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Weekly Forecast December 27:Mars Square Saturn, Mercury Direct

Christmas lights in Leavenworth. © Pat Paquette, 2010.

The week between Christmas and New Year’s is typically pretty low-key, and that’s what we can expect this week, for the most part.

The only major planetary aspect in the next seven days is a square from Mars to Saturn. This is among the dread “big bad wolf” aspects, and yet I don’t think we’re going to feel any terrifying effects from it. There are a couple of reasons I say this.

First, Mars and Saturn both are in the signs of their exaltation and thus on their best behavior. Further, Mars in Capricorn “feeds” Saturn, Cap’s ruler, and so I don’t think the square is going to be a tense as a Mars-Saturn square normally would be. It might even be positive for some people.

It could, for example, get some of us off our butts and into action, especially regarding career and family obligations. For those who feel this effect, you may experience some discomfort with the initial push, but once you get going, you’ll feel the sense of relief that comes with accomplishing something you’ve been dreading and putting off.

Second, and more to the point, Mars has already crossed the early degrees of Capricorn, where he and Mercury reactivated the summer’s cardinal T-square. That effect occurred from the first week in December until the 18th or so. Those days were extremely challenging, and we’ve moved out of that. In my estimation, Wednesday’s Mars-Saturn square will be anti-climactic and perhaps have a “dust settling” or “light at the end of the tunnel” feel to it.

Mercury, meanwhile, will return to 19 degrees Sagittarius, where he’ll return direct on Thursday (Wednesday in Western time zones). It’s hard to determine which issues arose over the past few weeks in relation to Mercury retrograde and which were associated with events of a few months ago, at the height of the T-square. In all likelihood, you’ve experienced a combination of the two, which is why this Mercury retrograde was so harrowing.

As usual, when Mercury returns direct, we can expect communications and transportation to be at a dead stop for a day or two on either side. Once he gets going again, though, much of what stood in our way over the summer may begin to resolve, little by little. Real breakthroughs are still a few months away, but it’s encouraging when we begin to see answers, solutions, and results. A little success goes a long way toward restoring one’s faith and optimism.

All other aspects this week are lunar. The most significant are the aspects from the Moon in Libra on Tuesday and Wednesday to T-square points. These aspects could add some stress to the Mars-Saturn square. Again, I don’t see much of anything new here. Rather, we’ll be returning to issues that plagued us over the summer, with a greater possibility of resolution now. Even if the resolution you get isn’t in your favor or causes you some emotional distress, it’s resolution nonetheless, and it will allow you to move on to a better place.

The only other thing I want to alert you to is that we’re in the two-week period between eclipses, which sometimes can be a bit disorienting. That sense of inner chaos and lack of control can be disturbing, but it’s not necessarily negative. Often, it’s just a sign that we’re trying too hard or attached to a particular outcome. Many people I know have managed to truly give up control and ride the wave. The more you relax and let that current carry you along, the less stressed out you’ll be.

Friday is New Year’s Eve, and we’ll be blessed with a merry Sagittarius Moon to ring in 2011. Sagittarius is the party sign, and the Moon with be there for the entire weekend. Come Monday, reality will set in, and this could be depressing for some. So enjoy the good times while you can. Eat, drink, dance, laugh with friends, and revel in the camaraderie and joy of the season.

Wishing you all much love, prosperity, and good health,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

New Moon in Leo, August 20, 2009

The Moon in LeoThe New Moon on August 20 at 27°31′ Leo is the centerpiece of a dramatic chart as befits a lunation in this bold, outgoing sign ruled by the Sun.

Even though the Sun has moved past the point of exactly opposing Jupiter, Chiron, and Neptune in turn, these oppositions can still be felt in the atmosphere. Jupiter loves being in the limelight, and Neptune is not above adding to the drama, either. This opposition could play out as the individual need to shine outweighing the needs of the collective. Or, Leo could bring its considerable creative gifts and enthusiasm to help resolve intractable social issues. Either way, this is a good time to let your inner lion roar.

Speaking of the Aquarius stellium, the three bodies are slowly moving apart, lessening the intensity we experienced earlier this year. I have heard of more people reporting running into difficulties dealing with Neptune & Co. than experiencing the potentially uplifting, healing effect. This does not surprise me because in my personal opinion Jupiter is vastly overrated. And most of the time Jupiter seems to enlarge and expand whatever energies are on hand rather than adding a consistently positive spin to events. However, if we have been in denial about certain issues, Jupiter’s waning influence may allow for more clarity. Neptune and Chiron will travel in close proximity until the end of 2012, and without Jupiter acting as a magnifying lens, the effect will be much more subtle.

We have a mutable T-square that is bound to produce a yelling match or two, with Mercury in razor-sharp Virgo squaring Mars in verbal Gemini. Uranus in Pisces opposes Mercury and squares Mars, electrifying both. This is definitely not the best time to approach your crotchety relatives and hope to kiss and make up. Mercury also conjoins Saturn in Virgo, and this combination is very good for remembering all the bad stuff from the past. A far better strategy would be to let bygones be bygones for now, especially if you value peace and quiet, because it is all too easy to slip from constructive criticism into plain criticism.

While Venus in Cancer is supported by a trine from Uranus in Pisces, she is also dealing with a deeply irritating inconjunct from Jupiter and Chiron in Aquarius. Cancer and Aquarius lack common ground, to put it mildly. Cancer is a very personal sign, interested in what’s going on at home with family, while Aquarius is inclined to see those things as trivial, because their eyes are on the big picture. A work-around might be via Uranus, Aquarius’s ruler, currently in sympathetic Pisces. Uranus is very good at thinking outside the box and coming up with unique answers.

Many little birds chirping on the limb of a large tree” is the Sabian symbol for 28 Leo and sounds very much like the opinions flying all over the place right now. What we need to do is consider the RAMIFICATIONS (the keyword for this symbol) of what is being said before moving ahead.

Like many other folks out there, I am still recovering from the extremely intense eclipse season this summer. So rather than speculate about future sky patterns, I’m going to encourage everyone including myself to take some time to enjoy life under this Leo New Moon. Make a space in your life for your favorite form of relaxation, whatever it may be. Theatricals, movies, socializing with family and friends, going out for a night of dining and dancing – the important thing is to have fun. Leo knows how to seize the moment as well as the limelight!

Libra seeks balanceposted by Neith . . .

Of course, today is the day to write your New Moon abundance checks! Here’s how.

Image: Even though this is not exactly a new moon, it is still the sort of setting a Leo Moon would feel right at home in. :-)

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius, August 5-6, 2009

Full Moon in AquariusThe lunar eclipse at 13°43′ Aquarius on August 5 (August 6 in the Eastern Hemisphere) is the last in the Aquarius-Leo series, which began in February 2008. This eclipse promises to bring resolution to matters related to the areas in our charts these eclipses have activated, and one way or another, pleasant or not, this is the final hurrah.

The main feature in this chart is the Full Moon, with the Sun in Leo and the Moon in Aquarius. The only aspect to the luminaries is a benign waning aspect from Mars in Gemini. Because the luminaries are not tied in to the rest of the eclipse chart in a major way, all of the energy of the eclipse is contained and tightly focused for maximum effect. My sense is if either the Sun or Moon conjoins a planet or angle in your chart, you will know it.

Moving outward from the Sun, we find Mercury happily in analytical Virgo, one of the two signs he rules, conjunct Pallas. This combination offers clarity and precision. Pallas is the quintessential organizer, and Virgo is a very comfortable place for this cerebral asteroid. If you need help tackling some long overdue project requiring patience and clarity of thought, these two are there to help, since Virgo is happiest when being of service to others.

Venus in Cancer is recovering from her opposition to Pluto in Capricorn, and a sextile from the Mercury-Pallas conjunction is supporting that recovery. The first thing that popped into my head was that this is a perfect time to get down and seriously reorganize closets and junk drawers! Digging into paperwork related to your home and family also is favored.

The opposition from Venus to Pluto could have pried loose old memories from childhood that need to be released to the higher good. Plus, we are all still reeling from the two eclipses in Cancer and Capricorn and could use the nurturance offered by Venus in Cancer right now.

A note of frustration is brought to the table by Mars in a waxing square to Saturn in Virgo. The upside is that Mars is moves quickly, and this will not be a long-lasting event. The downside is that disagreements could quickly degenerate into slanging matches with the square in mutable Gemini and Virgo, both of whom prefer words as weapons.

Ceres has just found her way into Libra and is exactly square Pluto in Capricorn. Since Ceres is the goddess who forced Pluto to deal with her as an equal, this is an interesting exchange and a prelude to what we can anticipate when Saturn enters Libra in late October. Ceres in Libra is focused on helping us develop a cooperative attitude and a willingness to share in an equitable manner, while Pluto in Capricorn is more interested in the bottom line. I definitely get a sense we will be seeing power struggles along those lines emerging within the collective over the next month or so.

This lunation marks the gradual end of the influence of the stellium of Neptune, Chiron and Jupiter in Aquarius and the reemergence of the next Saturn-Uranus opposition, which will take place on September 15 at 24° Virgo-Pisces. As Jupiter pulls away from Neptune, I am inclined to believe we will start waking up and realizing the extent to which we were basing our decisions on wishful thinking rather than hard facts. Naturally, this will be a painful period for many as reasons returns and the need to make serious adjustments in priorities emerges.

As for Saturn and Uranus, Mars in Gemini will square both of those between now and the New Moon in Leo on August 20. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to take note of what issues are front and center during this time.

The Sabian symbols for this lunation offer hope for an opportunity to make a leap forward now. The symbol for the Sun at 14 Leo is, “a human soul seeking opportunities for outward manifestation,” with the keyword INGENUOUSNESS. For the Moon at 14 Aquarius, the symbol is “a train entering a tunnel,” with the keyword COURTESY. Staying present and focusing on behaving with kindness and consideration toward others as well as ourselves appears to be the best option.

We need to take time to live consciously more than ever now and to avoid acrimonious exchanges where there are no winners. Ralfee Finn offers this advice, and I concur: The antidote is simple – refuse to engage in any mean-spirited, harsh, or brutal behavior. Period. But applying this remedy will take a deep commitment to conscious living.

Libra seeks balanceposted by Neith . . .

**Please read Pat’s weekly forecast for this week, August 3, for her thoughts this week’s lunar eclipse.

Image:  I felt this dramatic photo suited this Full Moon on the Leo-Aquarius axis.