Weekly Forecast June 28: Inter-Eclipse Period, Uranus Stations

Jumping in feet-first. Photo by Oswaldo Rivas for REUTERS.

We’re still in the wake of Saturday’s lunar eclipse, and eclipse-related events will unfold throughout this week and into next week.

That’s really the biggest news of this week, which otherwise is blessedly free of major planetary aspects. Of course, the cardinal T-square is still activated, and Uranus is stationing in preparation to go retrograde on July 5. But, astrologically at least, the wheels have been set in motion, and now we’re waiting to see what turns up.

On Monday, the Moon glides through the final degrees of Capricorn, sign of Saturday’s eclipse, and trines Saturn, Capricorn’s ruler. Earth signs tend to bring material results, so this could be a big day to watch for your gift. I’ll be waiting by my cosmic mailbox. And who better to deliver than Mercury himself, who later in the day conjoins the Sun at 7 degrees Cancer.

On Thursday, Mercury sextiles Mars in Virgo, an aspect associated with being busy and focusing on details that matter. It will be a high communications day, too, and some very productive discussions should be the result. If you need to make a pitch or present an argument, this is a good day for it.

On Saturday, the Moon enters Aries, amplifying the T-square. Within just a few hours, she conjoins Uranus and Jupiter and squares Pluto. This is another day to watch for new developments. Most of you should know by now what areas of your life are being most affected by the T-square, but the presence of Uranus is an almost sure guarantee that our expectations will be way off. Some of them may be comically so. Indeed, keeping a sense of humor may be our best response.

Sunday is Independence Day in the United States, marking the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776. There was a cardinal T-square that year involving Jupiter in Cancer, Saturn in Libra, and Pluto in Capricorn. It was wider and didn’t include as many planets as this year’s lineup — yet another reason to conclude that we may witness dramatic events this summer.

The Moon’s square with the Sun on Sunday marks the halfway point between last week’s lunar eclipse and a total eclipse of the Sun on July 11. Eclipses always come in pairs like this (on rare occasions, there are three in a row), and I’ve observed that the two-week period between them can be quite turbulent.

Later on Sunday, Venus in Leo trines Ceres Sagittarius. I expect we’ll have a reminder of the importance of women in national politics, possibly related to the environment and cycles of nature. Watch the news headlines for a clue.

Bottom line for this week is that the changes may come fast and furious, and hopefully you’re ready to hit the ground running. If you’re among those who appear to be unaffected, then take this time for some much-needed R&R. Just like having money in the bank during hard economic times, it can’t hurt to stockpile some energy reserves.

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Much love and courage to all,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

2 thoughts on “Weekly Forecast June 28: Inter-Eclipse Period, Uranus Stations

  1. kinja

    Hi there Ms. Paquette,

    My name is Kinja and I have been following your weekly forecast for a couple of weeks now, it is really well written. The astrological aspects are well explained and well researched.

    I was born in early Cancer (June 23, 1978 @ ~5 p.m., in Princeton, N.J.) and I was wondering what would be your general advice in terms of dealing with the issues brought to light by the T-square, and the other important emotionally charged aspects going on – such as the eclipses? I have issues with my home, career path and love at the moment (ha ha ) so any clue to any of these subjects would be greatly useful. However I understand that there are only so many hours in one day, and only so much one astrologer can do :)

    I have read about the male-female energy problems – also described by Dr. Oz as “sexual famine” among heterosexual males. Which only points out the depth of misunderstanding between men and women, because many women might agree there is sexual famine among them too.

    Thank you for writing.
    And thank you for your time,

    Kinja Liautaud


  2. Pat Post author

    Welcome, Kinja. Thank you for the kind words and also for your question.

    I answer questions of this nature in my Q&A column on Fridays. I get dozens of questions a week, and while I read them all, I’m sorry that I can’t answer them all. For anyone who needs immediate guidance, I suggest contacting me for a personal consultation.

    If anyone else would like to ask a question for the Friday column, would you please send it using the special form I created for this purpose. It makes it easier for me not to lose your messages!

    That is an interesting reference to Dr. Oz. I will check it out. Thanks, Kinja!


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