Saturday Extra: Libra and Leo – No Problems, Right?

For a change of pace I decided to do a short post on synastry in response to a reader’s question. She is Libra Sun and her boyfriend is a Leo – very fitting, with Venus having just returned to her home sign and Mars arriving in Leo yesterday.

Ms. Libra asks why her Leo boyfriend has her so baffled all the time when their synastry seems quite good at first glance. Fiery Leo is usually very appreciate of charming Libra.

This is a good example of why it’s important to move past Sun signs for understanding how we relate to others. For those with either Libra Sun or Ascendant, the placement of Venus is particularly important. In Ms. Libra’s chart, Venus is in Scorpio square Saturn in Leo, where both planets are in their detriment. What this means is neither are at their best and brightest. Venus can be obsessive and possessive in Scorpio while, dour Saturn greatly diminishes Leo’s sense of fun.

Mr. Leo’s Sun is conjunct his Venus in Leo, increasing his warmth and charm, but both are square his Jupiter in Scorpio. This has me wondering if perhaps he likes to spread all the charm around a little too much for Ms. Libra’s comfort?

Her Venus conjoins his Jupiter, squaring his Sun-Venus. Venus square Venus in synastry shows a disparity between each individual’s ideas of what constitutes a good time. Scorpio prefers to be alone with their lover and Leo wants to show them off at every party in town.

Another potential source of differences is Mars, his in detached Aquarius and hers in passionate Scorpio. This can lead to heated discussions about how to get things done, because the way they get from ‘A’ to ‘B’ is very different. Scorpio is noted for getting an amazing amount accomplished with a minimum amount of discussion, while Aquarius wants to set up a study group before taking one step.

Is there any workaround for them? Possibly, but they need to be honest with themselves and each other first and foremost. If Ms. Libra has questions about her lover’s fidelity, those need to be addressed ASAP, because with as much Scorpio as she has, anything less than total fidelity is not going to work.

When it comes to their differences about what’s enjoyable (Venus square Venus), finding a compromise probably won’t be that difficult, but the square between her Mars and his, both in fixed signs, may be more challenging. It all depends on how attached each of them is to being right. Sometimes the best solution is to take turns instead of attempting to work together!

With Saturn about to move into Libra, we all will be learning the fine art of compromise when seeking to improve our relationships.

Libra, where Saturn is exaltedposted by Neith . . .

5 thoughts on “Saturday Extra: Libra and Leo – No Problems, Right?

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  2. deb

    According to most sun sign books, Virgo is not a great match for Libra. Apparently I’m better suited for an Aquarius or a Gemini and fire signs.

    Uh, been there, hung out with or went on dates with them. And if I ever thought I didn’t know what I wanted in my life at the time, some of these folks reminded me that I was on the right track.

    Turns out my Virgo partner-in-crime is the best suited for me, probably because of everything else in his chart but also because meeting him for the first time gave me a great, fuzzy feeling in my tummy. Plus, he makes me laugh.


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  4. all honey

    Hi Pat and Neith.

    My question has to do with how Saturn through Libra might affect my relationship. We are presently long distance, but I will be moving closer this summer and I’m thinking that this will bring a deeper sense of structure, a willingness or maybe even a desire to place limitations or parameters. Our composite chart has a Libra ascendent.
    Is this a question that is general enough to warrant being posted and answered?

    Me: April 8, 1957 at 10:24 pm in Augsburg, Germany

    Him: ay 5, 1957 at 1:00 pm in Newburgh, NY


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