Weekly Forecast July 11: Full Moon in Capricorn

After the desert monsoon. © Ellen Hill, 2011

The eclipses are behind us, but there are issues left to resolve.

It almost feels like a Hollywood film script with an ending that is dragged out deliberately in order to keep the suspension going as long as possible, but irritates instead. I can hear all the muttering in the audience: “Could we please just get on with it?

For some of us, the credits are about to roll. For others, it will take a bit longer, and there may be a sequel. As usual, it depends on where all of this is happening in your chart.

Those of you who ordered your StarGuide forecast* are aware that the Full Moon this Friday is a potentially a big date for wrapping up. Although it’s not an eclipse, it is near the degree of a total eclipse of the Sun in January 2010. You likely know by now what your main challenge has been over the past two years. If you don’t, it’s probably because you’ve been hit on several sides at once or because your life and the lives of loved ones with different sets of circumstances were comingled. For a clue about what might come full circle at this Full Moon, think back to January 2010, and you’ll have an idea of what to expect.

If the “big finish” doesn’t happen in the next week to 10 days, there are a couple more dates coming up, with Mars passing over the eclipse degrees. Last Wednesday, he crossed the degree of the June 1 eclipse. That one, as you may recall, was about new beginnings. He’ll reach the degree of the July 1 eclipse in Cancer on August 17. Yes, I hear the muttering. . .

So overall, I don’t see anything new emerging at Friday’s Full Moon. Like me, you’ll probably consider this to be good news.

As for the rest of the week, we start out on Monday at a fast pace, with the Moon in Sagittarius and an energetic sextile from Mercury in Leo to Mars in Gemini. Communications can be swift and direct. Keep your contacts light and entertaining. Even heavy subjects are best approached with humor.

On Wednesday, Venus and Saturn form a square. Normally this is a difficult aspect, but I don’t think we’ll feel the usual “nobody loves me” effect, as Saturn is in Libra, the sign Venus rules. A good friend of mine reminded me yesterday about how hard relationships are. Keeping true love alive takes constant vigilance and requires that we continually examine our own feelings, motives, and internal programming. But both people have to be committed, or it won’t matter how hard you work. Saturn in Libra represents an equal and balanced commitment.

After Friday’s Full Moon, we’ll get a break for a week or so. It will be a welcome relief.

Wishing you all hearts full of love and courage,

Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

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