’t do something that allows you to follow your heart. Sherry has Saturn in the fourth house and Uranus in the tenth, so you can check out our answers to her yesterday for more information.

With Uranus in the fourth house and Saturn in the tenth, you may be faced with unpredictable circumstances at home or with your family, but you’re not able to deal with them because of work piling up on your desk. It may be so overwhelming that you feel constantly exhausted and disoriented or even depressed.

Fifth and Eleventh

The fifth house is traditionally associated with love affairs and children, while the eleventh house concerns friendship and your social life.

With Saturn in the fifth house, you may be having some difficulty with a child. Or, you may be in a romantic relationship that feels heavy for some reason. At the same time, Uranus in the eleventh house is shaking up your social life, which may be quite active and exciting. You can see how these two sets of circumstances would be at odds with one another. Indeed, when we’re deeply involved in an affair, we often withdraw from our friends and social life, even though going out would help us stay more balanced and healthy.

When Uranus is in the fifth house, our love lives can be exciting but erratic. It’s also a time when we are at our creative, innovative best. Saturn in the eleventh house demands that we work with others and meet our social responsibilities. Once again, you can see the conflict inherent here.

Sixth and Twelfth

The sixth house rules your health, daily routine, and service to others. The nebulous twelfth house concerns your deep psyche, spiritual beliefs, and solitude. Since it represents confinement, it is associated with mental institutions and jails. Hopefully none of you will find yourself there!

Saturn in the sixth house often corresponds to a time when you are working like a dog and not getting any credit for it. If that’s your case, then during this opposition you might suddenly rebel and cop an attitude. Be careful here, because you don’t want to subconsciously get yourself fired! Another possible interpretation is that repressed emotions may be bubbling to the surface as a medical condition. This is often the case for many people, but it may be more obvious than usual to you now.

Likewise, with Saturn in the twelfth house and Uranus in the sixth, you may be inclined to rebel against your daily grind, and you could get yourself in trouble if you don’t stop to think about what you’re doing. Saturn is asking you to think carefully about what hasn’t worked in your life so that you can make the necessary changes. If you can find a balance between these two opposing energies, you have the potential to make some very positive, creative changes, and in a much faster timeframe than you otherwise could achieve.

Much love and courage to all,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

2 thoughts on “Saturday Extra! Saturn-Uranus Opposition by the Numbers

  1. Neith

    This opposition finds Saturn in my 10th & Uranus in my 4th. Because the first two exact oppositions also squared my natal Uranus in my 7th, all my natal Uranus aspects were triggered – a good illustration of a transit ‘cascade’ of events. I have been so overwhelmed with partner & home related chaos, my work/career has been essentially in a holding pattern.

    For me, the issues & events Uranus precipitated dominated Saturn’s. What I’m wondering is if the concerns of the House Uranus is in did the same for other people – or whether having my natal Uranus as part of the pattern tipped the scales in it’s favor.

    In a general sense, the further out the planet the greater the weight it has. In other words Uranus, Neptune & Pluto all trump Saturn.

    Anyone else?!


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