Weekly Forecast September 5: Mercury Enters Virgo, Venus Sextile Mars

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This week, we continue to encounter circumstances that allow us to put our new skills to the test as we move deeper into new territory.

With the Moon in Capricorn on Tuesday and Wednesday, there are small reminders of situations we’ve been in over the past two years. Most of you are moving on, but some ties remain. Because the Moon moves through the signs quickly, her influence is fleeting and sometimes not felt at all. Still, I’m betting you’ll get twinges of fear and worry – maybe worse – as memories surface. This is natural, so just allow the feelings to flow. As long as they don’t stick, you’re fine. If they do, that’s your clue that something still isn’t resolved.

On Sunday, Mars moves over the degree of the Jan. 15, 2010, solar eclipse in Capricorn. At 25 degrees, the eclipse was well out of the range of the cardinal T-square and grand cross, but it probably corresponds to your major challenge or challenges in the past two years. Think back to what was going on for you around the middle of January (plus or minus a week), and then think about what has changed. Chances are, you’re in a much different place. Several times in the past month or so, people have told me that they aren’t bothered by things that upset them before.

Among other things, we’re learning to see people and situations in a different light, and that changes how we respond. Right before Mars passes over that critical degree, he makes a dynamic sextile with Venus in Virgo. It’s interesting to note that both planets are in their fall, and yet relationships can still benefit. It’s when we’re at our weakest that we’re most likely to drop our defenses and be real with each other.

On Thursday, Mercury opposes Neptune for the third and final time in this cycle, and then he re-enters Virgo on Friday. When Mercury turned retrograde in early August, he was in close opposition with Neptune. The level of confusion was beyond what we usually feel when Mercury shifts motion, and many people told me they were “just so sleepy.” We’ll likely get that effect again late this week. Mercury and Neptune are both associated with sleep and dreams, so it’s a wonderful opportunity to pay attention to your dreams. They can contain important messages.

These messages can be an important source of healing, and that’s likely to be the case on Saturday, when Mercury opposes Chiron. Healing messages aren’t always comfortable; indeed, they may be mildly upsetting. It’s never easy when the deep psyche is stirred up. This is especially true for past-life memories, which are surfacing more often for many of you. The first memories to come back typically involve close relationships – that’s why so many of you are meeting soul mates. After that, we begin to remember traumatic experiences. The collective conscious contains many such memories, along with lifetimes of wounds. We began addressing these in earnest a few years back, when Neptune and Chiron conjoined in Aquarius. We can go deeper with Chiron in Pisces.

Back in Virgo, Mercury will be in his own sign – although I’ve been lobbying for joint rulership with Ceres ever since she gained the same “dwarf planet” status as Pluto. Little did I know at the time that there was an ancient precedent for this association. Manilius, writing in the 1st century CE, associated each of the astrological signs with a patron deity. A couple of weeks ago, I ordered a translation of his Astronomica from Amazon and was astonished to find that he, too, paired Ceres with Virgo. “The Virgin with her sheaf belongs to Ceres,” he wrote. He also paired Pisces with Neptune, long before planet Neptune was discovered. He assigned Vesta to Capricorn. You just have to love the synchronicity.

Virgo certainly has two distinct sides, symbolized beautifully by Mercury and Ceres. One side of Virgo – perhaps we should call it the left-brained Virgo – is into details, perfection, mechanical function, and logic. Have you ever noticed how many accountants, engineers and computer programmers have strong Virgo in their charts? The right-brained Virgo is the health-conscious, helpful friend in need. I always laugh when I come across a vegetarian Virgo. It’s so typical. Many of my clients with Moon in Virgo are in an alternative healing profession.

Next week is the Full Moon in mystical Pisces, the sign opposite Virgo. If you haven’t checked out Ruth’s latest article on Virgo and Pisces, you can find it here.

Also, don’t forget your StarGuide forecasts for September and Fall 2011. It has been a hellaciously busy week, but I managed to finish my sample for Martha Stewart. You’ll see that I’ve expanded my personal notes on the New and Full Moon and Mercury retrograde, and I’ve also added information on the outer planets, since they don’t show up in a transit printout unless they’re changing houses. All of this in an effort to provide a service you can’t get anywhere else …

Wishing you much love and courage,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

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5 thoughts on “Weekly Forecast September 5: Mercury Enters Virgo, Venus Sextile Mars

  1. Gilly170

    Chances are, you’re in a much different place…

    No, not at all! I’ve had massive, major transits for the past few years (inc that Jan 2010 eclipse, a day from my birthday) and *nothing* is changing in my life at all (which stagnates like a big stagnant thing). I am beginning to seriously doubt astrology, to be honest.

    Having said which, I always come here and I always enjoy what you say so thank you (couldn’t say it before because I lost my log in, I just found it so… thanks. (:)

    And Vesta to Cap, hmm? That’s interesting. I read that Pholus was important during major turning points and went looking; never found Pholus but Vesta was there, somewhere significant, at every major turning point in my life.


    1. mindfully

      Sounds rough, Gilly :-(. Do the transits involve mainly Saturn? Or is there some Uranus and/or Pluto? What is stopping things from changing, d’ya think? are there no changes at all, even tiny ones?


      1. Gilly170

        Pat & mindfully: no, nothing at all, really. I feel like I’ve been treading water for the better part of a decade. I had high hopes for some movement with all the heavy planets rolling over significant bits my chart, and especially with the Jan 2010 solar eclipse 1 degree from my sun but… zilch. It’s not that things are especially *bad* or onerous for me, they’re really not, I’m deeply aware of how very lucky I am, as a rule, but in career and family matters, friendships, life in general, despite a *lot* of work and effort, things are just not moving, *at all* (of course, when I say I need change, I mean I want things to improve, not get worse. ;))

        Currently, I have Pluto hovering around my DC (but trining himself), I think his conjunction with Mars is done now (0 Cap). Uranus is square my Asc, Chiron and Neptune are back and forth over my MC (Chiron is natally conj MC ). Saturn has been square himself (and Mercury, Ceres and my POF) for a bit but is now trining Venus.

        Those are all the big sticky ones at the moment, other biggies have been and gone. I also recently have Jupiter trine Saturn and sextile the Asc opposition Neptune – but he moves faster and I mistrust Jupiter, bad things seem to happen on my Jupiter returns.

        I’d love to get a reading, it’s been many years since I last had one, but I need to make some money first. ;) I will think about a report. But maybe my luck is changing, I won £12 on the lottery last night, not exactly a fortune, but better than a kick in the teeth. :D

        Thanks so much, both, for your interest – and Pat, thank you for an always-interesting blog, the best, the least wooly and most insightful weekly astrology blog I follow.


  2. Pat Post author

    Gilly, sorry to hear things are still dragging for you.

    I think I’ve mentioned that my weekly forecasts are general, that I identify broad trends that likely don’t apply to everyone. That’s why I recommend getting a personal transit report (my StarGuide forecast is an inexpensive choice) or scheduling a private consultation. As Mindfully points out, persistent Saturn or Pluto transits often are indicators. For example, anyone born in the mid- to late 70s currently has Saturn on natal Pluto. One client described it like walking through mud. You get hit from all sides and can’t get ahead for s—t. Because of the T-square, there have been a gazillion permutations of Saturn and Pluto transits.


  3. mindfully

    Hi Gilly

    Just wondering a couple of things….

    Do you have an ongoing run of transiting or progressing Yods by any chance? That can keep things quite stuck sometimes.

    Also, do you have ”Saturn chasing the Moon” going on???


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