Ask Real Astrologers: Will Mars in Leo Bring Emotional Upheaval?

This week’s question comes from Anne in Fort Worth, Texas:

Just as I am coming near the end of the Saturn in Virgo number, I read that Mars is going to be in Leo for seven months. My Moon is in Leo and my Pluto is in Leo! Does this mean that after undergoing the rigors of Saturn that I must face emotional upheaval for seven months? I just want to scream, “Enough! Enough!” Any insight would be deeply appreciated.

Libra ponders . . .

Neith’s response:

Thankfully, Anne, Mars is very, very different from Saturn in expression. He represents the action principle and encourages us to get moving – a welcome relief after Saturn in Virgo’s cautious nitpicking.

Transiting Mars in Leo will be triggering your natal fixed T-square of your Moon opposing Mars and both square your Sun-Saturn. I’m guessing change is not your favorite thing and you much prefer life proceeding as uneventfully as possible. As someone who also has a fixed sign preponderance in their chart, I quite understand!

Mars transits are good for helping us stand up for ourselves and learning to express our anger. If you have been suppressing your unhappiness about the way things are done in your work place, this transit could help clear that up.

Your twelfth house Moon in Leo will be getting a jolt and your family may be in for a surprise when your normally mild-mannered self speaks out and tells them how you really feel.

Mars transits to the Moon are also ideal for getting in touch with our anger and resentments, so this extended transit may be an ideal time to explore this. The stress resulting from not acknowledging anger and resentment in particular can manifest in any number of health problems.

You have some time yet before Mars starts to affect your chart in mid-November, Anne, to mull things over. For now, you may wish to make an appointment to get a relaxing massage or take a quiet stroll through the most beautiful natural setting you know of to unwind.

Take care and be well.

Aquarius expounds . . .

Pat’s response:

Anne, your question is very timely, because Mars just entered Leo this morning. And you are right, he is going to remain there for a long time! Normally Mars stays in a sign for six weeks, but when he goes retrograde (every other year), he stays in a sign for nearly eight months.

Mars has had a reputation as a troublemaker since ancient times. Wherever he is in our charts, we tend to experience difficulties. There are a couple of exceptions, but everyone feels tension when Mars is retrograde. His retrograde period this year is going to be compounded by eclipses and Mercury retrograde. We’re all going to need to hang onto our seats.

Because Mars is in a fixed sign, those with a lot of fixed sign energy in their charts will be especially affected. That’s Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. As Neith noted, all of your planets except Neptune are in fixed signs, so yes, you probably are going to experience some upheaval, especially since Mars turns retrograde in very tight aspect to your Moon-Saturn square. I have the Moon and Saturn square in my chart as well, and so I know that whenever this challenging aspect is triggered, emotional upsets do tend to occur. The “good” news there is that the upsets typically aren’t due to any real external circumstances but are due to internal conflicts. That doesn’t make them any easier to deal with on a day-to-day basis, but at least it’s not a “world falling apart” thing.

Since Mars will turn retrograde in your twelfth house, the biggest concern is that you could get physically run down and be more susceptible to colds and flu. It wouldn’t hurt to get a flu shot now, and then make sure you take all your vitamins and supplements between now and January, in addition to eating a sensible diet and getting enough rest.

Best of luck, Anne, and do keep us posted.

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3 thoughts on “Ask Real Astrologers: Will Mars in Leo Bring Emotional Upheaval?

  1. deb

    Mars in Cancer sucked! Mars in Leo has got to be cooler than Mars in Cancer.

    All about perspective :). And my Leo-Mars.


  2. les

    Oh crap, I just realized that Mars will station on my Moon/Ascendant 18/17 Leo (Uranus at 14 Leo)! Opposing Chiron 18 Aqu. It does make a nice trine to my Saturn at 19 Sag (5th house). :-)

    Does this Jupiter station opposite help now in preparing for that??


  3. Taurus41

    Thank you both for your thoughtful responses. I am just going to sit up on my shoulder and try to nurture myself through this transit. While my life is blessed in many ways–for which I am grateful–, it ain’t been easy lately…Anne


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