Today: Gemini Moon Square Mercury Retrograde

Stuck in Traffic. © Zubasti,

OK, now I’m starting to feel Mercury retrograde. It took awhile, but there’s no mistaking it now.

This wouldn’t be the first time I started feeling the effects of retrograde Mercury when he was halfway through his retrograde phase. Often, the first week is a breeze, and I start thinking I won’t get slammed this time. One can always wish.

Since yesterday, my Internet connection has been so slow that I’ve wondered if there’s a problem with my computer. That’s unlikely, and anyway, I’m getting all kinds of weird messages, lost passwords, and other strange stuff. A friend of mine reports that webmasters everywhere are vexed with issues large and small. That certainly would be typical of Mercury retrograde in detail-oriented Virgo. By the way, have you ever noticed that people with strong Virgo in their charts wind up in programming or engineering?

I have to go into the city today, which is always difficult, due to the lack of coordination between the ferries and bus service. Given today’s square between retrograde Mercury and the Moon in Mercury ruled Gemini, I’m expecting serious delays. For once, I’m going to follow my own advice and leave early so that I’m not late for my appointment!

Anyone else experiencing the usual effects? What about unusual effects? How are you coping? Or not?

Hang in there! After today, there’s only ten days left to go … and the one thing that doesn’t seem to be slowing down is time.

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2 thoughts on “Today: Gemini Moon Square Mercury Retrograde

  1. inishglora

    The usual effects, and then some. Business from 2004 has come back to bite me in the rear and it has been very unpleasant to get the Virgo details in order once again.


  2. Pat Post author

    What is it, I wonder, about that timeframe? I got a message today from Gmail saying that if I ever lose my account info, I can have it e-mailed to another address — one that has been dead since 2005! Of all the e-mail addresses I’ve ever had, why did they pick that one? Very, very weird.


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