Weekly Forecast August 30: A Brief Cardinal Cross

Quiet above, quiet below. © Pat Paquette, 2010.

There’s not a whole lot going on this week, astrologically speaking.

The cardinal T-square is winding down, and Mercury retrograde has a lot of our activities on hold. And, for once, there are no major planetary aspects. That’s right – all week!

The week begins almost in slow motion, with the Moon in Taurus on Monday and Tuesday. If you don’t feel like going into the shop or office, you’re definitely not alone. For those still on vacation, savor the chance to be lazy and do nothing.

Wednesday and Thursday are a bit busier, with the Moon in Gemini. Try to give yourself a little extra time to get from one place to another, and expect some little glitches in communications and travel. It will be hard not to get frustrated, so take a few deep breaths and don’t take things personally.

Friday is our trouble spot of the week, when the Moon in Cancer squares Jupiter, opposes Pluto, and squares Saturn, all within a few hours. This means we’ll temporarily experience a cardinal cross. It also happened last time the Moon was in Cancer, on August 6.

So what’s the difference, you may ask, between a cardinal cross and a T-square? Well, it’s all pressure. But with the grand cross, there can be a lot of movement but no real progress – in other words, a lot of wasted energy – unless there’s an outlet. As it so happens, the Moon moves into a tight sextile with the Sun and Mercury before the end of the day, providing a perfect outlet for our pent-up urge to do something, anything, just to get out of the same old rut. The Sun and Mercury are exactly conjunct on Friday as well, and both in a wide trine with Pluto.

The problem is, with an outlet to Mercury in “reverse,” we could end up spinning our wheels and getting ourselves even deeper in the hole unless we’re mindful of exactly what we’re trying to do. I suggest planning ahead for Friday by making a list of things you want to re-do. Review, repair, revise, reconsider … go back and revisit ideas you had a few weeks or even several years ago. If it didn’t work the first time, try it again – perhaps a bit differently, but not necessarily. Pay special attention to details you may have overlooked before.

The key to successfully negotiate this tricky energy is to resist starting any new projects or ventures. That includes upgrades to your computer – even if you’ve been putting it off all summer. What will work this time is to give serious attention to an old project.

If nothing like that comes immediately to mind, then use this week to relax, recharge, and regroup.

Much love and courage to all,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

2 thoughts on “Weekly Forecast August 30: A Brief Cardinal Cross

  1. Pat Post author

    Well, Anne, I’m not sure how to answer that. For one thing, I wouldn’t call that a major planetary aspect, although I’ve been trying to be more mindful to include Ceres in my weekly forecasts, so thanks for the reminder.

    Still, we don’t know enough yet about Ceres to make any kind of reasonable predictions about how she might interact with Mars and how that might play out here on Earth. With Venus it’s a little easier to guess, since they’re both feminine energies. At least, that’s how I see it. There is by no means agreement among astrologers on the influence of Ceres, and there probably won’t be for many years.

    As for Venus and Mars, separating conjunctions pretty much lose their power. We’re over that one for now.


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