Libra-Aries: Think About It, There Must Be Higher Love…

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The words of the Steve Winwood song “Higher Love” echo through my mind as I write. Libra is the sign of beauty, truth, harmony, ethics and justice. Represented by the scales of Justice herself, Libra is also associated with law. Welcome to the beautiful sign of Higher Love.

The fully integrated Libra Soul1 is here to administer Divine Law, ultimate truth and harmony, and restore peace on Earth. No pressure there then! What does law have to do with Love, we might ask? They are intimately connected through Libra, as we shall see. Libra is concerned with all the laws of existence: the law of attraction and the law of harmonics.

Divine Law requires the balancing of energies within any system to maintain harmony. Existence depends upon it. In the natural world, we can see this fine balancing of energies within an ecosystem. Everything is very finely and delicately dependent upon everything else. Modern science is only just beginning to realize how delicately balanced and interdependent the natural world (including us) really is.

Within a human system, the fully integrated Libra Soul has the capacity and power to fine-tune and balance these energies through right relations. This includes an ability to sense any imbalance and bring it back into alignment, to restore balance and a harmonious existence with “all that is.” You will find such individuals playing an active role in the eco-movement: restoring balance through right relationship between humanity and our earth Mother.

So does this mean that every Libra we meet exudes Divine Love, peace, and harmony? Not quite yet. Cardinal energy is about creating new pathways, and air signs are about mastery of the mind. As the cardinal air sign, Libra does have a vital role to play in carving out new pathways of thought for creating our future: a peaceful, beautifully balanced and harmonious future. But before this can happen, Libra has to recognize and fully embrace the sheer life-force energy of her opposite sign, Aries.

All Librans resonate with peace. However, at the personality level, this innate desire for peace can lead our Libra friend to avoid difficult issues in the name of seeking “a quiet life.” Libra is known as the sign of the diplomat. Our charismatic, peace-loving Libran has a tendency to wear rose-tinted glasses and a strong desire to avoid discomfort. Whereas Aries has the first awareness of self, Libra becomes, sometimes painfully, aware of others and their dependence upon others for getting their needs met. This realization can lead our Libra friend into some very unhealthy, manipulative and possibly co-dependent relationship behaviors.

Here we have the keys to the main issues for Libra: balance and relationships.

Avoidance of the deeper issues in life is not the true path of peace. Think of Libran John Lennon, who used music to work toward world peace. Like John Lennon, each Libra personality has to awaken and use their own power. Living on the surface keeps them from an awareness of their real underlying energy – the very forces of nature that they came here to balance! In order to do the very work she came here to do, Libra needs to feel the “life-force energy” of her polar opposite, Aries. Libra is a cardinal sign, and cardinal signs are here to take the lead.

Once Libra has embraced the energy of Aries, she will realize the power of thought and the reality of thought-forms. This awakens Libra to the natural law of harmonics, the law of inter-related energies that results in physical manifestation. The truth that our existence is created by thought is a high-octave Libra understanding, which explains Libra’s affinity for beauty and harmony. That which we perceive as beauty is merely harmony in physical forms. Our fully integrated Libra administers harmony throughout all the elements and multiple dimensions of Being.

Think about it… there must be Higher Love,
Down in the heart or hidden in the stars above,
Without it, Life is wasted time,
Look inside your heart, I’ll look inside mine.

The complex and beautiful sign of Libra works with harmonics – the sheer forces of nature self-organized in a precise and balanced way. It involves a deep understanding of harmony, right relationship and a capacity to recognize and use octaves of energy in creating the “music” of existence. It is all about the law, science, and application of Higher Love.

In Part 2, we journey even deeper into the mysteries of Libra: the law of harmonics, octaves, and right relations.




  1. A fully integrated Libra (or any other sign for that matter) is one who is Soul-centred and expresses the higher octaves of their Soul Sign (Ascendant) and their Personality Signs (Sun/Moon). In contrast to someone who may have a Libra Ascendant, but is still very personality oriented. They identify with the lower aspects of their personality signs, (Sun/Moon) are personality-driven, and are not living their highest expression.


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