Weekly Forecast March 19: Spring Equinox, New Moon in Aries

Aries. From the Empowered Feminine Zodiac series by Karen MacKenzie. © 2012.

Strap yourself in and prepare for lift-off! The Sun enters Aries this week, closely followed by the New Moon and a dynamite conjunction with Uranus.

According to astrological convention, we’d predict stunning new beginnings, doors flying open with explosive force, and unexpected new developments of all kinds. That may indeed happen, but we need to keep in mind first and foremost that Mars, planetary ruler of Aries, is retrograde. Moreover, he’s in Virgo, and Mercury, the ruler of Virgo, is in Aries and also retrograde.

We might read that as an indication that any new developments will be delayed until mid-April, when Mercury and Mars both will have returned direct. I have no doubt that many of you will experience the New Moon this way. But I’d like to offer you an additional, alternative interpretation.

I believe it’s possible that the new beginnings and unexpected events will involve starting over with a project, relationship, or situation that began many years ago, but that you weren’t able to complete for one reason or another. Maybe you were missing a key piece of information. Or, you may have lacked the skills to make it work. Perhaps you just weren’t mature enough to deal with the situation.

I don’t mean to suggest that you should drop everything and contact the man or woman who broke your heart five years ago. In fact, I wouldn’t advise it. However, if that person contacts you, take it as a sign that you are being given a chance to do something differently this time in order to succeed. The same advice applies if you’re contacted by a former employer or someone else from your past.

Whatever transpires this week, it’s key to moving forward on your life’s path. Not only is the New Moon near the 0 Aries point, but it’s at a degree that factored heavily in the cardinal T-square in the summer of 2010. Most of us remember that as a turbulent, frustrating period. So much has happened since then that it seems like a different eon. And maybe it was …

The Aries ingress occurs on Tuesday. Since 1993, the vernal equinox has been celebrated as International Astrology Day. In celebration of this special day, I’m publishing the first of a series of images by Seattle artist Karen MacKenzie, who is working on an inspired and inspiring series of paintings incorporating astrological symbols with goddesses from different cultures. Please take a moment to check out her website (her prints are very reasonably priced and make great gifts). She’s currently working on Leo, perfectly represented by Egyptian goddess Sekhmet.

On Wednesday, the Sun conjoins retrograde Mercury, with the Moon void-of-course all day. I don’t know about you, but I haven’t felt much of a difference since Mercury changed motion a week ago. Maybe that’s because it has felt like one long Mercury retrograde period ever since Mars went into reverse in Virgo in late January. However, I do think we’ll notice the retrograde effect starting on Tuesday, and we may feel it even more when Mercury goes back into Pisces on Friday.

Chart for New Moon in Aries

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The Moon enters Aries early Thursday in the United States, conjoins Mercury, and then a few hours later conjoins the Sun – otherwise known as the New Moon. The Moon aligns with Uranus a few hours later. Although the Sun-Uranus conjunction won’t be exact until Friday, you might start experiencing corresponding events immediately. How will you know if it’s a “New Moon-Uranus event?” Well, if it’s shocking, out of the blue, explosive, or otherwise totally disrupts your life, then it’s related to Uranus.

Remember, even positive changes can throw you for a loop. And I do believe that many of the changes that occur this week will be wonderfully positive. I say this because the grand trine involving Pluto, Jupiter, and Mars in earth signs is still active, and the Moon in Taurus will amplify the trine over the weekend. This is a great time to visualize what you want … and make sure you act on your intentions. A friend reminded me last week that when you take one step forward on your destined path, the universe will take five steps to meet you.

Wishing you infinite love and courage,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

P.S. To everyone who has written and asked about the StarGuide Spring Forecast, I’m working on it now and will post a notice when it’s ready to order, in a day or two.

4 thoughts on “Weekly Forecast March 19: Spring Equinox, New Moon in Aries

  1. Gilly170

    Thank you. Another wonderfully informative and inspiring post. This is all over my chart like a pinball.

    0 degrees is always a double edged sword for me, my Moon and Mars are both at 0′, but are quincunx, so an easy transit to one makes a tricky angle to the other. And Uranus is exactly square my ascendant and Jupiter’s trining Saturn where Pluto is conjunct and my nerves are singing at such a pitch lately, I think my head might fall off. That would be shocking and unexpected, right? :)


  2. Eme Kah

    Does the old job/relationship/what have you necessarily have to be from many years ago? Couldn’t it have been from last year or even a few months ago before Mars went retro?


  3. Val59

    Uranus beginning its new planetary cycle at 0 Aries in July 2010, with the added boost of the conjunction with Jupiter, and being opposed by Mars (Aries’ ruling planet) and Saturn, with Pluto at 3 Capricorn at the “pivot,” was an important “benchmark” moment, I think, for many people, because of Uranus’s slow-moving yet sudden/enlightening influence. So to me it makes sense that today’s energies can be traced back to events during that cardinal t-square. In summer 2010, I decided to stop trying so hard to make my career work because events over which I had no control (Pluto) were forcing me to let go. I had some physical and mental health issues to work on. It’s interesting to note my natal Pluto is 3 Virgo, which was being trined by transiting Pluto at 3 Capricorn: it was like an imperative to work (Capricorn) on my health (Virgo). Or to work on my power of discernment. Mars was heading toward my twelfth house, so I needed to do this in seclusion. I quit my job about six months after that and started working from home, getting back into painting and studying astrology. Now, Mars is at the other end of its planetary cycle in relation to where it was in July 2010, and I feel compelled to “come out of hiding.” I made some false starts during the square, but they loosened up the energy in my life.


  4. marge123

    Pat, I really appreciate the work that you do and your extensive knowledge of astrology.

    I’ll bet when you girls get together for coffee/tea that the topic of conversation is astrology, astrology, astrology. I had a friend (lost contact with her) who was an experienced astrologer and delver into the mysteries. Her daughter didn’t buy any of it, of course. Once when they went out to dinner with another astrologer friend, daughter piped up in the middle of the conversation and said, “Mom, please don’t read the spaghetti.”

    Thanks for reading the spaghetti (my codeword to the intricacies of astrology). I’m definitely tuned in.

    Coming of Age in the Aquarian


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