Snowed Under

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Sometimes weather is just weather, with no astrological connection.

The snow began falling here on Sunday. By Monday evening, the roads were becoming impassable, and later that evening, high winds knocked out the power lines. Thousands were without electricity for more than two days.

So it’s not Siberia, and I’m sure many of you in seriously cold climates are laughing at how everything stops here with a little snow. But we’re not equipped for it. It’s a dangerous situation when so many people are without heat in sub-freezing weather.

Other than numb fingers and toes, the worst for me was no coffee or Internet. I wrapped up in blankets, hung out with a neighbor, cooked dinner on their gas stove, and waited for a friend with a four-wheel drive to come pick me up and take me over to the city until the lights were back on. We just received word that power has been restored on most of the island. Still, it will be a few days before things are back to normal, so the next few posts will be late.

For those who are waiting for reports, I’ll be in touch soon with new estimates for delivery. And, of course, I very much appreciate your patience.

In the meantime, happy Thanksgiving to all!

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