Ask Our Readers: Saturn At 29 Degrees Virgo – Painful!

Brilliant Aspens Saturn is now officially at 29° Virgo and taking what seems like forever to move into Libra on Friday, October 29, and I’m sure along with me, there are lots and lots of people ready for that to happen.

If you have any planets or Angles at 29° as I do, it feels like Saturn has made up a checklist of things that need to be taken care of and is insisting on going down the list one frikkin’ item at time. Admittedly I’m getting a slew of petty details resolved but with much grumbling because I’m feeling the seasonal cardinal push to move on to newer and potentially better things.

Anyone else have a bone to pick with Saturn’s last days in Virgo?

Libra, where Saturn is exaltedposted by Neith . . .

Image: I have been taking photos of these aspens almost every day, recording the changes in color and texture of the landscape. They seem to shine with their own light!

8 thoughts on “Ask Our Readers: Saturn At 29 Degrees Virgo – Painful!

  1. hitchhiker72

    tSaturn right over my nPluto in the 10th house at the mo (square nMoon). Definitely trying to avoid power struggles at work, yet also feeling like I’m coming into power (hopefully without any obnoxiousness!). Trying to channel it positively. Nonetheless definitely looking forward to kinder gentler Saturn in Libra. Saturn in Virgo has been brutal.


  2. hitchhiker72

    Eek. Sorry. Made a mistake. tSaturn right over my nPluto in the 10th house at the mo (TRINE [not square] nMoon). Square nVenus though. Wish I could say ‘Wake me up when it’s over’.


  3. Pat Post author

    GORGEOUS PHOTO! The colors take the sting out of the waning light of fall.

    Everywhere I went yesterday, there were sick, old people. I immediately thought of Saturn in the last degree of Virgo…


  4. deb

    Saturn’s last days in Virgo haven’t been so bad. It’s Saturn’s last weeks in Virgo I’ve wanted to shoot.

    I agree with Pat– what an incredible photo. Great colors and composition, my artist friend. Just lovely!


  5. Neith Post author

    Thank you all for your compliments on the photo! Digital cameras are a great invention, making it possible for all us amateur photographers to share our small beauties. And a fun way for both Pat & I to express all our formal art training. hee

    One other note about my experience of Saturn in Virgo. All the changes I’ve had to make in my diet due to an overstressed system are finally showing up as weight loss. Jupiter transiting my ASC and first house from late 2006 thru 2007 added pounds. As usual for me, it’s not dieting or exercise that causes me to lose weight – it’s usually another agency entirely. Natal Uranus inconjunct ASC? Just gotta march to a different drummer? Right now I don’t care . . . my pants are looser and that’s fine by me! :-D


  6. Neith Post author

    OH! Thank you all for the birthday wishes! :-D

    With Neptune & Co trine my Sun and sextile the Moon in my Solar Return chart as well as Venus in Libra sextile Mars in Leo, this year is promising for creative ventures. Maybe the T-square with the tenth house Moon as the apex, Uranus in the first op Saturn in the seventh will keep me from getting lazy. LOL


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