Ask Real Astrologers: Will Saturn in Libra Jumpstart My Career?

This week’s question comes from Amanda in New York:

I’m a Libra Sun, and with Saturn soon to enter Libra, I’m concerned about my choice in career. I recently made a decision to leave my career as a speech language pathologist and try to enter the field of publishing. I’ve had no luck, and I’m resigned to go back to my previous career, but I’m having trouble finding a position that would truly make me happy. Will Saturn have any effect on my career?

Libra ponders . . .

Neith’s response:

With your natal Moon and Jupiter in your second house of values and personal income, Amanda, I would not be surprised to learn you are emotionally invested in utilizing your talents and determination to the best possible advantage.

Saturn’s journey through Virgo and your third house over the past couple of years has to have weighed heavily on you, coinciding as it did with your Saturn return. However, that is behind you now, and I believe you will find Saturn in Libra will bring very different challenges for you. In fact, as it draws closer to the cusp of your fourth house and your Pluto-Sun conjunction, you may find your home and family concerns looming larger. But that’s still two years away.

Pluto in Capricorn has been hovering around the cusp of your sixth house this past year – the second earth house (the second house and the tenth house are the others) and the most service-oriented. This may be another factor in your desire to revamp your career. Finding a way to serve others and your community may bring you more satisfaction, too.

Please keep in mind Mars in Leo is crossing your Ascendant about the same time as Saturn moves into Libra. This transit will be very helpful for encouraging you to put your best foot forward and increase your overall energy levels. You do know how to project confidence and warmth, with both your Ascendant and Midheaven in fire signs!

I have confidence in your ability to make your own luck, Amanda, and encourage you to believe in yourself. Good Luck!

Aquarius expounds . . .

Pat’s response:

Amanda, I don’t see that anything major is going to change in your career as a result of Saturn’s entrance into Libra. That said, Saturn is indeed playing a significant role in your life right now and especially in your career, and you will notice more developments the closer transiting Saturn gets to your IC and your Libra Sun. This will happen two years from now, in October 2011.

When assessing where clients are in their career and in life in general, I look at two aspects of the Saturn cycle. The first is where transiting Saturn is relative to natal Saturn, and the second is the house position of transiting Saturn. As a general rule, you’re in an upward cycle when Saturn crosses the IC and begins to move up in your chart, and in a downward cycle when he completes his tour of your tenth house and begins to move downward.

You just completed a Saturn return, when Saturn crossed the degree of your natal Saturn. The first Saturn return is a maturing process and does bring up questions such as you are asking. Sometimes the changes happen all by themselves, and they can be radical, but that depends on where Saturn is transiting the chart. In your case, you’re finishing up the tail end of your downward cycle, so you didn’t experience this effect.

The good news is that in two years’ time, you will begin climbing upward, and for a good 15 years after that, you’ll steadily move toward a new professional peak. The next two years would be a good time to decide what you want to do — or not do — so that you can begin laying the groundwork for your new career. Don’t try to rush this process. The more patient and disciplined you are, the more successful you’ll ultimately be.

As always, I highly recommend a complete reading with a professional astrologer, although I don’t think there’s any hurry for you to do this, as it won’t push things along any faster.

Best of luck to you, and thanks for a great question!

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  1. santanu

    My Dob is 5-April-1977, time: 5-45 am (Indian Time), Place of birth: Latitude: 23° 41′, North. Longitude: 86° 59′, East .
    Wanted to know if Saturn transit across Libra would make any thing positive on career and on my fate in general.


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