Mercury Retrograde: Slowing Down

Late summer at Point Robinson. © Pat Paquette, 2010.

Mercury turns retrograde on Friday, and I’m unabashedly recommending that the entire world go on vacation.

The cardinal T-square remains in full swing, keeping us on a treadmill but not necessarily going anywhere. Just about everyone I talk to these days senses that a breakthrough is right around the corner, but they’re being held back by something. We’re gritting our teeth, straining, trying to lift that heavy weight. So why not just drop it for a bit?

Here in the United States, we’re nearing the end of summer vacation, and the kids are about to go back to school. It’s a perfect time to get out of town. Most people are taking trips closer to home due to rising gas prices and the uncertain economy. Consider it an opportunity to discover or rediscover the attractions in your own backyard. It’s a nice Mercury retrograde theme.

If you’ve got school-age children, I hope you’ve got all your major purchases long out of the way. Small things like notebooks and writing supplies are fine to buy at the last minute, but keep all of the receipts and make sure you check them for errors. If you have to buy big stuff, definitely keep those receipts, and keep in mind that ordering online could get complicated.

I was able to get my new computer system up and running before the Messenger went into reverse, and it has made a world of difference. My last computer was purchased for me through a third party during a Mercury retrograde period and was nothing but headaches. It died last November. I managed to get it repaired, but the same problem happened again a couple of weeks ago (a defect in the motherboard that HP knew about, ignored, and refused to make good on). Mercury retrograde is a great time for repairs, so I might try to have it fixed again and keep it as a backup, although it will never be reliable.

The interesting thing about this Mercury retrograde is that it will have no connection whatsoever to the T-square until Mercury stations direct at 5 degrees Virgo on September 12. At that time, he’ll be in nice earth trine with Pluto, who’s sitting at the apex of the T-square. That will be the time to return to our projects with renewed energy and commitment. A little effort at that time will go a lot farther.

Until then, Mercury will operate as a loner for the most part. The exception will be the first week in September, when he’ll be conjunct the Sun in Virgo. If we’re going to experience any of the usual delays, frustrations, computer crashes, and other Mercury retrograde mischief, these will be the dates to watch.

Happy Mercury retrograde!
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat