New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer, July 1

This image of the total eclipse of the Sun on July 11, 2010, was shot in French Polynesia by Terry Evans of Exmoor, UK, whose birthday was that day! The July 1 eclipse will be partial.

Another week and we’ll be out of the inter-eclipse Twilight Zone. It has been a strange trip indeed.

You’ll recall in a previous post that I said big changes were on the way for me, but I was going to wait until after the July 1 eclipse to take definitive action. Well, less than 24 hours after the June 15 eclipse, my plans for this fall totally fell through … or so I thought. A few hours later I received news that the original message had been an error. So it looks like everything is on track. Still, I’m waiting to make a final commitment until after the eclipses are well behind us.

At 9 degrees Cancer, the New Moon solar eclipse on July 1 is the last of the Capricorn-Cancer eclipse series and represents a wrap-up or resolution of a difficult situation that began in mid-2009. You may have another couple of weeks of “cleanup” to do – until the Full Moon on July 15. But overall, the challenge you’ve faced for the past two years will fade away in the rearview mirror, and not a moment too soon! Everyone is exhausted and ready for a break.

Tennis diva Serena Williams is a perfect example. With her Sun at 3 degrees Libra in the sixth house (health), Serena suffered one debilitating health problem after another, starting with a leg injury in April 2009. Last July, just as the cardinal T-square was approaching a peak directly on her Sun, she stepped on glass in a restaurant and required surgery. While in rehab earlier this year, she was treated for blood clots in her lungs. After a year of not being able to compete, she returned to Wimbleton last Tuesday, won her opening round, and broke down in a flood of tears.

“It definitely was so emotional for me because, you know, throughout the last 12 months, I’ve been through, a lot of things that’s not normal,” she said on her website. “So it’s just been a long, arduous road. To stand up still is pretty awesome.”

That pretty much says it all! Most of us have had a harrowing two years, complicated by the eclipses in cardinal Capricorn and Cancer. And while the last one forms a tense grand cross with Saturn, Uranus and Pluto, I still feel that it’s going to be a relief for us, and that the tears we shed will include tears of gratitude that we’re still here and still standing.

Chart for Eclipse

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I have to admit that the chart for this eclipse is intimidating, dominated by a bright red grand cross. However, I remain optimistic, because there are two very clear “outs” – paths where blocked energy can flow and be put to positive use.

The first out is a trine between Pluto and Jupiter. This easy aspect supports transformation and positive change. Finding solutions to wicked problems (as a friend of mine calls them) requires expanding the mind. We can do that now. Both planets are in earth signs, suggest tangible, material results.

The second out flows between Saturn and Mars, the planet of action. In Gemini, it’s speedy action, too, although there’s a risk that there may be more talk than action. Still, with Saturn recently returned direct and Mars in an air sign, we can put on our thinking caps, come up with realistic plans, and do the hard work necessary to get the results we want. And it will be hard work. The inconjunct between Mars and Pluto suggests that acting without thinking things through could end up a total waste of energy.

The real difficulty I see here is the square from the Sun and Moon to Saturn. For many of us, moving in a new direction required leaving something or someone behind. Even though we may feel confident that we made the right decision, loss is sad and painful. Cancer is the sentimental sign of the zodiac, so we could be very emotional for a day or two on either side of the eclipse.

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2 thoughts on “New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer, July 1

  1. astrologychick

    I have to disagree with you Pat about the Pluto Mars inconjunct – that is a great alignment for creating ambition and the tenacity to see tough jobs through.

    I also disagree that that is really a grand cross – but then I specialize in Horary (date selection for success and happiness). I use extremely small orbs (3′) Anything bigger than that and it’s just something you kind of feel – but you can’t take it to the bank.

    The Solar Eclipse always removes something from view – especially if it hits one of your planets in a 3′ orb.


  2. Pat Post author

    Hi Aura,

    Thanks for stopping by. It’s always interesting to hear from other astrologers.

    You must have some pretty strong empirical evidence from your practice to compel you to disagree.

    As I’ve said many times, interpreting transits and trying to figure out which one is associated with which event is tricky business. You could ask 10 astrologers what they thought it meant and you’d get 10 different answers. I would never be so presumptuous as to say mine was right and someone else’s was wrong. What’s important is that the astrologer finds a system that works for him/her, and that creates a context for working with their clients.

    Likewise, I would never make a statement that a certain transit or event always has a certain effect.

    Horary has its own special rules, which don’t apply to transits. If you look around, you’ll find other astrologers who use even wider orbs than I do. I agree that this year’s cardinal T-square/grand cross is not as potent as last year’s, precisely because it’s not as tight – largely because Saturn has move on – and I’ve noted this in previous posts. But we need only look at the news headlines to tell us that it’s not over yet … At least, that’s how I interpret it. :-)


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