Weekly Forecast November 23: Sun and Mercury in Sagittarius

Pat's tart tatin with organic applesIn the United States, it’s Thanksgiving week, when many people take two or more days off to eat too much, watch too much football, and shop ’til they drop.

You’ll be happy to know that the planets are obliging on all fronts. For the most part, this week’s astrological energy is much lighter and more fun. With the Sun and Mercury in the travel-loving sign of Sagittarius, it’s also a good week for being on the road or in the air.

Fortunately, we get the Venus-Jupiter square out of the way on Monday, well before we’re at a table overloaded with turkey, gravy, bread stuffing, mashed potatoes, yams with miniature marshmallows, and five different kinds of pie. Hard Venus-Jupiter aspects are notorious for overindulging, and this will be all the more true with Venus in Scorpio.

On Tuesday, the Sun forms a happy sextile with Saturn, and hopefully this will help us get past some of the issues raised when Saturn squared Pluto a week ago. That square is still active, but with illumination from the Sun, we may be able to understand how to work around seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Trying to see the bigger picture is always a good strategy, but it will be especially effective now.

Wednesday is our day for surprises, hopefully of the happy kind, when Venus trines Uranus, both in deep-feeling water signs. It’s a perfect day for showing up on the doorstep of friends and family, with your homemade specialties and other gourmet treats in hand.

On Thursday, Mercury in Sagittarius trines Mars in Leo, a great day for driving, lively conversation, and sports. Sagittarius is very competitive, and Mars the warrior is all fired up in playful Leo. I’m not into football myself, but for those who are, today’s games will be particularly dramatic and entertaining.

Also on Thursday, Venus squares Neptune. Among other things, this is the classic “eyes bigger than your stomach” aspect. Start with small helpings and go back for seconds if you’re still hungry. If you’re drinking or using other mind-altering substances, take some care, as you’ll be tempted to overdo it.

Sunday is another excellent football day, with Mercury in a spirited sextile with Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius. Later in the day, Mercury sextiles Chiron, the wounded healer. Let’s hope this is a sign of injuries averted and not an indication that your favorite player gets carried off the field.

Love, joy, and holiday wishes to all,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

Image: My attempt at a tart tatin, a French apple pie baked upside-down with the crust on top, then flipped onto a plate. The photographer is none other than our own dear Tseka, who dropped by last week for a wonderful visit. I’m wearing one of her new talismans, which are selling out everywhere she takes them.

6 thoughts on “Weekly Forecast November 23: Sun and Mercury in Sagittarius

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  2. Neith

    T-Day is my favorite meal to prepare and I usually start about three days ahead of time. Fresh cranberries, home grown pumpkins, frozen or canned vegies from our garden. Salivating just thinking about it!

    Very pretty tart tatin, Pat.

    Tseka’s talismans are wonderful and I sure see why they sell out. Extraordinarily talented lady she is. :-D


  3. Tseka

    The tart tatin was delicious! And what a sweet treat to visit friends along the path. I hope one day that path curves up the east side to you place Neith. Adore you both and your place here in cyberspace so much. As Juno Jones used to say, “smoochies!”


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