Ask Real Astrologers: Is the Cardinal T-Square All Bad?

Looking for AnswersThis week’s question comes from Stephanie in Springfield, Missouri:

I have read with much interest the predictions being made concerning the state of the world and individuals, with the T-square this summer. I have been expecting my life to become increasingly troubled or stressed, when in fact things are going better than they have for a number of years and keep improving! Am I an odd exception to what’s going on, or are others slated as I seem to be, to not only survive these times but thrive? I hear so much about possible negatives in store and not much about positives. Are there incredible positives coming out of the planetary movements in the coming years?

Great question, Stephanie. As I wrote in a column last month, some people actually may do quite well under this astrological influence, especially people with a lot of cardinal energy in their charts. These folks need action and may have felt stuck during periods over the past several years when we were in fixed energy patterns. They also tend to feel directionless during mutable periods. If you have a lot of cardinal energy in your chart, you likely will welcome the movement that is happening now, even if events are disruptive at times.

Stephanie, note that you do have three cardinal planets, including your Aries Sun, and so you are more than ready to get moving. Fortunately for you, none of these planets is in an early degree of the cardinal signs, nor do you have any chart angles at these degrees. People with personal planets or chart points in early cardinal degrees may have a little more action than they can cope with right now.

A quick look at your chart shows that you don’t even have a hard aspect from any of the T-square planets to personal planets or chart angles. Further, your Scorpio Ascendant also puts transiting Saturn in your tenth house, which is a good place for the career planet. Even in tumultuous times, you’re at the peak of your career, indicated by Saturn’s position at the top of your chart.

You also recently experienced the transit of Jupiter over your natal Moon, which usually is a positive time. Jupiter and Uranus are moving through your fourth house, which may yet provide a few surprises but they could be quite wonderful.

In short, you are out of the line of fire. No doubt, there are others who share your good fortune, so you aren’t alone. It’s quite possible that my perspective is skewed, as most of my clients right now are coming to me because they are experiencing serious challenges, and in most cases, the T-square is complicating matters for them. Also, the majority of questions I’m receiving for this column are from readers whose lives are being impacted in some way by the T-square. If they aren’t being directly challenged, their loved ones are having a hard time.

In any case, you do raise a good point, Stephanie, and I’m glad to be able to pass on your observation to others. I wish you continuing good fortune. Be sure to spread it around!

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Hang in there, everyone!

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