Live from Vashon Intuitive Arts

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Today I’m blogging from Vashon Intuitive Arts in beautiful downtown Vashon.

I used to drive by this place all the time, thinking, “I wonder what that is,” but I was on a mission to the bank or the grocery store and didn’t take the time.

Then one day, there was clearly something going on – books on tables outside and lots of people. I did a U-turn and ended up getting an amazing Tarot reading with a gentleman who has studied Jungian psychology and who learned Tarot with the internationally acclaimed Angeles Arrien.

He was using a deck he created himself, with a couple of extra cards, including one he called “Hats,” depicting a UFO. I drew it as part of my reading and was told it was a sign of communications with beings in other dimensions. I keep telling him I want to put his deck on my site, but he drew all the cards by hand and hasn’t yet converted them to digital images.

I also found an old copy of Alice Bailey’s book, the one Ruth always cites in her posts. As I have discovered, synchronicity happens here with amazing frequency.

VIA is a metaphysical center started last year by four women with a vision, each with a special gift, whether in healing, art, or doing the books. The center has space for readings, group meetings, and body work, and there’s a great lending library for members. The shop sells books, crystals, jewelry, and lots of different items that are hard to describe. There are “Native American” rattles made by a local artisan. I was a bit skeptical about its being the real thing, until someone picked it up and shook it. The vibration was so powerful that I had energy spasms from head to toe for a good five minutes.

I’ll be doing readings here periodically over the summer, mostly astrology, but Tarot for anyone who prefers it. In the meantime, I’m helping out at the front desk. I can bring my laptop and do reports or write for my blog. I also get to play with the crystal singing bowls (that’s one at the bottom left of the photo). It’s hard to describe the effect of these things on anyone who hasn’t heard them. They are, literally, life-changing. Again, it has to do with vibrations. All we are is a mass of vibrating atoms, and we respond to certain frequencies. The bowls are attuned to the seven chakras and can help open those energy pathways.

So, here I am, live from VIA. If you’re in the Seattle area, you can schedule a reading with me here. Otherwise, I’m available on a limited basis for telephone readings, so be sure to schedule in advance. I also just posted my new Solar Return report, so if you have a birthday coming up, check it out. They make great gifts, too.

2 thoughts on “Live from Vashon Intuitive Arts

  1. inishglora

    That’s awesome, Pat! The crystal bowl comment reminds me that I was amazed that I could hear a Tibetan singing bowl when it was struck with the little tool that you use. That’s powerful indeed. Incidentally there was a similar event at a shop nearby that has many similar items. One evening they were hosting an expo with a variety of services and healing modalities, including astrology. So I guess my metro area has some similarities to Vashon. :o)


  2. Pat Post author

    That’s interesting about the Tibetan bowl, Joe. The vibration is very powerful!

    As for your metro area, it is probably a lot more hip than Vashon and for a lot longer. We’re such a tiny community here, and Seattle has a couple of big metaphysical stores that get big name book signings and lectures. I’m just hoping we can make this work. It’s such a great community resource.


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