Weekly Forecast February 21: Mars Enters Pisces, Jupiter Square Pluto

Reader Osk Ingad Alden sent this photo, with the following explanation: My Pisces had his fifth birthday so we went downtown to the aquarium in Denver. It almost looks like the fish is swimming in the starry universe. Good fish!

Forget “the new paradigm.” Everything is in such flux that we’re getting a new paradigm several times a month.

First it was Egypt and revolution in the Middle East. Now it’s bloody suppression of revolution in the Middle East. The next shift could be civil war in Libya, and who knows where that might lead?

Meanwhile, closer to home, the Republican governor of Wisconsin moved to bust the unions representing state employees, prompting a showdown in the legislature and a march on the Capitol by thousands of protestors. It worked in Egypt. But it won’t persuade Gov. Scott Walker, who says he’s going to go ahead with his plan anyway, with the backing of the newly elected Republican majority. Can you spell Khadafy Qadhdhafi Gaddafi?

Things may quiet down a little this week, when Mercury and Mars join the Sun in tender Pisces. But it won’t be for long. Next month, rebellion planet Uranus enters Aries, sign of the warrior, with several planets following shortly afterward. By the New Moon in Aries on April 3, eight out of ten planets will be in cardinal signs, with six in Aries. Hopefully I’ll be caught up with my backlog of consultations by then so I can write a proper New Moon post.

This week, Mercury enters the sign of the Fishes on Monday followed by Mars on Tuesday. That is “Fishes,” by the way – plural. Pisces is two fish, each swimming in a different direction but tied together with a knotted cord. If you want to know what this symbolism means, watch a Pisces in front of a supermarket shelf trying to choose among 27 different kinds of peanut butter.

Seriously, now … It’s said that there are two kinds of Pisces, the “good fish” and the “bad fish.” One of them believes in the power of the Universe and can swim with the flow. The other puts blind faith in religious dogma and superstition and beats its scaly little head against the wall. This good-fish, bad-fish analogy is reflected in Neptune, the modern ruler of Pisces, which on one hand is highly intuitive and can merge into higher realms of consciousness, and on the other is permanently out to lunch (McFish anyone?)

So let’s hope the Sun, Mercury and Mars inspire us to be the good fish and not the bad one … although you will find plenty of examples of bad fish in the headlines this week. Unfortunately, giving a sword (Mars) to a bad fish isn’t a good idea. They tend to do things like killing in the name of the Lord.

The big day this week is Friday, when Jupiter in Aries squares Pluto in Capricorn. Although the planetary signature under all the unrest in the world is complex, Jupiter squaring Pluto is a major factor, especially with Jupiter in Mars-ruled Aries. This aspect repeats a pattern from the peak of the cardinal T-square last summer, and it’s mostly about who has the money versus who has the power.

Then something shifts this week, when Mars enters Pisces. With Mars no longer in Aquarius, the sign of revolution, political unrest gives way to fighting on behalf of religious ideals. Moreover, Mars and Jupiter will be in mutual reception (Jupiter was the sole ruler of Pisces before Neptune was discovered in 1846). I’m somewhat concerned the focus will shift from demands for freedom and individual rights to religious extremism – if not religious, then political.

However, there’s another set of aspects on Friday that could help turn conflict into a constructive dialog for growth and positive change. These occur right before and after the Jupiter-Pluto square, starting with a conjunction of the Sun and Mercury, followed by a sextile from both to Pluto.

This is where it gets really interesting, because all of that pent-up energy from the Jupiter-Pluto square has a path of release. Sextiles are open channels that allow energy to flow freely. Confrontation can be constructive or destructive. This planetary alignment favors a positive outcome – at least, for those who want it. Some factions profit by stirring up conflict and so aren’t inclined to seek resolution. These fishes aren’t just bad, they’re rotten.

On Sunday, the Moon in Capricorn goes through a quick review of the week’s aspects, starting with a conjunction with Pluto, then moving on to a square with Jupiter, a sextile to the Sun and Mercury, and a square to Saturn just so the taskmaster doesn’t feel left out of the T-square party. He’ll get his turn in a few weeks, though, and if you pay attention on Sunday, you may get a big hint about how it’s all going to go down.

Keep the faith!
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  1. Charlotte

    Aww Friday is my birthday. I will have the Sun, Mercury, Mars, Chiron and Neptune all in a neat little bunch sitting on my natal Sun. Figures!


    1. Pat Post author

      Happy birthday, Charlotte! You might want to consider having your Solar Return chart done. It’s obviously going to be a very big year for you!


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