Virgo-Pisces: Returning (Part II)

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The Virgo personality is very much concerned with work and may even have workaholic tendencies. However, this is a misapplication of the highest vibration of Virgo.

The higher purpose of Virgo is concerned with vocation rather than just “work.” It is important to have a spiritual motivation and purpose, rather than merely a mundane or ego-serving purpose. The word “vocation” comes from the Latin verb “vocare,” meaning “to call.” The Virgo Soul hears her spiritual calling and is ready, able, and willing to serve. She knows her spiritual power and purpose and is willing to pour forth her energy in the service of the Light. However, in order to hear your spiritual calling, you have to be able to listen to your true inner guidance, and that is where the higher vibration of Pisces is needed.

The highest octave of Pisces resonates with Universal Mind, Christ Consciousness and Oneness. Virgo needs to lift her head above the parapet and reconnect with her Spiritual origin. Then she can align with her true purpose and power, and flow that energy into her everyday life. This is how the lower personality-focused Virgo vibration becomes transformed through her opposite sign Pisces, and reaches the peaks of the higher octave of Virgo who knows how to flow “Love in Action.”

Yet there is even more to this mysterious sign of Virgo. The Soul keynote for Virgo is:

I am the Mother and the child. I, God, I, matter am.1

This speaks to Virgo’s vital role in the reintegration of the Divine Feminine into the planet at this time. Yet, one could be forgiven for thinking Virgo is a masculine sign. This is because, at the personality level, Virgo’s urge to serve can become distorted if her energy is inappropriately channelled into enterprises that serve the collective ego and support mundane structures that no longer serve humanity’s highest good, rather than her highest octave of bringing sacred energy down to Earth. Bringing the sacred into the everyday is Virgo’s real work.

The Mother and the Child refers to our dualistic nature: the Mother being our highest Divine Wisdom and the Child being our lower self, or ego. The challenge is to integrate these two, bringing Divine Wisdom to bear on the affairs of the mundane world. Imagine a world where our politicians and corporate leaders were required to have spiritual intelligence on their person specification, and to demonstrate practical skill in emotional intelligence and the ways of peace. What a different world that would be!

The Virgo Soul brings the spiritual into the physical through Higher Mind. Mercury is the personality ruler of Virgo, but also plays a key role in the development of Higher Mind. This is another clue to Virgo’s higher role. Like a lightening conductor, the Virgo Soul brings higher mind down to earth in very practical ways, imbuing all physical matter with enlightened wisdom, compassion and power.

If you have Sun, Moon and/or Rising Sign (Ascendant) in Virgo, your challenge is to still your busy mind enough to hear the soft voice that arises in the stillness. Herein lies your own inner wisdom; indeed it is the Wisdom of The Ages. Will you hear your spiritual calling in the stillness, “return” to your true vocation and devote your energy to the creation of Heaven on Earth? Or will you worry yourself (and possibly your friends!) into an early grave? The potential, and the choice, is all yours.




1. In “Esoteric Astrology” the wisdom of the Master Djwahl Khul channelled through Alice A. Bailey, a soul keynote was given for each zodiac sign. Meditating upon the keynote for your Soul Sign (Rising Sign, or Ascendant), supports you in aligning with your Soul vibration.

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