Weekly Forecast December 27:Mars Square Saturn, Mercury Direct

Christmas lights in Leavenworth. © Pat Paquette, 2010.

The week between Christmas and New Year’s is typically pretty low-key, and that’s what we can expect this week, for the most part.

The only major planetary aspect in the next seven days is a square from Mars to Saturn. This is among the dread “big bad wolf” aspects, and yet I don’t think we’re going to feel any terrifying effects from it. There are a couple of reasons I say this.

First, Mars and Saturn both are in the signs of their exaltation and thus on their best behavior. Further, Mars in Capricorn “feeds” Saturn, Cap’s ruler, and so I don’t think the square is going to be a tense as a Mars-Saturn square normally would be. It might even be positive for some people.

It could, for example, get some of us off our butts and into action, especially regarding career and family obligations. For those who feel this effect, you may experience some discomfort with the initial push, but once you get going, you’ll feel the sense of relief that comes with accomplishing something you’ve been dreading and putting off.

Second, and more to the point, Mars has already crossed the early degrees of Capricorn, where he and Mercury reactivated the summer’s cardinal T-square. That effect occurred from the first week in December until the 18th or so. Those days were extremely challenging, and we’ve moved out of that. In my estimation, Wednesday’s Mars-Saturn square will be anti-climactic and perhaps have a “dust settling” or “light at the end of the tunnel” feel to it.

Mercury, meanwhile, will return to 19 degrees Sagittarius, where he’ll return direct on Thursday (Wednesday in Western time zones). It’s hard to determine which issues arose over the past few weeks in relation to Mercury retrograde and which were associated with events of a few months ago, at the height of the T-square. In all likelihood, you’ve experienced a combination of the two, which is why this Mercury retrograde was so harrowing.

As usual, when Mercury returns direct, we can expect communications and transportation to be at a dead stop for a day or two on either side. Once he gets going again, though, much of what stood in our way over the summer may begin to resolve, little by little. Real breakthroughs are still a few months away, but it’s encouraging when we begin to see answers, solutions, and results. A little success goes a long way toward restoring one’s faith and optimism.

All other aspects this week are lunar. The most significant are the aspects from the Moon in Libra on Tuesday and Wednesday to T-square points. These aspects could add some stress to the Mars-Saturn square. Again, I don’t see much of anything new here. Rather, we’ll be returning to issues that plagued us over the summer, with a greater possibility of resolution now. Even if the resolution you get isn’t in your favor or causes you some emotional distress, it’s resolution nonetheless, and it will allow you to move on to a better place.

The only other thing I want to alert you to is that we’re in the two-week period between eclipses, which sometimes can be a bit disorienting. That sense of inner chaos and lack of control can be disturbing, but it’s not necessarily negative. Often, it’s just a sign that we’re trying too hard or attached to a particular outcome. Many people I know have managed to truly give up control and ride the wave. The more you relax and let that current carry you along, the less stressed out you’ll be.

Friday is New Year’s Eve, and we’ll be blessed with a merry Sagittarius Moon to ring in 2011. Sagittarius is the party sign, and the Moon with be there for the entire weekend. Come Monday, reality will set in, and this could be depressing for some. So enjoy the good times while you can. Eat, drink, dance, laugh with friends, and revel in the camaraderie and joy of the season.

Wishing you all much love, prosperity, and good health,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat