Weekly Forecast June 14: Venus Enters Leo, Sun Square Saturn

We get a brief respite early this week before heading back into difficult territory from mid-week on.

The week begins with Venus entering Leo. Monday and Tuesday promise some fun and surprises, thanks to a happy trine from Venus to Uranus and Jupiter in Aries. The Moon enters Leo right behind Venus, adding some joy to the mix. With so much stress and turmoil in our lives lately, a little fun and joy will be very welcome. This aspect reminds me of a big disco ball, with lots of glitter and flash. But it won’t last long, so take advantage while you can.

Also on Tuesday, Mars trines Pluto, providing an outlet for the brooding planet of death and rebirth. At the apex of the building cardinal T-square, Pluto has been in the hot seat, with nowhere to release his pent-up energy. It’s possible that some kind of earth event may occur, but it’s just as likely that action will be taken to find real solutions to financial and environmental problems — for example, the BP oil spew.

The Sun in Gemini opposes Ceres on Friday and squares Saturn on Saturday, forming a mutable T-square. Saturn represents government regulators, and the Obama administration is putting pressure on BP to move faster cleaning up the spill. Mars in Virgo won’t be fast, but he’ll be efficient and thorough. Whatever they try next is likely to work a little better, at least in the short run.

Ceres, planet of the environment and planetary cycles, is close to the Galactic Core as she continues on her retrograde path back into Sagittarius. We haven’t had much of a chance to study this transit yet, but we can venture a guess that planetary cycles such as global climate change, tectonic plate movement and volcanic activity will play a continuing role in the evolution of human consciousness.

On Saturday, we have a micro version of the cardinal T-square, when the Moon enters Libra, opposes Uranus and Jupiter, and squares Pluto, all within a six-hour period. Keep your antennae up all day for events and situations that may provide further clues about how the T-square will affect you personally.

Later on Saturday, the Sun in Gemini forms a glowing trine with Neptune in Aquarius. Working together, we can come up with ideas to solve our most pressing problems and to make the world a better place to live.

Wishing you all much love and courage,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat