Taurus-Scorpio, Part I: The Desire to Know and the Path of Illumination

It’s time for another installment of Ruth’s inspirational series on the signs of the Zodiac from the perspective of esoteric astrology. Here, we have a look at the meaning of Taurus and its opposite sign, Scorpio. ~ Pat

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In Part I, we look at the importance of Taurus’s opposite sign Scorpio in awakening Taurus to the treasures of the spiritual journey.

It is said that the Buddha had six planets (plus Chiron) in Taurus.1 It is believed that he was born under Taurus, passed in Taurus, and became enlightened in Taurus. Many important Buddhist festivals are celebrated during the time of Taurus. The highest vibration of Taurus is about revelation, illumination and enlightenment. It is a very mysterious sign, associated with the opening of the third eye.

Esoterically, the ruling planet of Taurus is Vulcan, which itself is hidden (a hypothetical planet once believed to be orbiting between the Sun and Mercury, Vulcan is used only in esoteric astrology.) Vulcan is the blacksmith of the Zodiac, and Master DK says that Vulcan either forges “the chains that bind us” or “the key that sets us free.”2 The choice between imprisonment in the material realm of “Samsara” (the cycle of death and rebirth) or liberation lies in the mysteries of Taurus.

At the personality level, Taurus has a tendency toward stubbornness. This is natural; as the fixed-earth sign, its purpose is to create stability. Anyone with a Taurean friend or relative will know the reassuring sense of stability we feel around our Taurean friends. The purpose of all “fixed” energy is to stabilise; however, the Soul purpose of Taurus relates to the deeper mysteries of “stabilising” spirit in matter.

As the vibration of Venus comes through Taurus at the personality level, most Taurean individuals are seen to be placid, peaceful and only stubborn if you try to push them in a direction they don’t want to go. As an earth sign, they are very much focused on the practicalities of life, so most Taureans are happy as long as the family is OK, everybody has enough food to eat and a roof over their heads, and the bills are paid. “Lazy” is not a word we would usually associate with Taurus – they can be very hard workers. Like the Bull, they plod and plod and plod, because they understand how to work steadily, make money, and cover the basics: to make sure their family’s basic needs are met. Then they are happy.

If you have Taurus Sun, Moon or Rising Sign (Ascendant), this Venusian effect means you need to have beauty in your surroundings. A beautiful home, beautiful garden and/or somewhere peaceful is more than just personal preference. For you, it is vital for your well-being. To be able to sit in a peaceful environment is very important, because you are affected by your physical surroundings. Anything disharmonious disturbs you, while beauty and harmony are therapeutic for you. This is because, like Libra, you also have an innate knowing of harmony and a strong affinity for beauty. Beautiful surroundings are very healing for you.

Beauty is simply harmony expressed in form (whereas Libra is concerned with harmony in all systems, Taurus’s knowledge of and concern with harmony is in its application to physical forms). You may also have an artistic streak, a beautiful voice, or at least a love and appreciation of music, because you understand harmonics. Some of my Taurean friends laugh at this (yes, you also have a great sense of humour) yet you decorate your homes and gardens with as much skill, care, attention, harmony and balance as any interior designer.

Where you can become lazy is intellectually and/or spiritually. The halls of academia are hardly filled with Taureans. You have a tendency to become content too easily, once your physical and comfort needs are met. Once you have material security and beautiful surroundings, you tend to relax and not go any further. While the Scorpios are busy packing their backpacks for the great spiritual adventure, you would rather stay home with the family in the garden with your feet up and a cocktail by the pool.

Taurus, like its polar opposite Scorpio, is on the path of Mastering Desire. But whereas Scorpio’s challenge is to tame their multiple desires, you have to cultivate the “Desire to Know.” Whereas Scorpio desires to dive deeply and intensely into the depths of the human psyche, your energy is the energy of primordial desire, desire for sense pleasures: beauty, harmony, comfort. This has to be cultivated into the desire to know, so that you can aspire to the highest vibration of enlightenment and illumination. The inquisitiveness and deep inner probing of Scorpio is needed for Taurus to realize that there is something inside worth aspiring to. This then turns your attention away from the material world and toward a deeper exploration of your inner world and, eventually, your own true nature. There are inner mysteries awaiting your discovery!

In Part II, we will explore the deeper mysteries of Taurus and find out why it is the sign of illumination.



1. Buddhist Astrology, by Jhampa Shaneman & Jan V. Angel.
2. Esoteric Astrology, the wisdom of Djwhal Khul (Master DK), channelled through Alice Bailey.


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