Libra-Aries, Part IIThere Must Be Higher Love…

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As the Soul travels deeper on its journey through the zodiac, the higher octaves of the signs become ever more esoteric, mysterious and difficult for us to comprehend with our limited intellect.

Reason, the highest property of the intellect, is what guides purposive thought. Purposes, however, are limited, and therefore reason can operate only in what is limited. Wisdom alone can accept and intuitively realize the unlimited, the timeless and the infinite, by renouncing explanations and by recognizing the mystery, which can only be felt, experienced, and finally realized in life – and which can never be defined.
~ Lama Anagarika Govinda1

To discern the higher octaves of the signs, we need to go beyond the limitations of our intellect and enter the realm of intuition which, in itself, is part of our evolutionary journey. The higher octave of Libra brings us higher knowledge of the interrelatedness of all things. Whereas the initial impulse for existence begins with Libra’s polar opposite Aries – who declares, “I exist!” – the higher octave of Libra acknowledges that all existence is dependent upon relationship. Things exist in relation to other things. You exist because I exist. I exist because you exist.

That the whole of existence is dependent upon relationship is key to the deeper mysteries of Libra. Once we reach our highest iteration, our highest evolved state, we will reach for the next. There will always be a higher octave. There is no end goal. Once we have transcended all traces of our personality vibration and are resonating with our Soul vibration, there will be another higher octave that our expanded consciousness will aspire to at the hierarchical and cosmic levels.

We can relate to octaves through the musical scale: do, ray, me, fah, so, la, tee, do. This is one octave. Once we reach the highest note in this octave, we can move to the next. There is no end to the potential octaves. The only limitation is human capacity and perception. For example when we strike a single note on a bell, the sound appears to fade away. Where does it go? In fact the sound wave continues without end. It only appears to us to end because the sound wave has traveled beyond the range of human perception.

It is possible to expand our perception, as mystics have done in times gone by, until we can hear the “music of the spheres.” This is one of the mysteries of Libra: The precise relationship between notes within octaves, between octaves themselves, and our capacity to perceive them, all come under the law of “right relations.”

Librans often have the feeling of being caught between worlds. With such deep esoteric knowledge at their fingertips, they can feel like they are neither here nor there, with one foot on Earth and the other in Heaven. Now wonder the Libra personality has a reputation for being indecisive! But this is not a case of choosing between camps. Rather, it is exactly where Libra is supposed to be – bridging the gap between Heaven and Earth by spanning the Universe.

Before Libra can reach her highest octaves, however, she first has to transcend the Libra personality. To do this, she needs the self-orientation, courage, intuition and energy of her polar opposite, Aries. Ironically, Libra, you have to take your attention off others, and focus more on your Self to restore balance!

There isn’t just “other” in relationship; there is you, too. The only way you can access your innate esoteric knowledge and even begin to touch upon understanding the laws of harmonics is through your own inner journey, which opens the gateway to your intuitive Self. It is through knowing yourself that you truly come to know others. It is through healing your own system that you come to understand healing of all systems.

One of my mentors, a true Libra Soul, has a working definition for healing that could only (in my opinion) come from someone who understands the higher octaves of Libra:

Healing is the balancing of a system – whether it be a human body,
a family, a corporation, or a country. ~
Anya Sophia Mann

For a case-study of Libra soul-light expressing itself through (in this case) a Cancer/Aries personality, you may like to visit her website and take a few moments to read two or three of her blog posts. Notice in particular how the Libra themes of beauty, harmony, love of music, and a powerful desire to balance the human system through compassion and right relations shine out as a common thread throughout her work.

Love is a higher thought about somebody. ~Anya Sophia Mann

If you have Libra Rising (Ascendant), it is your challenge in this lifetime to access the highest octave of Libra energy that you possibly can and express this through the talents of your two personality signs2 (Sun and Moon) for the purpose of healing (balancing) systems.

So, Libra, will you overcome your fears and undertake the inner journey to your Self? Will you elevate your relationship dynamics and travel among the stars on heart-waves of Higher Love, until you resonate with the Music of The Spheres? As Steve Winwood reminds us, the answer lies deep in your heart and hidden in the stars above… 3




  1. Creative Meditation and Multi-Dimensional Consciousness, by Lama Anagarika Govinda. Quest Books, Illinois.
  2. This doesn’t only apply to Libra; the challenge for us all is to tap into the highest octave of our Soul Sign and express it through our personality signs. For a simple overview on using Soul Astrology in this way, read my article “How To Use Soul Astrology As A Tool for Personal And Spiritual Development.”
  3. Lyrics from the song “Higher Love,” by Steve Winwood.


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