Capricorn-Cancer: The Creation of Heaven on Earth, Part II

Mount Shuksan at dusk. © Pat Paquette, 2011.

Acknowledgement of the oneness of all beings is an essential stage in our spiritual development. It will heal the unhealthy split that separates humanity from the rest of nature and restore our true place in creation. Understanding the importance of our role in the whole of creation and, in particular, as custodians of the Earth and our environment is an important part of the higher wisdom of Capricorn.

In deepening our understanding of the underlying energy involved, we can think about the relationship between the three qualities: cardinal, mutable and fixed. Cardinal energy is the energy of spring. It is the driving force of creation that brings new life. Fixed energy brings stability. For the entire lifespan of a tree, the trunk represents the fixed energy that stabilizes the form in existence. Mutable energy is the energy of dissolution. It breaks down forms and boundaries, as in the autumn, when the leaves and dead wood de-compose so the energy can be freed up and used again.

Then it is again the role of cardinal energy to direct the released energy into new forms. This describes the cycle of life and the unique role of each Zodiac sign as one unfolds into another throughout the year. So it is the highest Soul purpose of Capricorn to take the lead in directing light into form. In this critical time of the Pluto transit, the old structures are dissolving while the higher octave of cardinal earth-sign Capricorn is directing us in creating new structures that more appropriately serve our future selves as spiritual, soul-centered beings.

In a sense, this is a homecoming. It is an awakening to the truth of who we really are as spiritual beings having a human experience. This oft-quoted statement is, for most of us at this stage in our evolution, just a nice idea. We hear the words, but is it really the truth of our experience? Do we experience ourselves as a spiritual being in a physical body? This is where we begin to enter the deeper mysteries of Capricorn.

Capricorn is said to be the sign of the disciple or initiate, which indicates Capricorn’s significant role in our spiritual awakening or ascension.1 Three animal symbols – the goat, crocodile and unicorn – are sometimes used to depict the stages of our spiritual ascent through Capricorn.

At the foot of the mountain the goat, the materialist, seeks for nourishment in arid places. The scapegoat on the way up finds the flowers of attained desire, each with its own thorn of satiety and disillusionment. At the top of the mountain the sacred goat sees the vision and the initiate appears. In other writings the symbols are the goat, the crocodile and the unicorn.2

We are told that there are two great gateways in the Zodiac.1 Cancer is the gateway into the physical, and Capricorn is the gateway into the spiritual. As we evolve spiritually and resolve the Capricorn-Cancer polarity into one, we fully experience spirit as physical matter. We will experience and know physical matter to be light, the light of God.

At the moment we can consider the idea of physical matter as light, but at this stage of our evolution it really is just an idea. We cannot really see physical matter and light as anything other than separate. Yet scientists are beginning to create physical matter from light,3 so we are beginning to touch upon the true mysteries of Capricorn: the process of creation and the true alchemy of light that is hidden deep within this mysterious sign!

Our current so-called “real-world” – the manmade world that has been imposed upon, pollutes and drains the natural world – is an expression of lower Capricorn consciousness, exploiting natural resources for personal gain. The highest vibration of Capricorn will honor and acknowledge the Earth, recognizing humanity’s true role as sacred custodians of the Earth. To reach this high octave, Capricorn needs to fully integrate the highest compassion and Unity Consciousness of Cancer.

At the moment, while the world is self-serving, greedy, and politically unstable, it would be dangerous for us to have the full power of Capricorn in our hands. We would be like children playing with matches, causing unimaginable devastation. So we can see how the integration of Capricorn-Cancer and a wise spiritual maturity is needed before we can fully realize the implications of Capricorn’s highest octave.

It is time for us to grow up and care for our environment, to put systems into place that will preserve the life and health of this planet and its inhabitants for future generations. This is the purpose behind the healing Pluto-Capricorn transit.

Unto Prometheus, O Hercules, you are asked to be a savior.
Go down into the depths, and there upon the outer planes
release him from his suffering.
Having heard and understood, the son of man
who was also a son of God, embarked upon this quest…

There is much hidden meaning in the above verse. In mythology, Prometheus was banished to Hades for stealing the fire of the Gods. This could be an analogy for our sacred Kundalini energy and the misuse of our sacred life-force energy for worldly (outer) gain. Capricorn realizes her true power when she turns her attention inward, integrates Cancerian energy, and directs her light for the good of all.

If you have Capricorn Sun, Moon or Rising Sign, you are here to shine your light through the darkness during these vital times. Will you lose yourself in the concrete manmade material realm, believing only what your eyes see? Or will you expand your perception to worlds within worlds, shine your light, and build a healthy future that heals our Earth Mother by reuniting her with the people? Capricorn, you are an engineer of light … and it is time to shine.




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2. The Labours of Hercules: An Astrological Perspective, by Alice A. Bailey
3. “Scientists Use Light To Create Particles.”


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