Saturday Extra! Brain Chemistry, The ‘God Particle’ and the Space Between the Eclipses

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In my consulting practice as well as my continuing study of astrology, my focus is on using astrology as a tool to predict how invisible energies flowing through the cosmos might manifest into material reality.

I’ve taken this approach for years, despite the lack of any evidence whatsoever that these invisible energies exist or that they somehow coalesce into tangible objects and events.

So imagine my surprise when I came across an article in the Guardian the other day quoting a leading particle physicist describing just such a process and encouraging his colleagues to start contemplating the “hidden world” behind our material universe.

It’s what I’ve been saying all along! I just didn’t have the scientific background to be able to describe it. Then, neither do most particle physicists. It is only recently that the idea has gained visibility, thanks to a new high-energy particle accelerator in Switzerland that may help prove the existence of the Higgs boson, a subatomic particle believed to be the bridge between unmanifest potential and manifest reality. For that reason, it has been dubbed the “God particle.”

This is exciting news for astrologers, because it might establish the groundwork for understanding how astrology works. Of course, we then have to make the leap into understanding what the movement of the planets has to do with energy manifesting into matter. That will require another level of discovery, but I believe it will happen, and maybe in my lifetime.

How invisible energies manifest into reality is especially important now, when we have an astrological configuration that is unprecedented in human history. In our lifetime, we’ve witnessed bits and pieces of the cardinal T-square, but never anything like what’s coming up this summer.

We’re also at a crossroads in the evolution of human consciousness. Indeed, the very idea that any physicist would look at hidden worlds rather than taking a narrow view of material reality is quite a leap. On the whole, scientists are solidly in the left-brain camp. I would bet that those proposing these radical new ideas either are particularly brilliant — blessed not just with a high IQ, but with a highly evolved intuitive side — or they’ve recently had a “spiritual” awakening.

And what exactly is a spiritual awakening? First, it’s not a one-time event, but an ongoing process. We continue to evolve, although there definitely are “spikes” along the way. Indeed, we might expect lots of spikes with Uranus in Aries amplified by Jupiter.

Second, there’s a brain chemistry factor. Within the human brain, a chemical reaction must take place to bridge the gap between the transmitting and receiving terminals of the neurons. The bridging mechanism is called the synapse, derived from the Greek “clasping together.” When something goes wrong in that process, the result can be depression, which is a sort of separation sickness — two poles in the neuron without a bridge to connect them.

Interestingly enough, the function of synapses in the nervous system was discovered in the 1800s. During those same years, Neptune was discovered, and toward the end of the century, the term “New Age” was coined to describe the upsurge in spirituality.

I have a vague sense that spiritual awakening involves brain chemistry and that impaired brain chemistry even may explain the polarization of humanity and the separation between the divine masculine and divine feminine. What if the source of this story from the beginning of time is literally in our mind? What if the separation is in our own brain chemistry, perhaps a necessary step in the evolution of the human mind and body?

I see parallels between this separation of logic and intuition, male and female, and the separation of unmanifest energy and physical matter. And, in both cases, they need some kind of a bridge across the gap between them in order to re-connect, be it a “God particle,” a chemical, or an electrical impulse.

Eclipses are windows on time. This morning’s lunar eclipse will be followed in by a solar eclipse in Cancer on July 11 (Cancer is the sign of birth and the urge to manifest into form). What will bridge this two-week gap? What will connect us? What thought forms will fill this empty space and perhaps give birth to a new reality?

These are all questions I’m asking myself. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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2 thoughts on “Saturday Extra! Brain Chemistry, The ‘God Particle’ and the Space Between the Eclipses

  1. Pat Post author

    Thanks for that info, Ruth. I discovered Candace Pert more than ten years ago but didn’t know about Dr. Joe Dispenza. That video is pretty amazing.

    When I see photos of deep space from Hubble, I always think I’m looking at activity inside our own brain. It’s no coincidence.

    BTW, really like your latest article. You are very right about August 6. I’ll have lots more about it in future posts here.


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