Gemini-Sagittarius: The Sacred Marriage of Love and Wisdom, Part I

Today’s post by Ruth looks at the signs of Gemini and Sagittarius – very timely, with upcoming eclipses in this sign pair. ~Pat

Gemini, from Les Très Riches Heures du Duc de Berry, c. 1410. Although the "twins" in Gemini are named for two brothers in classical mythology, they often are depicted as twin flames, male and female.

“In the beginning was the Word …”

Gemini rules the breath, speech, languages, writing, communication, networks, and communion on all levels. Hidden within Gemini are the deepest mysteries of creation and destruction. The energy of Gemini both creates and dissolves polarities, in the Universal dance of Creation which was known to the Ancient Rishis of India as the “breathing in and out of Brahma.”

Welcome to one of the most complex and contradictory signs of the Zodiac.

Six core energies are symbolised by the Zodiac. However, because the human mind (ruled by Gemini) has a tendency to “polarise” (divide and separate into opposites), we experience these energies as 12 separate Zodiac signs, and thus we have the polarities. In the future, when human consciousness is evolved, it is said that the 12 signs will merge into six, and we will experience them as one energy pole – for example, Gemini-Sagittarius.*

Gemini has a vital role to play in the process of resolving these polarities in human consciousness. One mystery of Gemini – and there are many – is the resolution of polarities into Divine Union. Because of this unique function, Gemini is the only sign that has an esoteric connection with all the other signs of the Zodiac. Just like spinning an enormous web (or story), it is through Gemini that all will be woven together at the end.

Whatever sign you are, your Gemini friend will be able to relate with you on some level. Gemini has the ability to visit every sign in order to experience and understand the energies involved. Ultimately, it is in the sign of Gemini that we realize the multi-dimensional aspects of our whole being.

By the time the Divine Intelligence of Gemini has filtered through a human mind, it becomes one of the most complex, restless and difficult to handle energies of the Zodiac. You could be forgiven for thinking your Gemini friend has ADHD or is just crazy! As the mutable (changeable) air sign, the nature of Gemini is one of constant movement. Gemini has to touch everything and hold onto nothing. Freedom to move is essential.

Gemini is associated with the lungs, and we can use the analogy of breath to understand what is going on with Gemini. In breathing, there are two stages, breathing in and breathing out. This explains the two (apparent) sides of Gemini. Gemini has a need to first gather information – this is breathing in. Our Gemini friend may be very silent and contemplative during this stage. Information is being received and processed. Then comes the breathing out … hold onto your hat!

Depending upon the level of consciousness of our particular Gemini, this is where we may experience a profoundly inspired message or, at worst, simply gossip. Their innate compulsion to share information has no built-in quality control. The information you get seems to be whatever happens to be flitting through their head in any given moment. For this reason, Geminis have an unfair reputation for being empty-headed and superficial, yet this in itself shows a lack of understanding of the importance of Gemini.

To avoid being distracted by trivia, Gemini needs the determined focus and follow-through of its polar opposite, Sagittarius. Only then will you be able to sustain your inner journey and recognize your “twin self” – your Soul.

[callout]I recognize my other self and
in the waning of that self I grow and glow.*[/callout]

The Twins represent the dualistic aspects of Self: our personality and our Soul. In the myth of the two brothers, Castor and Pollux (which comprise the constellation of Gemini), Castor is mortal (personality) while Pollux is immortal (Soul). Another duality is that of “two minds,” the head and the heart.

At the personality level, Gemini is ruled by Mercury, which has an important role to play in the development of the antakharana (or Rainbow Bridge). This is the mysterious “bridge”’ between lower and Higher Mind, that develops once humanity has evolved to a certain point in consciousness, whereby we can fully live from Higher Mind.

At the level of our lower mind, it is the influence of Mercury that creates polarities, by focusing on our differences and creating the illusion of separation. At one stage of our development this is a necessary precursor to the process of individuation – development of the individual. If it were not for our ability to separate for example, we’d never cut the umbilical cord and stride out on our own, separate from our mothers!

Once we begin our inner journey toward Soul identification however, it is also the influence of Mercury which bridges the (illusory) gap, connects us with our Higher Self, and brings us home to wholeness. This dual role of division and reunion contributes to the seemingly contradictory nature of Gemini. But seen from a higher perspective, it is just one road; we travel out on the road and then we use the same road to travel back home.

In Part II, we will explore the role of Gemini’s esoteric ruler, Venus, in awakening the deeper mysteries of Gemini.



* Esoteric Astrology, the wisdom of Djwhal Khul (Master DK), channelled through Alice Bailey.


Ruth Hadikin, Soul Astrologer
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