Ask Real Astrologers: What’s Happening with My New Job?

This week’s question comes from Christina in Greece:

I’ve been unemployed for ten months, and now I am given an opportunity to work for sales for a medical department of a big company. I am going to persuade people be our members. But I have some doubts about the progress of this step. I totally have no other income and I feel very unsecure.

Libra ponders . . .Diane’s response:

Christina, for the past year or so, Saturn has conjoined your Midheaven, Pluto, Jupiter, Mars, and Uranus, so if you feel apprehensive where your work is concerned it is not at all surprising. This is not an easy transit by any means but most of us survive it just fine.

At this time, Saturn in Libra is preparing to station and turn retrograde on January 13 and will be moving back over your Uranus and Mars between now and the end of March. Yes, it is likely you will be working very hard for what seems to be few rewards. Saturn is known for making us work for every gain but we seldom have to repeat those lessons.

Mars is very important in your chart, with both your Sun and Ascendant in Scorpio, because Mars rules Scorpio along with Pluto. With your Mars in Libra conjoined Uranus, Jupiter and Pluto in your tenth house, I am guessing you have a strong presence, especially out in public, perhaps more than you realize.

Another factor we are all dealing with at this time is having both Mars and Mercury retrograde, interfering with effective communications and generally slowing life down for everyone. Thankfully, Mercury will turn direct on January 15 on the New Moon in Capricorn, and by the end of the month we all will start feeling like we can get something accomplished once more.

Take plenty of time to review all the information about your new position, Christina, and ask lots of questions. It is far better to spend extra time preparing for your new responsibilities with Saturn transiting your tenth saying doing it step by step. Your natal Mars-Uranus conjunction in Libra urges you to rush ahead – not a good idea at this time.

Best of luck and remember it is often easier to be doing something rather than just thinking about it!

Aquarius expounds . . .Pat’s response:

First of all Christina, I agree with Diane’s assessment of Mercury retrograde being a contributing factor in your job search. Mercury currently is in Capricorn, which places him in your second house of earned income. Communications can be slow and difficult during this transit. Even if you wanted to hop right onboard, the company’s hiring process may be bogged down for some reason unbeknownst to you.

The good news is that the period when Mercury is in your second house is usually a great time for negotiating salary and contract terms. Just don’t actually sign anything until he returns direct next week. You’ve also got Venus and the Sun in your second house, which are advantageous when you’re seeking employment.

You mention that you haven’t had any appreciable income for about ten months. I see that Pluto recently entered your second house, and so it’s pretty much a no-brainer that your means of earning a living are going through a transformation. With the cardinal T-square coming up in the next two years, the entire world is going to experience sweeping changes, but this will be true for us individually as well. For you, it appears that the changes will be most apparent in your job and salary, as well as your living situation. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that you have to move in the next few years to take a new job.

It’s so hard living with uncertainty, and I do understand the quiet fear that comes with having no visible means of support. Sometimes we try to compromise by getting a job that really doesn’t suit us just to have money coming in. But with Pluto in your second house, I don’t think this is going to work for you, at least not in the long run. Indeed, I’m wondering if this is part of your uncertainty in asking this question.

Finally, I suspect you will do very well at selling memberships. With Jupiter currently in your third house of communications, you’ll be very effective. You just need to wait until Mercury returns direct and communications are flowing normally again.

I wish you a New Year of abundance and prosperity!

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