Real Astrologers Poll: New Year’s Resolutions

After a month of eating too much, foregoing visits to the gym in favor of shopping ’til we drop, and ringing in 2010 with overflowing bubbly, it’s time for New Year’s resolutions.

I’ve put on a whopping 12 pounds since Thanksgiving. Granted, there were some extenuating circumstances, but the fact remains that I now have 22 pounds to lose instead of 10, and that looks a whole lot more intimidating. So, my New Year’s resolution will be the unoriginal, age-old commitment to cutting out the carbs and going to the gym every day, rain or shine.

Fortunately, the lunar eclipse on New Year’s Eve was in my sixth house, a perfect setup for losing weight and getting rid of unhealthy habits. Saturn in Libra might have been some help, too, but he’s about to go retrograde, so I’ll have to summon up the discipline myself if I want to get back into my Perfectly Slimming Levis.

Who’s going to join me for a diet of lean protein and veggies?

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1 thought on “Real Astrologers Poll: New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Anomali

    This lunar eclipse in Cancer was conjunct my natal Sun, so I saw it as my personal New Moon. I took this as an opportunity to make some changes, especially in terms of what I put in my tummy.

    I chose the Triple Spiral Goddess Amulet and followed its guidance: naming obstacles to change, setting boundaries and limits for myself, and creating a plan based on my intuitive wisdom, rather than the views of others.

    I also decided to write down my intentions for the new year, not as a wish list but as a journal entry on December 31, 2010 summing up the progress I made for the year.

    So far, I have felt a sense of renewal and purpose and faith in my ability to create the changes I want and need in my life.

    May the New Year bring you bright blessings of health and happiness: )


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