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Weekly Forecast December 15: Uranus Turns Direct, Solstice New Moon

White Solstice. © Gretchen Friedrich, 2014.

White Solstice. © Gretchen Friedrich, 2014.

Events in the coming week, plus Saturn’s entry into Sagittarius the following Wednesday, make for a nerve-wracking, exciting, stressful, hopeful, overwhelming end to a year that has been “all of the above” and more.

Oh, and did I mention stressful?

I got a call yesterday from a friend who has been in the same administrative job for 20 years that, while hectic, has been predictable, for the most part. She told me that the past few months have easily been the worst in her professional life, largely due to a new computer system that was supposed to be the latest and greatest but turned into a nightmare. To give me an idea, she said Continue reading

Weekly Forecast July 7: Full Moon in Capricorn, Mercury Enters Cancer

© Satori13 for Dreamstime.com

© Satori13 for Dreamstime.com

The biggest astrological event this week is the Full Moon in Capricorn, which brings more emphasis to the cardinal T-square/grand cross that just won’t quit.

Normally, what we start at the New Moon comes to fruition or at least reaches a major milestone at the Full Moon. Capricorn is known for being orderly and structured, but with the Sun and Moon in a fairly close square with erratic Uranus, the order is subject to change without notice. Also, Mercury was retrograde and behaving strangely at the New Moon. Add Uranus into the mix, and “fruition” prbably won’t be what you had in mind.

Now, that could be a good thing. Continue reading

Capricorn Rising: The Capricorn Soul

Maori earth goddess Papatuanuku as Capricorn. © Karen MacKenzie, 2013. Details below.

Maori goddess Papatuanuku as Capricorn. © Karen MacKenzie, 2013. Details below.

As we continue our journey exploring the fear-based reactions and love-based expressions of the twelve zodiac signs, we arrive at the deeply mysterious sign of Capricorn.

Capricorn is associated with achievement, practical application, method, ambition, material resources, finances, government, initiation, and discipleship. Esoterically it is said that the spiritual “goal” is identified in Sagittarius, and then in Capricorn we choose to walk the path. The highest soul purpose of Capricorn is “to create heaven on Earth,” and it is no accident that we celebrate Christmas and the birth of the Christ during Capricorn season.

The words “discipline” and “disciple” both have their origin in the Latin verb discere, which simply means “to learn.” So if Sagittarius has identified the spiritual goal, Capricorn’s job is learning how to get there. The whole idea of discipleship implies that there is a practical methodology to achieve a tangible result. Through our soul’s experience in Capricorn, we learn to build a very real “stairway to heaven.” So what would this “heaven” look like? Rather than thinking of it as a physical location, it can be thought of as the blissful state of nirvana or samhadi that comes after many years of applied discipline in a yogic or monastic tradition.

Capricorn is the sign of mindfulness, method, and skill cultivated through patient application and practice. The power that was gained in Sagittarius must now be applied in practice. The essence of Capricorn lies in the most appropriate use of resources, in particular spiritual resources, to achieve success. This is the key to understanding both the fear based reactions and love-based responses of Capricorn. Esoterically, Capricorn is said to be the most mysterious sign of all, and we will only fully come to understand the true meaning of Capricorn when humanity has made a great leap in consciousness.
[quote cite=”~ The Tibetan”]The basis of the astrological sciences is the emanation, transmission, and reception of energies and their transmutation into forces by the receiving entity. … It is all a question of developed reception and sensitivity.[/quote]
Of all twelve signs, Capricorn is most associated with both the best and the worst of human character. To understand this, we need higher consciousness and an understanding of energy. Capricorn is said to rule governments, politics and banking. The current sorry state of the world’s banks, greed, avarice, corrupt politicians greedy for power, global inequalities in wealth, health and resources, has been attributed to the “negative” or fear-based expressions of Capricorn. Yet esoterically this is the sign of the initiate and the disciple! How can this be?

The soul in Capricorn is learning “right use of resources,” including our inner resources: our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual energy. We cannot learn the power of our own energies and become skilled in their use from books. We can do so only through experience, practical application, and diligent practice – all Capricorn qualities. Through this, we develop the consciousness that results from deep self-observation where we become skilled at watching our own energies play out. Eventually, we then begin to see energetic patterns, connections, and deepen our understanding of the nature of energy and the laws of cause and effect.

In spiritual traditions where deep self-observation is part of the practice, students are encouraged to examine their own motivation. This means deeply observing the energies in you that motivate your thoughts, words, and actions, so that you come to know and understand your own driving forces. In this way, practitioners eventually begin to see important connections between seemingly different energies.

For example it is said that anger and love are the same energy and that anger is a lower fear-based expression of love. Likewise, greed and avarice are lower fear-based expressions of compassion. With consciousness, greed transmutes into compassion. If this is so, then it makes perfect sense that the most avaricious of signs has the potential to also be the most compassionate. We can only come to know this for ourselves through diligent application, experience, and awareness.[quote cite=”~ Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche”]Our anger obscures our capacity to love, our sadness obscures our joy, our prejudice obscures our equanimity, and our greed obscures our compassion.[/quote]
The current state of affairs in the world is a catalyst for human compassion to flower on a scale the likes of which have never before been known, and this is the lesson and the gift of Capricorn. In order to fully understand this, we need experience of how these energy dynamics work in our own energy field, which is why Capricorn is also the sign for skillful method, initiation, and discipleship.

The word “initiate” means to begin something or to be introduced to something. Without an introduction from skilled and experienced teachers, we are unlikely to see these energy dynamics for ourselves. Even Christ and the Buddha had teachers in their youth to point out the path. Next comes the discipleship, or discipline of applied practice. This means keeping our attention on the path. If we follow the energy of our greed, it takes us outside of ourselves, pursuing the object(s) of our desire and trying to fill a bottomless pit inside. It is this fear-based expression of Capricorn that leads to Capricorn’s worst reputation.

If we really observe ourselves deeply when we are experiencing greed, we can see that underneath it there is anxiety, fear, and maybe even terror. When we experience fear and terror, we naturally want to get as much as we can to take care of ourselves and our families. When our Capricorn friends succumb to fear, they may mistakenly chase after more worldly wealth and power, naturally trying to acquire and ring-fence resources for their own use, which gives them a false sense of security and short-lived peace of mind. Once they become well-versed and skilled in the art of energy dynamics, we will see that our Capricorn friends are transformed into the most generous and compassionate people on the planet! The Capricorn soul realizes that greed and compassion are but two expressions of the same energy and has the skill to transmute greed, avarice, and the base emotions of desire into compassion, love, and the highest qualities of humanity.

If you have Capricorn Rising, you can consider yourself to be a Capricorn soul. Your true skill and power lie in your innate focus, intelligence, and diligent method, which give you the ability to trace the energy of your emotions and desires back to their source. Rather than following the outward acquisitive direction of greed, by turning your attention inwards, observing your energy and tracing it back to its inner root, you will see it transform into compassion – first for yourself and then for others. From this connection to your innate compassion comes a deep and lasting sense of achievement, fulfilment, and spiritual nourishment. You then have an endless resource from which to practically and realistically build heaven on earth.



Ruth Hadikin, Soul Astrologer

Ruth Hadikin – Soul Astrologer

To get your personal Soul Sign/Life Purpose Report (FREE with a consultation), contact Ruth via her website. You can also request a FREE mp3 download, “The Energetics of Soul Astrology.”

KarenMacK smKaren MacKenzie is working on a series of astrology inspired paintings using goddesses from different cultures. For more information about the symbolism in this print and to view other works in her ongoing series, check out her website, Karen MacKenzie Art.

Saturn and the Inner Journey of Capricorn, Part II

Detail from Capricornus, from Johannes Hevelius's  Uranographia, 1690.

Detail from Capricornus, from Johannes Hevelius’s Uranographia, 1690.

Interestingly the Romans thought of Saturn not only as a God of agriculture and time, but as a God of liberation, and there is also a key here to the higher purpose of Saturn and Capricorn.

The Soul in Capricorn has to journey up the mountain from the very depths of humanity to the very heights of Christ consciousness, and this is no small task. The higher purpose of Capricorn involves choosing a spiritual path and understanding the laws of creation so that we may create heaven on Earth.

Capricorn rules the knees, and this symbology is important in understanding the soul’s journey through Capricorn. It is Saturn’s job, at personality level, to bring Capricorn to his knees so he develops insight and humility and turns his attention away from the trappings and excesses of materialism that would keep him trapped in ego.

Saturn is a wise teacher bringing important lessons and guidance to support us in making choices that align with our highest good. The word creation comes from the Latin creõ, which means to create, make, produce, beget, give birth to, prepare, cause or choose. So in creating heaven on earth, there is an element of choice: it is through our choices and actions that we create heaven on Earth, or not.

[quote cite=”The Tibetan Master DK, Esoteric Astrology”]Only when the Capricornian subject learns to kneel in all humility and with his knees upon the rocky mountain top to offer his heart and life to the soul and to human service, can he be permitted to pass through the door of initiation and be entrusted with the secrets of life. Only on his knees can he go through that door.[/quote]

Karma can be thought of simply as the law of cause and effect, and there seems to be a common belief that it refers to the results of our actions. Yet according to some Buddhist traditions, karma specifically refers to the volition, motivation, intention and action that creates the result. It is more about the action and intention than the result. So our personal karma is our past actions and intentions that planted the seeds for the results we are currently experiencing.

Saturn is bringing us the important lesson that these seeds ripen over time, and that if we truly want to create heaven on earth, we need to change our actions and plant different seeds! Once our intentions, motivation, thoughts and actions are fully aligned with divine will, we are liberated from the cyclic existence that keeps us trapped in ego and the physical realm (Samsara), and Saturn has fulfilled his role as a god of liberation.

Saturn is not only about restriction and limitation, because karma is not only about restriction and limitation. Conventionally many people feel that natal or transiting Saturn is “blocking” them in some way. This might seem to be the case from the perspective of the ego-personality that isn’t getting what it wants, but in reality Saturn brings important lessons about natural law, nature’s cycles, rhythms, potential, and possibility.

From the ego’s point of view spiritual progress is ‘one insult after another’
~ Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche

At personality level, Saturn teaches important and necessary natural laws. The nature of the physical realm is one of limitation, because everything works according to change and cycles of time. This lesson lies behind the old story of King Canute, who tried to hold back the tide. The limitation is not imposed by Saturn, but actually by our own mind. It is King Canute’s mind that is limiting him, in narrowing his view of reality to only that which he can control with his small ego. The lessons of Saturn are guiding us beyond our small mind, beyond the limitations of ego and the intellect, so we can see the greater reality, the truth of our own being.

Mind gives place to intuition and reason to pure perception.
~ The Tibetan Master, Esoteric Astrology

It is our egoic ideas that limit us, and once Saturn has “brought us to our knees” at the personality level, we are forced to accept that there is a greater reality happening outside of our small world, of which we are also a part. It is then that we align with our soul path and become receptive to the higher teachings of Saturn. Saturn then becomes the Lord of Liberation by showing us the true path to freedom.

If you have Sun, Moon, and especially Rising Sign in Capricorn, you have an important role to play in creating heaven on earth, by paying attention to your motives and choices and ensuring they are fully aligned with divine will for the highest and best good of all.



Ruth Hadikin, Soul Astrologer

Ruth Hadikin – Soul Astrologer

To get your personal Soul Sign/Life Purpose Report (FREE with a consultation), contact Ruth via her website. You can also request a FREE mp3 download, “The Energetics of Soul Astrology.”

Saturn and the Inner Journey of Capricorn, Part I

Detail from Capricornus, from Johannes Hevelius's  Uranographia, 1690.

Detail from Capricornus, from Johannes Hevelius’s Uranographia, 1690.

Capricorn Season is upon us once again, bringing with it an opportunity to return to the light. While having their feet planted firmly upon the ground, our Capricorn friends have clear sight of the mountaintop and a sure steady method that will take them there.

The sign of Capricorn is associated with practical methodology, steadfastness, business, finances, resource management, ambition and spiritual aspiration. This sign of extremes is associated with both the worst excesses of materialistic egotism at personality level, and yet esoterically is associated with the heights of spiritual aspiration leading to Christ consciousness. We will understand why as we explore the planetary conditions that exist for the soul’s highest development in the mysterious sign of Capricorn.

Esoterically, all world Saviours and Sun Gods are born in Capricorn but also the very worst type of man – hard, materialistic, cruel, proud, selfishly ambitious and egoistic. The head rules the heart in such cases, whereas in the perfect example of the influences of Capricorn, head and heart are perfectly balanced.
~ The Tibetan Master DK, Esoteric Astrology

As we follow the soul’s journey through the 12 signs of the zodiac, after the Archer clearly identified the path in Sagittarius, in Capricorn it is time to follow the path of light all the way to Christ consciousness.

Two planets are important in creating the conditions for the soul’s experience and development in Capricorn. Saturn is the planetary space-holder (ruler) at both personality and soul level, while interestingly, it is Venus that holds space at hierarchical level. In Esoteric Astrology the Tibetan Master describes the evolution of consciousness in three stages which he refers to as the three crosses.

The mutable cross is where most of humanity currently is. This is where we are largely personality-centered and personality-driven. The fixed cross is where we begin to have some soul awareness and follow a more spiritual path, yet we are still identified with personality, so duality is still present. The cardinal cross is where we are fully integrated, living and expressing our lives as fully soul-centered beings. According to Esoteric Astrology, Saturn cannot follow mankind onto the cardinal cross and so only has influence at personality and soul level:

Saturn’s power is completely ended and his work accomplished when man (the spiritual man) has freed himself from Karma and from the power of the two Crosses – the Common [Mutable] and the Fixed. Esoterically, Saturn cannot follow man on to the Cardinal Cross.
~ The Tibetan Master DK, Esoteric Astrology

Saturn has a reputation for being a serious, strict, limiting, authoritarian, law-giving father figure. He is known as the Lord of Karma and the Lord of Time and is known for being a very harsh taskmaster. Believe it or not, this is ultimately all for the highest good, for it keeps Capricorn on the truest path towards Christ consciousness and prevents any wayward diversions that would tempt Capricorn to stray from his path and become lost in the trappings of material existence.

To understand Saturn’s role we must understand karma and natural law. If you put your hand in the fire, it will be burnt. You are not being punished for putting your hand in the fire; it is simply the result of natural law. The nature of fire is heat, and so anything coming into proximity with it will simply be burnt. Although we are spiritual by nature, Saturn brings us important lessons that we must heed while we are living a material existence: namely the law of cause and effect (karma) and the realities of time and limitation. If we are to plant seeds, grow crops, and harvest them effectively to provide food for our survival, we must heed the cycles of time, and plant and harvest according to the seasons. These are the simple lessons of Saturn.

In Part II, we will take a more in-depth look at the concept of Karma and how it relates to Saturn and Capricorn.



Ruth Hadikin, Soul Astrologer

Ruth Hadikin – Soul Astrologer

To get your personal Soul Sign/Life Purpose Report (FREE with a consultation), contact Ruth via her website. You can also request a FREE mp3 download, “The Energetics of Soul Astrology.”

Capricorn-Cancer: The Creation of Heaven on Earth, Part II

Mount Shuksan at dusk. © Pat Paquette, 2011.

Acknowledgement of the oneness of all beings is an essential stage in our spiritual development. It will heal the unhealthy split that separates humanity from the rest of nature and restore our true place in creation. Understanding the importance of our role in the whole of creation and, in particular, as custodians of the Earth and our environment is an important part of the higher wisdom of Capricorn.

In deepening our understanding of the underlying energy involved, we can think about the relationship between the three qualities: cardinal, mutable and fixed. Cardinal energy is the energy of spring. It is the driving force of creation that brings new life. Fixed energy brings stability. For the entire lifespan of a tree, the trunk represents the fixed energy that stabilizes the form in existence. Mutable energy is the energy of dissolution. It breaks down forms and boundaries, as in the autumn, when the leaves and dead wood de-compose so the energy can be freed up and used again.

Then it is again the role of cardinal energy to direct the released energy into new forms. This describes the cycle of life and the unique role of each Zodiac sign as one unfolds into another throughout the year. So it is the highest Soul purpose of Capricorn to take the lead in directing light into form. In this critical time of the Pluto transit, the old structures are dissolving while the higher octave of cardinal earth-sign Capricorn is directing us in creating new structures that more appropriately serve our future selves as spiritual, soul-centered beings.

In a sense, this is a homecoming. It is an awakening to the truth of who we really are as spiritual beings having a human experience. This oft-quoted statement is, for most of us at this stage in our evolution, just a nice idea. We hear the words, but is it really the truth of our experience? Do we experience ourselves as a spiritual being in a physical body? This is where we begin to enter the deeper mysteries of Capricorn.

Capricorn is said to be the sign of the disciple or initiate, which indicates Capricorn’s significant role in our spiritual awakening or ascension.1 Three animal symbols – the goat, crocodile and unicorn – are sometimes used to depict the stages of our spiritual ascent through Capricorn.

At the foot of the mountain the goat, the materialist, seeks for nourishment in arid places. The scapegoat on the way up finds the flowers of attained desire, each with its own thorn of satiety and disillusionment. At the top of the mountain the sacred goat sees the vision and the initiate appears. In other writings the symbols are the goat, the crocodile and the unicorn.2

We are told that there are two great gateways in the Zodiac.1 Cancer is the gateway into the physical, and Capricorn is the gateway into the spiritual. As we evolve spiritually and resolve the Capricorn-Cancer polarity into one, we fully experience spirit as physical matter. We will experience and know physical matter to be light, the light of God.

At the moment we can consider the idea of physical matter as light, but at this stage of our evolution it really is just an idea. We cannot really see physical matter and light as anything other than separate. Yet scientists are beginning to create physical matter from light,3 so we are beginning to touch upon the true mysteries of Capricorn: the process of creation and the true alchemy of light that is hidden deep within this mysterious sign!

Our current so-called “real-world” – the manmade world that has been imposed upon, pollutes and drains the natural world – is an expression of lower Capricorn consciousness, exploiting natural resources for personal gain. The highest vibration of Capricorn will honor and acknowledge the Earth, recognizing humanity’s true role as sacred custodians of the Earth. To reach this high octave, Capricorn needs to fully integrate the highest compassion and Unity Consciousness of Cancer.

At the moment, while the world is self-serving, greedy, and politically unstable, it would be dangerous for us to have the full power of Capricorn in our hands. We would be like children playing with matches, causing unimaginable devastation. So we can see how the integration of Capricorn-Cancer and a wise spiritual maturity is needed before we can fully realize the implications of Capricorn’s highest octave.

It is time for us to grow up and care for our environment, to put systems into place that will preserve the life and health of this planet and its inhabitants for future generations. This is the purpose behind the healing Pluto-Capricorn transit.

Unto Prometheus, O Hercules, you are asked to be a savior.
Go down into the depths, and there upon the outer planes
release him from his suffering.
Having heard and understood, the son of man
who was also a son of God, embarked upon this quest…

There is much hidden meaning in the above verse. In mythology, Prometheus was banished to Hades for stealing the fire of the Gods. This could be an analogy for our sacred Kundalini energy and the misuse of our sacred life-force energy for worldly (outer) gain. Capricorn realizes her true power when she turns her attention inward, integrates Cancerian energy, and directs her light for the good of all.

If you have Capricorn Sun, Moon or Rising Sign, you are here to shine your light through the darkness during these vital times. Will you lose yourself in the concrete manmade material realm, believing only what your eyes see? Or will you expand your perception to worlds within worlds, shine your light, and build a healthy future that heals our Earth Mother by reuniting her with the people? Capricorn, you are an engineer of light … and it is time to shine.




1. Esoteric Astrology, The wisdom of the Tibetan (Master DK) as channelled through Alice A. Bailey.
2. The Labours of Hercules: An Astrological Perspective, by Alice A. Bailey
3. “Scientists Use Light To Create Particles.”


Ruth Hadikin, Soul Astrologer

Ruth Hadikin – Soul Astrologer

To get your personal Soul Sign/Life Purpose Report (FREE with a consultation), contact Ruth via her website. You can also request a FREE mp3 download, “The Energetics of Soul Astrology.”

Weekly Forecast December 26: Sun Conjunct Pluto, Moon in Aries

© Pat Paquette, 2011.

As the Sun stands still, life has slowed down and is starting to return to some semblance of balance. At the same time, a shift is occurring, and that means constantly shifting our response to stay in balance – kind of like walking on a tight rope.

The New Moon on Christmas Eve was a milestone for many, especially for those of you with emphasis in your natal chart on the early cardinal signs. The degrees from 0 to 4 Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn were activated for most of 2010 and 2011, thanks to the cardinal T-square that reached its height in July and August of 2010. Although that configuration has long since broken up, Uranus is still at 0 Aries, indicating that the changes that began happening back then continue to unfold.

For some, the unfolding happened at breakneck speed, disrupting your entire life. For others, the changes have been painfully slow, causing you to wonder whether you’re ever going to reach your new destination. Well, take heart, because the next four weeks look especially promising for some of the goodies to show up on your doorstep. With Jupiter’s return direct today (December 25), all ten planets now are moving forward. That’s right, no one is retrograde, not until Mars shifts into reverse on January 23! This is a magical time, when we can cover a lot of ground and accomplish much.

This week, the Sun aligns with Pluto, who’s now at 7 degrees Capricorn. If you have Sun, Moon, or Ascendant at 5-9 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn, this week may be pivotal. Even for those who don’t have planets or key chart points in these degrees, you probably know what natal house Pluto is transiting and where your life is being transformed.

In describing Pluto’s cycle, I like to tell the story of the dead raccoon on the side of the road I used to walk along when I first came to Vashon in December of 2004. Our winters are mild here, but the weather is chilly and wet – perfect for rotting. I walked by that raccoon for weeks and was amazed that he remained intact – or so I thought. After seeing no outward change all that time, one day I walked by, and his entire structure had collapsed. Within a couple of days, there was nothing but a dark, soupy blob to indicate that he’d ever been there.

That is how Pluto works. You may not see the changes on the outside, but one day you wake up to find the entire structure of something in your life – a relationship, a job, a cause – disintegrated. It’s depressing at first, because you feel powerless. I encourage my clients to think of it as the rotting and composting cycle. The energy that is released through the death of someone or something is now free to manifest into something new, to be reborn. In the cycle of nature, that typically happens in the spring, at the Aries point. And, as it so happens, that’s where Uranus, the Awakener, currently is positioned.

The Sun crosses Pluto on Thursday. On Saturday, the Moon enters Aries, immediately conjoins Uranus, and then moves through the degrees of the cardinal T-square until she, too, makes contact with Pluto. In doing so, she carries forward the energy of Uranus to Pluto. In 2012, there will be two exact squares between these outer planets, one of which symbolizes change through slow transformation and the other of which represents sudden change through revolution. The global rebellion that already has begun to occur in reflection of this powerful aspect will become even stronger, as a new order seeks to displace the old, corrupt (rotten) system.

How are old, worn-out structures in your life rotting away so that fresh, new ways of thinking and being can emerge? And what can you do to put that compost where it will do the most good? Where can you use it to fertilize new ideas, new directions?

The only other major aspect this week is a square from Mercury to Mars next Sunday (late Saturday on the West Coast of the United States). This aspect also occurred on December 4 and is repeating, due to Mercury’s retrograde cycle. That it’s occurring again on New Year’s Eve is significant, in that Mercury and Mars will be retrograde in mutual reception in March. In other words, whatever you’re arguing about now likely will remain a contentious issue through the middle of April. Ironically, my Llewellyn’s 2011 Planetary Guide contains a typo, putting Mercury in Aries on New Year’s Eve, even though he’s correctly placed in Sagittarius the day before. It’s almost as if the universe is sending a message to be prepared to keep fighting for the truth, and don’t let anyone try to confuse you by overwhelming you with details.

Hoist your sails, mates, and take advantage of this cosmic fair wind!

Much love and courage to all,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

Capricorn-Cancer: The Creation of Heaven on Earth, Part I

It’s Saturn-day and Christmas Eve. What could be more fitting than this marvellous treatment by Ruth of Capricorn in Soul Astrology? Indeed, Saturn – Capricorn’s planetary ruler in Western astrology – was more of a “Santa Claus” for the ancient Romans than Jupiter, the planet we associate with abundance and joy. The Roman Saturnalia, celebrated at the winter solstice, even included gift-giving and parades.

On that note, I turn you over to Ruth’s excellent post, with best holiday wishes, no matter what spiritual tradition you follow. ~Pat.

Mount Shuksan at dusk. © Pat Paquette, 2011.

Capricorn is the great resource manager of the Zodiac. The sign of Capricorn is associated with business, accounting, banking, finance, governance, authority, ambition and achievement through practical, diligent, precise and methodical application of one’s energy. One could be forgiven for thinking that the sign of Capricorn is the most practical, down-to-Earth sign of them all. This is quite true and, at one and the same time, it is also the most mysterious and esoteric sign, because the true mysteries of Capricorn remain deeply hidden. Welcome to the enigmatic world of Capricorn.

“The light of life must now shine forth within a world of dark”1
~ Alice A. Bailey

The Tibetan2 tells us that Capricorn is the least understood of all the Zodiac signs, because humanity does not yet have the consciousness to comprehend its true meaning at this stage of our evolution. He also explains how the true symbol for Capricorn has never been drawn because of its power: it is the signature of God. According to the Tibetan, Capricorn is the sign of Christ Consciousness.

Does this mean that every Capricorn we meet has the spiritual awareness of Christ? Of course not. However, there is a clue to the deeper mysteries of Capricorn in the idea that Capricorn is at the same time associated with both the consciousness of Christ and the material world. In our spiritual development, Capricorn is where we learn to use spiritual resources and deeply imbue physical matter with spiritual energy.

Capricorn season is the time of year when the Northern Hemisphere of Earth is farthest from the Sun. Winter Solstice is a time when northern cultures traditionally held major festivals to celebrate the return of the light. It is no accident that the birth of Christ is also celebrated at this time and was heralded by a bright star.

Capricorn is the farthest point into matter that light has travelled thus far. So our Capricorn friends can be forgiven if they seem deeply rooted in the concrete material world – they are – and yet they have whole universes to bridge with their light.

Hidden deep within the mysteries of Capricorn are vast, undiscovered, metaphysical sciences. Sacred arts, including sacred geometry and alchemy are just the tip of the iceberg. Capricorn is the sign of precision engineering, and while many Capricorns do indeed use their innate knowledge of physical matter to engineer the physical realm, the highest octave of Capricorn involves engineering light. Capricorn is here to utilize spiritual resources to build heaven on Earth and beyond! But Capricorn can never access this highest potential with her nose stuck in an accounting book.

Many spiritual traditions consider those who only believe what their eyes can see to have limited capacity for spiritual development.3 This is the ego trap of Capricorn: becoming so deeply focused on concrete, tangible results that she forgets to acknowledge the deepest wisdom of her other senses. Capricorn needs to acknowledge all her sense perceptions if she is to awaken not only to higher awareness, but to higher skill and capacity as an engineer of light, masterfully utilizing spiritual resources for the benefit of all sentient beings. In order to realize her higher mind, potential, and greatest capacity, Capricorn needs the multisensory capability of her polar opposite, Cancer.

Whereas Cancer embodies empathy and emotional intelligence at the personality level, our Capricorn friend has the unfortunate reputation of sometimes being the most ruthless sign of all. It is as though, in her diligent focus on getting through the business of the day, she is able to take into account and audit all the tangibles of a situation, while forgetting the very reason why resources need to be managed in the first place: to ensure that all creatures have opportunities for growth. A fully integrated Capricorn senses what will be needed by all, takes everything into account, and with great care, respect and compassion, moves mountains to make sure all needs are covered.

Cardinal energy is the pioneering energy of creation that initiates change and ushers in new ways of being and doing. Earth signs are all about mastery of the physical. So, as the cardinal earth sign, Capricorn is all about creating new ways of mastering our physical realm – how we utilize our energy and physical resources for the highest good. It is no accident that the cardinal earth sign is associated with governance and authority.

At the moment, we are experiencing a transit of Pluto through Capricorn, which began in November 2008 and lasts until 2023. These are very important times we are living through. Many of the political and governmental upheavals that we are experiencing are a result of the transformational energy of Pluto being in the sign of Capricorn. Pluto is known as the great revealer. It breaks down old systems that are no longer working and reveals that which is hidden by bringing it to the light for healing.

Pluto is revealing to us where we have created governmental and financial systems from a low-vibration Capricorn perspective, which was so off balance that it became possible for us to “use and abuse” Earth’s resources ruthlessly for personal gain. During this transit, we have the opportunity to transform by accessing the highest octave of Capricorn, which pioneers new ways of sharing and relating to Earth’s resources by bringing in the compassionate energy of her polar opposite, Cancer.

The healing and balancing of the Capricorn-Cancer polarity is what we are currently experiencing. The Pluto-Capricorn transit is calling us up to heighten our awareness and to access the highest octave of Capricorn for the good of all. At the end of this transit, Capricorn-Cancer will have created new ways of being in the world that honor, respect, and nurture all sentient beings, ensuring everything is taken into account (including the needs of the Earth herself) to build healthy, harmonious, sustainable futures for Mother Earth and all her creatures.

In Part 2, we go deeper into Capricorn’s Soul journey and explore her significance as a custodian of the Earth.




1. The Labours of Hercules: An Astrological Perspectiv, by Alice A. Bailey
2. Esoteric Astrology. The wisdom of the Tibetan (Master DK) as channelled through Alice A. Bailey.
3. Creative Meditation and Multi-Dimensional Consciousness, by Lama Anagarika Govinda.


Ruth Hadikin, Soul Astrologer

Ruth Hadikin – Soul Astrologer

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Cancer-Capricorn: The Conscious Journey Home, Part I

July is Cancer month, and that means another fine installment of Ruth’s ongoing series on the zodiac signs according to soul astrology. ~Pat

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Where is my home? Who is my family?

The sign of Cancer is associated with home, family, the womb, birth, the Mother, the Moon, water, tides, feelings, emotions, emotional intelligence, empathy, Love and ultimately the highest Love of all: Compassion.

In our Soul’s journey through the 12 zodiac signs, Leo rules the center of the heart, but to reach the heart-center first we must pass through mysterious, watery, Cancer and the minefield of human emotions. After the “interplay of light” in Gemini, the Divine Light in form begins to stir in the minds of humanity and ripple throughout the masses, in Cancer.

The Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.*

Cancerians are tuned into the masses in a way that makes them great sales people because they usually know what the customer is looking for before the customer knows himself! They are the archetypal “people person.” Wherever there are people, you will find Cancer; people matter more to them than anything else.

Cancer is motivated primarily by human need. In addition to sales, you will find Cancerians busy at work as counsellors and nurses (especially ER managers where needs are prioritised!), midwives, chefs, construction workers and home-builders. Wherever there is human need, you will find Cancerians quietly meeting it. They are able to send their Cancerian radar deep into the mass consciousness, take a measurement, and sense what is needed next for the benefit of all. The answer usually is Love. When they put their mind to it, Cancerians know how to consciously flow Love. In a Cancerian kitchen you will usually find that the biggest ingredient is Love.

This is one of the keys to understanding the deeper esoteric significance of Cancer. At its highest vibration, Cancer is about meeting the deepest human need of all, our need for Divine Love and spiritual fulfillment. So does every Cancerian we meet flow unconditional love and compassion onto the planet? Not exactly … well, at least not yet.

Because of their connectedness with mass consciousness, the prevailing fear, tribalism, and mob-consciousness can dominate the Cancer personality. Until she begins to awaken to her higher nature, Cancer can too easily become overwhelmed by fear, get lost in the crowd and end up “going with the flow” of lower consciousness.

This is because Cancer hasn’t yet cultivated the strong, healthy, ego-definition of Leo. A well-defined ego and a strong sense of one’s own individuality are needed to resist the tidal magnetic pull of the waters of lower mass consciousness. Cancer acquires this by moving towards her opposite sign Capricorn, which leads her away from the crowd and onto her own solitary path. Only then will she discover her inner voice, her intuition, and learn to listen to the one voice among the many – her own.* This eventually brings her to the reality of her inner journey, her conscious journey to her real home.

As a Cancer personality, you can tend to be a bit of a homebody, staying home where you feel safe, prioritising the needs of your home and close family, seeking refuge in your little world (your shell) and not venturing out into the big, scary, outside world. If this becomes a habit, there is the danger of being stuck in your comfort zone and not exploring your true nature. If you have a strong Cancer influence in your chart, you need to take care not to succumb to irrational fears that could debilitate you.

Your ultimate refuge is spiritual awareness and the recognition of your spiritual home, but you will not know this until you turn your attention to your Self and have the courage to embark upon your inner, conscious journey.** Keeping busy meeting the physical needs of others, being “mother” to all, is indeed a Cancerian ego trap. There comes a time when you must allow others to fend for themselves so you can walk your own path.

The Cancerian Soul knows that the whole world is home and everyone you meet is your family: The Human Family. In order to realize this deeper spiritual truth, Cancer needs the ambition and persistance of her opposite sign Capricorn. Capricorn is the sign of ambition, and at its highest vibration, it is the sign of the “disciple” (meaning one who unwaveringly follows a spiritual path), showing us that the highest ambition of all is spiritual ambition. The highest vibration of Capricorn, the goat, teaches us how to steadily walk the path until we reach that mountaintop.

There are deep mysteries associated with the Cancer-Capricorn polarity – namely, the Great Mystery itself, the mystery of the cycle of death and rebirth. If Cancer is to discover these mysteries, she has to venture out of her shell and cultivate the spiritual ambition of her opposite sign Capricorn.

In Part 2, we look at the deeper mysteries of Cancer-Capricorn and explore why these signs are known as the “Two Great Gateways.”



*Esoteric Astrology, The Tibetan (Master DK) as channelled through Alice Bailey

** Conscious Journey is an example of integrated Cancerian energy leading the way – pioneering new ways of introducing emotional intelligence into business and leadership, while supporting individuals on their own voyage of self-discovery. Founder Anya Sophia Mann has Sun in Cancer and Moon in Aries. I find it very interesting that she calls her work “Conscious Journey.” That would be Cancerian intuition!


Ruth Hadikin, Soul Astrologer

Ruth Hadikin – Soul Astrologer

To get your personal Soul Sign/Life Purpose Report (FREE with a consultation), contact Ruth via her website. You can also request a FREE mp3 download, “The Energetics of Soul Astrology.”

Ask Real Astrologers: How Will the T-Square Affect My Sign?

Looking for AnswersAs the cardinal T-square approaches its peak, I’m receiving many questions from readers wanting to know how it’s going to affect them personally.

How will the grand cross, August 6th timeframe, affect my astrological sign and therefore me? ~ Stephanie, Manhattan, Kansas.

Can you give your insight about what the current planetary transits mean to me? I also know a little about astrology. I am a Cancer with Mercury in Cancer as well. I have three planets in Libra and, not to mention, I am an Aries Rising. My life is in total mess right now. I lost my job, and my relationship with my parents and family is in chaos. I am in huge debt. Even my love life is in total huge question.
~ Ann, United Arab Emirates

Stephanie, you are a Virgo, but you didn’t supply a birth time, so we don’t know what sign is on your Ascendant. This makes it impossible to know what houses in your natal chart are being affected by the cardinal T-square, which briefly will become a grand cross on August 6, when the Moon is in Cancer.

Still, I thought your question was worth taking, because it allows me to explain a few things about Sun sign astrology and why knowing your birth time can change chart interpretations considerably.

First, there is no way to say that “all Virgos” will be affected the same way by the T-square/grand cross. Although many popular horoscopes make predictions by Sun sign, the degree of your Sun is very important. Early Virgos will not be affected in the same way as late Virgos.

In your case, you have the Sun in the early degrees of Virgo, so on Aug. 6, the Moon-Pluto opposition actually will be quite nicely positioned relative to your Virgo Sun, and this could turn out to be advantageous for you. It’s a great time to make positive changes in your life, and if you are facing serious challenges, you should be able to summon the strength, motivation, and resources to push through them.

With a birth time, we not only would have the house positions of the planets, but we would know what other planets and key chart points were being activated by the T-square. Then it would be possible to determine which areas of your life are most affected and where you could apply your efforts to make the best use of this cosmic wind to your back.

Ann, you have six planets and all four chart angles in cardinal signs, so one might think you would be getting slammed on all sides by this planetary configuration.

However, as I pointed out to Stephanie, degree counts. As it turns out, your chart angles are in the later degrees of the cardinal signs and so will not be activated by this T-square, and the only planet you have in the early degrees of the cardinals signs, where the T-square is taking place, is Mercury at 0 degrees Cancer.

That’s plenty difficult enough, though. It means that all of the T-square planets are in conflict with your natal Mercury, which rules communications and some social interactions. When Pluto is opposite Mercury, we can get into situations in which we try to subtly or not-so-subtly pressure others into thinking as we do. Naturally, this meets with resistance, and it can be severe enough that relationships break down entirely.

As with most Pluto transits, it is necessary to learn detachment and to relinquish control over others. In some cases, the tables are turned, and we feel constantly pressured to think like someone else. If this is what you’re facing, then you have no choice but to stand up for yourself and not give in, but it sure can wear you down.

Saturn square Mercury is in some ways even more troublesome, as you tend not to be able to communicate very well, and then you end up feeling lonely, isolated, and unloved. It’s probably not true, but that’s how you feel, and for Cancer, feeling is believing.

Aside from the T-square, it’s important to note that you are approaching your first Saturn return, which everyone experiences around 28 or 29 years old. If you have been moving in the right direction in life, this milestone transit can be validating. If you’re off course or on the wrong track entirely, everything in your life can break down at this time, and you might meet severe hardship and locked doors everywhere you turn. It’s all important information to tell you that you need to follow another path toward fulfillment of your life’s purpose.

My first Saturn return was hell; I experienced all of the issues you list and then some. But it made me realize that I had to make significant changes in my life. Once I did that, many doors opened for me. I truly hope this will be the case for you, too.

Thank you both for writing. Wishing you much love and courage.
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

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