Taurus-Scorpio, Part II: The Desire to Know and the Path of Illumination

Nice try, Taurus, but eating a chocolate Buddha won't substitute for meditation. Photo from Chocolate Deities of Redhook, NY.

Whereas Taurus’ opposite sign Scorpio is the first to dive headlong into confrontation, Taurus can dig in their heels and actively avoid confrontation to “keep the peace” (or just present a wall of stubborn silence).

Contentment and preserving the status-quo are the ego-traps of Taurus. The tendency to avoid making waves and to be content with material gain and/or sensual pleasures prevents you from asking the bigger questions, exploring your inner nature, and seeking higher knowledge. This keeps you stuck in “spiritul ignorance,” focused purely on mundane matters and not recognizing your own inner awareness.

The higher Divine vibration and illuminated nature of your Taurus Soul cannot be accessed from such a limited perspective. The deeper mystery of Taurus’s esoteric ruler, Vulcan, is hinting that we have the key to our own destiny: we really are forging our own path. The inner mysteries of Taurus are strongly connected to the development of the three kayas (three bodies of a Buddha) or, in other words, the light body.

As a Taurean Soul, you have an inner understanding of the process of involution – a necessary precursor to evolution – whereby Spirit incarnates into matter to have a physical experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience because of the energies of Taurus. They are the most mystical of energies. At its highest level of illumination, it is the sign of omniscience (all-knowing) and clairvoyance (clear seeing), so it is ironic that at the personality level, many Taureans keep yourselves spiritually limited by not aspiring to spiritual truth.

This is the Soul-path of Taurus in a nutshell: the transformation of desire into aspiration. To transform the desire for mundane sense-pleasures into the aspiration for spiritual truth. Yes, folks, it’s time to put down the chocolate and go meditate!

When you allow yourselves to simply be in meditation – for example, with the radiance of a flower – a deep inner knowing begins to dawn upon you. More than anyone, your Taurean Soul knows that your own physical body is both a Temple and a Universe. You know the beauty and radiance of the flower, felt at a very deep level, which connects with your own inner beauty and radiance until eventually there comes a recognition of the Divine within. As a Taurean Soul, you are learning to use your exquisite sensing capability to sense Divinity in all physical forms. This is how you sense and know beauty.

By being more inquisitive about the nature of your own inner world, you start moving towards Taurus’ opposite pole of Scorpio. This lifts you out of your comfort zone, beyond the doldrums of contentment, and cultivates your desire to know. The knowledge gained in Scorpio awakens and enlivens the higher vibration of Taurus. The full implications of your Taurean Soul Journey are hinted at in the Soul Keynote for Taurus:

“I see and when the Eye is opened, all is light.” 1

This refers to the opening of the inner eye, following which you see and understand the workings of the Universe. The Soul path of Taurus is to know and understand all the mysteries of the workings of the Universe by recognizing and directing your own inner light. The power of Taurus to illuminate was well-known in ancient times. The brightest star in the constellation of Taurus, Aldebaran, is commonly called the “eye of the Bull,” but it was also known in Ancient Mystery schools to be the “Eye Of Illumination.”2

Vulcan, Soul ruler of Taurus, shapes and forges primordial awareness into physical matter. This accounts for the dualistic inclinations of Taurean energy: will you direct your power and stamina outward toward the mundane, or inward toward the spiritual?

When the pristine, primordial, immature awareness of Aries (the “point of light in the mind of God” 1) first moves towards form3 in Taurus, as a result of desire, it is not yet known whether it will incline toward the mundane, become embroiled in the materialistic world and contribute to the “great illusion,” or whether it will incline towards a spiritual path and move to illumination. It could go either way. Will your journey be of benefit to all, or just benefit for yourself?

If you have Taurus strongly placed, it is very important for you to stay alert, aware, recognize your inner senses and make conscious choices to move toward the light moment by moment. This time of year, this not only applies to those with Taurus in their natal chart, but to the rest of us as well. During our annual “Taurus shower,” we all get to bask in the energies of potential illumination. Each one of us has the potential to become a Buddha (enlightened one). What we make of it is up to us. The spiritual path of Taurus is one from ignorance to illumination through a deep recognition of spiritual truth and the power to cultivate and direct spiritual energy into form.




1. Esoteric Astrology, the wisdom of Djwhal Khul (Master DK) channelled through Alice Bailey.
2. Here is a great article exploring the mystery of Aldebaran: http://www.souledout.org/cosmology/highlights/aldebaran.html
3. Not necessarily physical form. The Soul can be considered to have a “form,” “character,” or “shape.”


Ruth Hadikin, Soul Astrologer

Ruth Hadikin – Soul Astrologer

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4 thoughts on “Taurus-Scorpio, Part II: The Desire to Know and the Path of Illumination

  1. Charles

    Actually, that chocolate thing is not a representation of the buddha, it’s Budai, he’s more of a taoist folklore figure.


    1. Pat Post author

      Charles, although you are correct about the name, most people (in this part of the world, anyway) know this figure as the “Laughing Buddha.” And while he’s not the same Buddha we’re talking about in esoteric astrology, he’s chocolate, and that’s the point of this humor.


  2. SoulAstrologer

    Hi Charles and Pat,

    While it’s true that he isn’t a representation of the Buddha Shakyamuni (Guatama), Budai is considered in some buddhist traditions to be a Buddha, or bodhisattva, and is especially associated with Maitreya – the next Buddha of the future.

    Buddhist tradition holds that many Buddhas will come to help sentient beings through these difficult times, and some traditions hold that in our world Shakyamuni was Buddha number seven (or the fourth Buddha in this ‘kalpa’ or age). (Indeed there are said to be 1,000 Buddha’s in each Kalpa).

    He is also thought to be analagous with Hotei in Japan, one of the ‘seven lucky gods’ of Taoism, he is the ‘god’ of abundance and good health … pretty fitting for Taurus!

    And of course, being chocolate, he is bringing us one of the fundamental teachings of buddhism… impermanence!


    – Ruth


  3. inishglora

    This is fascinating. The esoteric aspects you describe trigger my Scorpionic, innate desire to delve, dig and dissect, to get at the Mystery. Thank you!


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