Happy Thanksgiving!!

I can take pictures too
This year I am most thankful for a couple of small things in my life, the granddaughter I never dreamed I would have and my new puppy – both of whom shower love like rain on me.

As a childless person, I had given up on the idea of being a grandmother until I married a man with two daughters when I was in my forties. My older stepdaughter and I both have our Saturn’s in Leo and on her first Saturn Return (and my second) she had a daughter whose Gemini rising is exactly conjoined my Gemini North Node and perhaps not so coincidentally also has her Saturn in Leo. I fell in love with her from the get go.

my tater at 5 wks

A couple of years ago my old dog died and even though I have looked for another dog, it wasn’t until just recently the right dog showed up. Some friends of ours had a Border collie give birth to a single pup. I know for sure my new puppy has her Sun in Libra like me but I have not yet confirmed whether her Moon is in Libra or Scorpio. Either way it’s a good match and I promptly fell in love with her too.

I’m really looking forward to introducing the puppy and my granddaughter. They are both small, very active and LOOOOVE being outside! It will be fun to watch.

Here wishing everyone a wonderful T-Day!

Libra loves beautyposted by Neith . . .

4 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving!!

  1. Neith Post author

    Thanks, les!

    The granddaughter will be here tomorrow and I have already taken my puppy for a walk . . . one of many. The turkey is in the oven and the house smells like Thanksgiving.

    Have a wonderful time yourself. :-D


  2. deb

    You’re proof that when we surround ourselves with love, we are love– even if we sometimes have our moments! Your granddaughter and puppy are so cute :).


  3. Neith Post author

    That is very, very kind of you, deb! And, yeah, we all have our moments. How else can we learn?! :-)

    I have to say I am deeply impressed with how bright my puppy is. She has essentially house trained herself in about 4 days. We just have to make sure when we wake her up the door is open so she can scamper out to pee!


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