Full Moon in Virgo, February 28, 2010

Jupiter conjoins the Sun in Pisces at 9° 58′ on the Full Moon February 28, encouraging everyone to think big and sending our imaginations into overdrive. We may all be very, very thankful for the Moon in pragmatic, well-grounded Virgo by the time the influence of this lunation passes.

The Sabian symbol for 10 Pisces fits quite well, “an aviator in the clouds.” Transcendence, peace and love are marvelous ideals, but even better if applied with large doses of common sense. Otherwise we risk being lost in the clouds.

We can draw on the duality of the Sabian symbol for the Moon at 10 Virgo, “two heads looking out and beyond the shadows,” for help. But here again there is a possibility of not seeing clearly, because Mercury, Virgo’s ruler, is in Aquarius, closely conjunct Neptune and Chiron. It will not be easy to find true perspective now, so we may be better served by writing down our best ideas to implement at a later date.

There is help available for those who wish to keep their feet firmly planted on terra firma in the form of Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto is sextile the Sun and trine the Moon, offering organizational skills and a willingness to explore all aspects, both dark and light, of any given situation or problem. In fact, the help Pluto offers can be invaluable for laying the groundwork for future projects, translating the heady atmosphere into concrete results over time.

Venus in Pisces is closing on a conjunction with Uranus in Pisces, which will be exact on March 3. Hang onto the remnants of your sanity, because this combo is perfect for “love at first sight” — or, more accurately in my opinion, lust at first sight, since genuine love tends to develop over time as we get to know and appreciate the other person. There will be even more illusions and expectations than usual hanging around on this Full Moon, because the Venus-Uranus conjunction is also semi-sextile Neptune, Pisces’ ruler. Makes me very glad to be old and very married . . . argh!

Keep in mind that Mars in Leo is slowing down in preparation to station direct on March 10, and frustration levels will be rising all over the place. Saturn in Libra, also retrograde, will offer assistance in managing increasing stress levels via a sextile to Mars. Please do your best to think before you launch attacks or get behind the wheel of your vehicle. Patience is needed over the next several weeks, and it is likely to be in short supply.

This lunation offers an interesting mix of pure, unadulterated romance and high-minded ideals, with an undertow of the deeply practical approach. My thought is this: It is a great opportunity to draw down creative inspiration and ideas and take plenty of notes for the future. Once the shine has worn off either your red-hot romance or that totally brilliant idea, then it will be possible to decide whether it is worth running with. In other words, enjoy the moment but don’t sign on the dotted line.

We need to practice patience, being kind to all we interact with and taking time to find beauty in our daily routines. Be well.

Libra always seeks balanceposted by Diane . . .

Image: Seeing the Full Moon against the trees is very appropriate for a Full Moon in tree loving Virgo.

4 thoughts on “Full Moon in Virgo, February 28, 2010

  1. Pat Post author

    Gorgeous photo, Diane!

    You aren’t kidding about Mars stationing! I’m seeing it in traffic patterns already. A lot of road rage out there and people not watching what they’re doing. In addition to your usual admonition to be kind, I’d add to follow rules of the road and driving etiquette. When in doubt, be the first to yield!


  2. inishglora

    I concur, Pat. It’s been insane for a few days already and we’ve got what, about 10 more days of this? In addition to the road-rage, my area has had a rash of assorted assaults and murders, as well as houses exploding, fires/arson, and so forth.


  3. Pat Post author

    FIRES! Wow, Joe, how’s that for Mars in Leo?

    Incidentally, he’s stationing right on my Descendant. I’m feeling quite anxious about what/who is going to aim and fire at me in the next couple of weeks.


  4. deb

    Wowieee. What a beautiful photo!

    Speaking of firing, I had a premonition about a gunshot, last night. I didn’t see the gun, just heard the shot. It startled me a little, but I didn’t hide under my bed or anything like that. Heard it very clearly, right by my ear. It was very loud and I’ve been telling myself that it was only a dream. I don’t want to think the worst about anyone, you know?


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